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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

What light fixture(s) would look good?

lesssJuly 10, 2012
The ceiling in the entryway are 10ft high and there are 2 fixtures close to one another. The second one is centred in the very front area (hard to see in pic). I need ideas of what would look nice as they really are only 2 or 3 feet apart. Ideas?
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Emily Hurley
Hi Lesss, Did you find a fixture you liked? Would love to see what you came up with!
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No :( I have no clue what to do...my house remains with just the basic furniture simply because I don't know where to even begin! hahaha I need a design angel to come and save me. Interested?
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Nancy Hehmann
Do you live in the US. Just want to know b/c sometimes people gear places to get items based on what country people live in. Can you show more pictures of the style of your house and what type of style you like such as traditional or modern. Can you get someone to switch out the light fixtures if you choose different ones.
It sounds like you want assistance with other rooms too?? Can you post pictures of another room you would like help with too?

Click on the link below and it will take you to a foyer pendant that might look nice in the area closest to the door. Chrome or silver metal is "coming in" now. I would continue to use a flush mount for the 2nd light. You might want to keep the one you have or choose one that has silver on it light the pendant. Sometimes it is easier to choose in the store. But, that is what I would do. Choose a pendant closest to the door and a ceiling mount for the 2nd light.
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Lesss have you tried drum shade flush mounts, gives a runway effect? Or another thought would be two pendents. They actually look beautiful repeated for extra effect even if close together. Another option is to only hang one light and cap off the other junction box.
Classical Twist: A Modern Townhouse with Traditional Reference · More Info
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I can see your other light now in the pics, I would definitely go with two pendants. It would be beautiful.
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Interiors International, Inc.
Great ideas above. The main idea is that they match other than that you have unlimited choices.
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I'm from Toronto, Canada.
When you say two pendants, do you mean small cylinders, like the kind people put over kitchen island counters? The house is sort of 'undefined' at this point in terms of style. I tend to go with comfort, and coziness more than anything. I love natural, earthy things like crystals and veiny organic backsplashes and north african carpets... stuff that just has great energy. I don't typically like trendy, symmetrical front-cover-of-magazine types of things. Barbara Barry style (though lovely) is probably the opposite of what I would want in my home. There's no colour on the wall yet. Here are some pics...
Thank you all!
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Around the main floor...
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more pics from around the house...
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and more...
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tv wall
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I would use just one light. Cap the other and take advantage of the recessed area.
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Regan Semi-Flush Mount · More Info
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back wall/door... curtain ideas? rug? lighting for centre of this room?
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I would go to a lighting site on line like capital lighting (example) and just peak around. Go through chandeliers and pendants to see if there is any style that you gravitate towards. There are so many options out there that it can get overwhelming but you will start finding a style that suits you. But with your ceiling height you can go with a little hang just not too much. Maybe even look at semi flush mounts also. If you still can't decide, I would select like 3 or 5 then post back and check for opinions. Your home has beautiful bones, gorgeous floors and beautiful backsplash in kitchen.
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The only problem with capping that light closer to the front door is that we really need that bright foyer. Would matching (but different sized) lights work? i.e. one pendant, one larger drum, same style work? Also, since the main room is open with the kitchen, and the front of house can be seen from there, what do I do about the other lighting (i.e. 1 over table, one over tv room, one over cooking area? How do I know what lighting goes nicely together throughout a house without getting 5 identical fixtures?

Anyone live in Toronto, by any chance? ;)
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I had a similar problem with ours because it's all open once you get in the front door so I picked different ones from the same manufacture and the same line so they all matched. I went with Forecast Lighting, the Embarcadero line. Gave me drum pendant, chandelier for dinning area, pendants for island plus flushmount for upstairs all within one line so I knew all the shades and metal would match.
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The pics don't have all the same finishes but you can change your finish when you order your lighting typically, I just grabbed some pics real fast for you. But if you stay within the same line all of your lighting will coordinate beautifully.
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I don't see any side tables or table lamps. Lamps down at eye level would make a big difference in here, not only give more light but make it cozier. No art? Anything can be art... antique fabric, trays, plates, iron gates... if that child is yours set up a water colour spot for him and frame some of his creations. Even if it isn't your child... hee hee. Are the hall lights really where you are starting your design research? Have you gone to any antique or junk stores in your search? You could find something unusual and unexpected there. If you like North African carpets maybe you also would like their lighting idea... they are gorgous... often brass with coloured glass or punctured silver metal that makes such lovely reflections on the walls. It looks as though you stopped after getting the most basic pieces so you could use a little sparkle and colour to perk up and add energy to these rooms.

I like those hanging drum lamps a lot as well as the one you posted.
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You don't want all your fixtures to match... just relate. And you need to bring some light down.
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Thanks, DeHaven...wow you guys are good.
When you say bring the lights 'down', you mean get some different levels going, right? (like the above post Olddtrazz says... thank you btw).
No I didn't start my design research with lighting... ;) I started with big, necessary pieces - table, beds, sofa, backsplash... now I'm getting some closet organizers put in.
My current focus is actually rug and coffee table. My problem with all design in general, is that I like a little bit of each style!

Any ideas for rug/coffee table? Do you go with rug first and find coffee table to match? Or the opposite?
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Sounds like you have really been busy. Starting from scratch is a big deal and takes a long time, how long have you been at it? I hope you are having fun with it all.

Rugs are great places to start because they bring in colour that you can pick up in other ways and they set a mood depending on their style. What is the backsplash like that you picked out? It might give a clue about some design ideas. Just be sure your carpet is large enough. At least the front legs of all pieces of furniture around it should be sitting on the rug.

Yes, you need a variety of sources of light for interest. Maybe three table lamps, a floor lamp and a couple of wall sconces. We all need some ceiling lights but they shouldn't be the primary source. In general I don't care for ceiling lights except when I am looking for something small that fell on the floor... And my dinning room lighting of course.

As I am writing here, there is a show on tv about the sultans Topkapi Palace in Istanbul so my images are rather over the top right now... marble, gold fixtures, fountains, hareems, TURBINS!
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Thanks so much for your help. I moved there in May and I am having fun, except for when I have to pay for things ;) The backsplash is 1x3ft honed, travertine tiles that I love. The lines in it look like the inside of a tree trunk and I bought it because I felt it had this really awesome, earthy energy. The picture attached doesn't quite show the detail.

Turkish carpets ROCK! But they do sometimes take the focus of the room...so in a way I'm glad I stuck to neutrals in the furniture. Are you a designer? Do you have a website? I like your ideas! Thank you again...

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Thank you Leslie for the ego boost. Although I have worked as a designer in the past, I don't do it now professionaly. I have being doing it, in some form, all my life. Both of my parents loved design and we lived all over the world... moving... and moving furniture. It is in my blood. In fact hoping to move to Europe again soon from NYC. Been here over 20 years and getting restless. I also have always been around a global esthetic and lots of antiques so I feel every house should have the character of something old in it. I sold antiques for a while until a few years ago. Need anything??? My house is full of stuff from that shop that I need to get rid of.

I just discovered the "Discussions" here a few days ago, so I have had a blast sticking my nose into other peoples business and giving them my two cents. It is an easy way to scratch the design itch without lifting anything.

Your kitchen looks beautiful. Love the colour of your cabinets. Your right, can't see the backsplash details but it looks to have a great texture. Is the pinky tone accurate? Pretty, and works nicely with the sort of "cafe au lait" of the cabinets. I can see why you love it. Did that sound like I may not like pink? Not so... it is one of my "neurtrals". And so darn clean! How do you do that?

Since you have done so much of the difficult big stuff, I think you should express the quirkier side of your personality now... the house needs it... at least a little bit. I have only been to Toronto once, but I found some interesting areas to poke around; an old hippie section (my era), a nice little Chinatown and there must be lots of antique shops. I even found a place that sold old saris, which are great for inspiration. I tell everyone to roam those places to see what excites them. Bring a piece or two home. It will transform your space. Loving clean lines and nature's influence, you might do well with some oriental additions. Have you thought in that direction?

I can go on, can't I? Anyway, so glad making your home has been fun for you, as it should be. If I can help in any way, it would be fun for me to continue the conversation.
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Depending on your style, Hinkley Lighting makes a lot of nice chandelier fixtures in coordinating sizes and styles that would work for your space.

Perhaps you could go with something a bit grander in the main entry by the front door...something like this:

And then go with a smaller scale fixture in the same line for the coat closet alcove:
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