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I am being discougaged by most people in the counter top field of using Carrera. Marble. They say to porous a

rockpinAugust 26, 2012
I see marble being used a lot and I have been discouraged I keep hearing of moisture and acidic acid , red wine and so on stAning it. I lov he look , should I be dissuaded on practicality? If so, what would be he color and product that would look the most like Carrera marble. I appreciate your help.
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Cambria makes quartz countertop material. They make a pretty good looking marble lookalike called Torquay.
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I just learned of a new product called "Clearstone." Essentially, it's a resin layer applied over the marble that prevents etching or staining. It's not a sealer. There's even a 15 year guarantee. The website is www.clearstoneusa.com. It's not inexpensive; however, it may be cheaper to have that applied to a carrara rather than using a quartz like Torquay. I'm planning to use it in my kitchen remodel, and I'm hopeful it gives me the best of both worlds- beauty of marble with the functional qualities of quartz!
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Clearstone, LLC
Clearstone allows you to use the pretty marbles and not have the acid-etching problems associated with marble. It's a clear coating thats poured on after installation. Safe to use in a kitchen. It also prevents staining. Don't know what the moisture problems you have reffered to could be. www.ClearstoneUSA.com
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I'm wondering if the person who was looking to use clear stone on their marble did use it and If so how it turned out.
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Hi ejbmom, I did use the Clearstone, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. The product works just as described. I don't worry about my countertops. I pour red wine, spill red wine, squeeze lemons and allow my two-year-old to eat on it. Not a single stain or etch. I have a polished finish, but I like that if I want to have a honed finish in the future, that change can be made in a matter of minutes, and it can be polished again if I change my mind yet again! There are a few drawbacks- 1. It's not cheap! 2. It can scratch, but these can be removed fairly easily 3. The slab is no longer cool to the touch, so if you want the benefits of marble for baking, this wouldn't be the right product.
I was desperate to have marble, but I knew I couldn't maintain it, and I knew I wanted it to look pristine. I will try to upload pictures tonight.
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I took some pics of my kitchen. The lighting and camera aren't the best- I apologize. In the last pic, if you look closely you can see the Clearstone layer on top of the counter. It's only a couple millimeters thick. Let me know if you have an questions. I have no vested interest in the product!
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Thank you SO much for sending. Your kitchen is beautiful and I'm so glad to get feedback about clear stone. Do they apply it in yor home and can you choose to have it polished or honed - or does the clear stone always make it look polished? So no etching or marks? Can you notice that there is a layer on it? Is it an obvious thing? Thanks again!
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This looks gorgeous. I did not know about this product until very recently. I diverted com the Carrara sadly but I found a beautiful granite that looks like a marble and I'm excited to see it installed . That will happen in a month or so.
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Thanks for the compliments. The Clearstone was applied in our home. It was a two-day process. On the first day, the marble was sanded and then the product was poured and on the second day the product was sanded down and polished. You can choose either a polished or a honed finish. It's very easy to go back and forth between the two, so you can see both and then choose. Most people who choose marble seem to go with a honed look, and I probably would have leaned in that direction, because that's what I've seen on Houzz. However, the Clearstone distributor told me that the main reason people hone their marble is because it doesn't show etching, and people are unable to keep polished marble looking perfect. He continued to say that since I have Clearstone, I don't have to worry about that, and I can be one of the few people that has perpetually beautiful polished marble. It was a pretty convincing argument- and so both my designer and I agreed to the polished finish! But, it literally would take someone about half an hour to an hour to come and hone my entire countertop if I changed my mind. In fact, the rep quickly honed a third of my countertop so I could compare the two finishes. There was also an option for "partially honed" where there was a little sheen, but for the most part it was a matte finish. The Clearstone benefits are the same if the product is honed or polished. There's absolutely no staining or etching. Which makes sense, because the marble is completely protected. You really can't see the product. The last picture I posted is a pretty good representation of what the marble looks like up close. No one has ever asked me what is covering my countertop. My marble fabricator was initially pretty skeptical about Clearstone's claims. He said that he'd seen similar products, and they didn't work as advertised. After experiencing the product, he now sees the value in it. If you're ever in the Indianapolis area, you're welcome to stop by to look and touch my marble!
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Let me try again
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I did contact clearstone and unfortunately they don't have a rep in my area to apply it. Thank you though! Still need to figure this out!
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ejbmom, did you speak to Joe, by chance? There was no rep in my area, and so the distributor came and trained someone in my area. I don't know if that would be an option for you. Did the person you spoke to give you an idea of when someone may be trained in your area? Another option would be to get the marble with the knowledge that eventually it could get coated. This may make any stains and etches easier to digest, since you know they'll be fixed at some point. I don't think it tacks on any extra cost or work. I think when Clearstone is applied, the stone is sanded down, much like it would be if it were being refinished. I'm pretty sure that's what I was told, but do double check, as I could be wrong!
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