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Help with paint in kitchen and living room

Michelle BakerJuly 10, 2012
In the kitchen i am painting the cabinets blue lower and white uppers. We have peachy counter-top tile (to be replaced next summer with white tile), white floor tile with grey and black specks (diy this summer), and aged pine ceilings (can't paint). Appliances are white (dishwasher install this week).

I also want to paint the living room wall (behind the red sofa). I'm thinking a blue-grey or green. It also has the white floor tile with grey and black specks (diy this summer) and aged pine ceilings (can't paint).

The only place to get paint where I live is at Ace. They carry Ace and Ben Moore lines. Which paint and primer is best (strongest) for painting kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen: I was thinking about using Ace Royal Hi-gloss (regal blue) or Ben Moore (Bermuda blue, hale blue, Admiral Blue, or Charlotte slate) on my cabinets.

Living Room: Torn between Ben Moore Silver Pine, or Charlotte slate for the wall with sofa.

I might repainting my black furniture (originally just eggshell latex paint over the wood and distressed from everyday life).

Any opinions on color? What's the most durable Ace or Ben Moore paint to use on cabinets?

Thank You for your comments.
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Manon Floreat
Gosh - I was struck with a beautiful your cabinetry is. Really nice grain pattern. I'd leave them as is and change out the hardware. With the new floor, appliances and counter tops, I think you may be pleasantly surprised. Here are a couple of examples of cabinets similar to yours - quite nice.

Mid-Century Butler's Pantry · More Info

Architect - Jack Viks · More Info
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Michelle Baker
Thank you. There was wood everywhere in the house and each is a different type and shade. Wood stick tiles (bye-bye), wood ceiling (love), wood paneling, wood blinds, wood doors, etc.

In the kitchen the drawers are really pretty but the cabinets don't look as nice. It looks like they used a few different grain patterns. See picture below.

My hallway also has 3 tall wood cabinets i think i will leave them be since they look pretty. Maybe I should just paint the kitchen cabinets and leave the large pantry alone since it's really close to that hallway and grains match.
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Manon Floreat
I would leave the cabinets as is. Instead, I'd paint the walls in the kitchen a crisp fresh white, including the door to the right of the stove so it disappears into the wall. The paneling (in the hallway to the right of the pantry?) I'd paint the same fresh white. This treatment will allow that grain in that golden pantry to shine. Simple white subway tiles for the back splash(including behind the stove) and the lightest whisper of grey for counter tops and you have a clean, versatile base that can handle almost any colored accessory you can imagine.

If you MUST paint the cabinets, I recommend going with colors more neutral. Painting cabinets is a lot of work, so you want to choose colors you can live with for a long time - the neutrals generally fit that bill.

I'd save the indigo blue color by BM for accessories such as a rugs, pottery or dish ware you display.
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Michelle Baker
Manon, thank you for the ideas. I talked with the hubby and we decided that we are painting the lower cabinets a color. The new dishwasher is going to be trimmed out and that wood might not match. So i got my lower cabinets all prepped last night. He picked a medium bright blue but i'm leaning towards a darker shade.

BM Admiral Blue (2065-10) matches my accessories exactly. BM Dark Royal blue (2065-20) is supposed to be a lighter shade. But i'm worried the color will fight the BM Silver Pine in the living room. BM Van Deusen Blue (hc156) goes with the pine but not sure about with my accessories.

here are my inspiration photos:

Cape Cod Kitchen · More Info

Vermont Cottage · More Info

Spanish Colonial Retreat | Malibu Hills · More Info

May Construction · More Info

Portfolio · More Info
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Michelle Baker
Need some ideas on paint for the white kitchen wall (picture above) and above the kitchen cabinets. Floor will be white speckled tile (same as living room) and kitchen cabinets will be Ben Moore Admiral Blue. My standard poodle likes to lay against the hallway so white or a pale color won't work.

Maybe light blue, blue-grey, grey, tan or yellow? i prefer yellow but it looks bad with the peach cabinets. Ideas?
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I would have kept the cabinets, too, as per Manon. The dog's favorite spot is on that kitchen wall with the 3 pans? On that wall: red old-brick veneer (floor to ceiling). Above cabinets paint white with blue undertones. This will be a subtle contrast to the white cabinets, floor, appliances and counter, and enhance the blue cabinets. DIY the same "old brick" look for the living room fireplace (some white wash & blue wash here and there etc). I would keep all walls very light (no accent wall behind the sofa). Pull chairs for a grouping either side of sofa. Black distressed furniture fine. Large area rug in living area, beige with white border.
IKEA Kitchen · More Info
Global Chic · More Info
Historic Moorestown NJ Kitchen · More Info
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Michelle Baker
J222b, Thank you for the ideas. i really like the picture of the kitchen with the brick.

i ended up painting the lower cabinets Ben Moore Kendall Charcoal. i liked the blue but it didn't look right with the family room.

I haven't painted the upper cabinets yet. we will see if we want to go white or leave them natural. The charcoal looks great with the peach tiles until we change it next year. Plus it's easier to only have one half of the kitchen in disarray at a time. I'll post a picture....
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Charcoal was a good choice & will tie in with the floor (white w gray & black specks) perfectly. Yes, 1/2 a disarray is better than a full disarray!
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Michelle Baker
yes and it's fun keeping 6 dogs and one 7 year old away from wet paint.
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Yes, that sure sounds like fun. ;)
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I think your original idea is sound and will work. I also like your idea to paint the upper cabinets white. The contrast is going to be very striking. As for the which blue, I think you can rule out the royal blue, it is too bright and light. The other two blues are definite contenders, depending on the look you are going for. Both look fantastic with the Silver Pine. If the admiral blue is the same color as your accessories that might be your best choice. You may want to paint the walls before you paint the furniture though, the silver pine on the wall behind the red sofa is going to require something with a lot of visual weight on the other side of the room.
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Michelle Baker
Ideas for wall color? Need some ben moore colors for kitchen wall (behind cabinets and pantry wall. Slate blue did not work.

I painted the cabinets (upper and lower) with Ben Moore Kendall Charcoal. Love the color. Its the perfect gray with blue undertones. Looks great with the peachy tile

Also used the Ace Royal Hi-Gloss Interior/Exterior cabinet paint - it is awesome as far as color, coverage and application. Just needed 2 coats over white BullsEye123 primer. Our little country Ace didn't have ben moore cabinet paint so we had to color match it. Accidentally, got the new ace brand Clark and Kensington, which i hated - think and runny.
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Try something in the taupe family, can be very light and have a bit of the peach and gray in it. It will have to be quite a complex color, probably not something any one can suggest on-line without being able to actually compare/see it in the room. The peachy quality will compliment the blues in the gray. I can suggest ideas. It is great that you painted the cabinets first. Gives you a basis for comparison. Would love to see how it turned out!
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Would love to see Kendall Charcoal cabinet color - thinking of going gray tones as well. Where did you use the Ace paint?
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The cabinets are lovely as is.
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Michelle Baker
Winda17, I used all Ace Paint on my kitchen cabinets and wood paneling.
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There is too much wood going on! You could paint part of it and change the rest! It's too dark!
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Can you post an updated picture? I bet it turned out gorgeous.
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Michelle Baker
So now that I have lived with the charcoal grey painted cabinets for a few months, I think they look too modern. I think i want to start over and do a crackle finish to make it more traditional/cottage. Maybe black with red below.
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