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Kitchen renovation

yael718August 18, 2012
We are probably being given this kitchen for free (it is installed in a nearby home and I am friends with the new owners who plan on renovating). I absolutely love the kitchen's sleek look but it also reminds me slightly of my childhood 80's-90's furniture. I am looking for suggestions for things to do to make make this kitchen look modern. In general, I like carrara marble, chrome, turquoise, and things that have a glamorous vintage flair. We live in a 60's raised ranch and most of our furniture is mid-century modern/modern/eclectic. The kitchen is not an open concept and there won't be room for the island. You may be wondering why I would try to salvage these cabinet - simply put - they are custom and everything in this home is extremely high end (much higher than my current budget). Any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated!!
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Emily Hurley
Fun! Did you end up getting your hands on this kitchen? Would LOVE to see how it looks in your place. I think you can totally make this work in a mid century modern home. What kind of flooring do you have in your kitchen?
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Dezign Studio Inc
What are the dimensions of your kitchen ? What's your existing floor , and do you have backsplash tiles.
Could you post more pictures of this kitchen and your existing kitchen ?
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Bond Girl
I LOVE projects like this! It is really a cool kitchen. So you could go a couple of ways. Really modern: lots of SS. Or if you like modern and want a lot of color, painted glass back splashes give you a big pop of color, fairly inexpensively. The other choice is to put these beautiful, sleek cabinets with a little more texture, stone back splash, warm grey tones, perhaps some wood. No matter what direction you head, remember you can "water fall" the counter tops -- so the counter top is mitered at the end and flows down the side of the cabinet. When you are "recycling" cabinets, this can be particularly helpful, since they may have some damage on the sides due to the "rip" out process.
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Dar Eckert
Can you include photos of your kitchen space? It would help to see where the kitchen would go. I love the cabinets but have this vision they should be red. Would like to see your turquoise incorporated as its a little too white for my taste. Contrasting floors and backsplash will probably help.
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Oh my god I don't wonder why you're doing it; those cabinets are GORGEOUS! What I can't understand is why the current owners are ripping them out -- I would just update, not re-model. That kitchen is to die for!!! If you can successfully re-purpose them in your kitchen, I'd go with the suggestions for a colorful backsplash; turquoise glass tiles would look great, as would any of the glossy tiles from Heath Ceramics, or Daltile. I'm sure they both carry a turquoise color of tile.

Good luck! Please post pictures of the before and after!
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These are beautiful cabinets and I can certainly see why you would want to salvage them. If you like chrome, depending on budget might look for ranges that have a mid century vibe with a lot of chrome and possibly rounded features, given the cabinets. Turquoise would be a great combo for these cabinets in something like quartz counters or a turquoise glass tile backsplash. Looks great with the black here and another color to factor in as a possibility for product choices.
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Thank you so much for all the comments!! I actually don't have the cabinets yet- I just got a quote to have them removed from the house they are in: $2,250. Do you think it's worth it to spend that money on cabinets that aren't new (I am hoping to salvage the black granite counter tops as well, assuming they don't crack). I love the idea of lots of stainless or chrome. Turqoiuse is my favorite color in general. I'd also love to encorporate some Carrara marble.. (not quite sure how all that could work together). My current kitchen is 10 feet by 20 feet, which includes a breakfast nook with a 48 inch round table. I will upload pics of my current kitchen ASAP. Thanks again!
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Dezign Studio Inc
For sure its worth it, But again would depend on how much you can salvage , and how well it fits in
your existing Kitchen.
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I feel like having stainless steel appliances would make the space feel more modern. Also, a colorful backsplash can also make it more fun and lively.
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I feel like I won't really know how much I'll be able to salvage until we get it out of that house... Basically, it's taking a risk. Although the cabinets are in wonderful shape, they are about 20 years old. What would you do?
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What are the conditions for payment? Clearly some of the risk is in the removal for both the cabinets and the counter.
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i just had someone take out a kitchen yesterday (NOT high end cupboards), but it only took 2 hours for him. I would think you would be able to check with a contractor to look at how they are installed and figure out how to remove them easiest. They are wonderful - and still look high end, and relevent even now. If you have some breakage, most likely can be fixed/painted at an autobody shop. Wondering how much of a color change from sun over time? Would love to see you do an irridescent turquoise glass backsplash

Contemporary Bathroom design by Miami Interior Designer Pepe Calderin Design- Miami Modern Interior Design
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Can you check the cabinets and counters closely? What about measurements in your home to get an exact idea of how much of the cabinetry and counters can be used and where? - And can you get comparables in terms of prices for other options you might like to help you decide? They are beautiful if in good condition!
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Dezign Studio Inc
If you could upload both the layouts, it would help. Also old cabinets may be stronger , but for that you would have to make a decision or hire an expert who can check that for you
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*Totally* worth it if you can salvage enough cabinets to kit out your entire kitchen!
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Architectural Antiques
Shameless self-promotion: check out Architectural Antiques if you are looking for vintage.
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Dar Eckert
Saw this photo and thought of your kitchen.
Dallas, TX: Brian and Katherine · More Info
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I think that unless you know exactly which cabinets and appliances you can specifically use, it's incredibly difficult to take a completely custom system and install it in another location.
You will have cabinets that don't fit exactly, fillers that you'll need to match. If you have to cut cabinets down, you won't match door and drawer finishes (cheaply), etc. It may end up costing way more than you expect and you'd end up with less than if you started fresh with less high end cabinets
But if you are looking to add specific cabinets for an eclectic look, then analyze each unit and see specifically where you'd place them, how you'd connect counters, make details work, etc.
It's often tempting to get something fabulous for little or no money, but making it work in a different space can end up costing way more than you want to spend. Or you end up spending on making them work and have to reduce your budget on something else you'd rather spend more on but already used up on making the free cabinets look good.
Do a detailed layout of your space and measure the cabinets they have and see what fits before you spend any money to salvage them.
I don't think the salvage price is excessive if you can use lots of them. Surgical demolition isn't always quick and easy if you want to make sure there is little damage. And don't forget, you have to store and protect them while you are prepping your space. Don't spend any money on salvage until you know for sure you are going to use them. We've all bought something for a great deal and them stored it forever thinking we'd use it one day. Only to find that it took up space for years and then our taste changed or life changed and we end up throwing or giving it away.
Good Luck.
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