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Need help with decoration tips for our living room / dining room

KarlaOctober 30, 2012
We have been struggling deciding what to put on the walls, what decor should we use? Any chandelier ideas, light fixtures, lamp types? coffee or side tables, what do you guys suggest? Please help!!! The room open and is set for a living room entering the house and it's sharing the same space with the dining room. The space is approximately 400 square feet by 9 ft walls tall. Let us know what you think, you're help is very much appreciated.
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I'd go with a silver mirror(s) mounted on your wall. It'd look great with the mirror'd buffet table and the grey color of your walls. Also I think a simple white table would look great between your chair and sofa. You could put a beautiful purple faux flower on it for a pop of color. I'd go for a white coffee table as well.
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As for lighting I would stay simple and contemporary.
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Depends on the direction you would like to go. What accent color would you like? Do you want to mix it up or keep it sparkly and feminine? Since the dining area is shared, how about ghost chairs to give more visual space? I think you'd like a beautiful crystal chandelier above your dining table. BTW..I love your furniture and paint. What a great start!! The rug could be really graphic or traditional. Which do you prefer?
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Hello Guys,

The living room is usually the social hub of the home, used for conversation, entertainment and media viewing. It should be clean and aesthetically pleasing without being stuffy and uncomfortable.

Perhaps above all else, living rooms need seating. Seating should be comfortable but clean. Neutral sofa colors can be accented with decorative pillows for pops of color and vibrancy. Furniture should be arranged around a focal point and spaced so not to impede guests' movement. Lighting should be warm and inviting rather than stark or glaringly bright. If little natural light is available, layering lamps of differing sizes throughout the room offers both style and function.

If the living room is used for entertaining, it should reflect the personality of the homeowner. Styles can be bright and vibrant, cool and classic or modern and sleek. Framed photos and personal items create a warm, inviting ambiance while pared-down accessories exude a clean, contemporary vibe.

The size of the room should be accounted for when decorating, and small rooms shouldn't be overwhelmed with large, bulky furniture. A large room can be furnished with several small pieces or focus on just a few large items. A large room may also be divided into smaller areas.

Thanks and Regards
William Hayden

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Darzy's ghost chair idea is brilliant, and I like the wall treatment in her sample room also.

How about taking the small mirrored chest and putting it to the left of the sofa? A great area rug in the living room to go with your pillows:
Hand-hooked Alexa Mod Trellis Rug (5' x 8') · More Info

Also, since all your furniture is low and horizontal, it would be good to add some height to your room. These bookcases are built into the wall and don't take up valueable floor space: [houzz=
Library with Recessed Bookshelves · More Info
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ISS HIcare
living room and dining room designing should be different and you can find more design from www.hgtv.com › Rooms › Living Rooms.
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I really like your furniture and wall color. I would try the following
1. put the sofa under the two windows,
2. move the two chairs across facing the sofa
3. Put a with a round walnut color table between the chairs
4. Place a table lamp with a black hat on the side table
5. Use a geometrical carpet.
6. Place a floor lamp to the left of the sofa.
7. Move the mirrored dresser to the wall where the sofa is now
8. Place six framed paintings - geometrical or something drawn by pencil-, black background in three lines
9. Would use a glass table in front of the sofa, to make the space look bigger
10. Get a walnut dining table that sits eight.
11. The dining chairs could be 6 armless chairs and two different ones with arms. Could be charcoal linen or black to match the table lamp.
12. Put a big enough carpet underneath the dining table.
13. Agree on using a mirror above the console.
14. You will need a piece of furniture for the entry, where the dresser is now.
....that's it for now....Hoped I helped a bit....
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I am no professional, but for me the whole house needs to be taken in consideration when doing a room. I hate walking from one environment into a completely different one. Is the rest of the house contemporary, what are the other rooms painted? What are the accent colors elsewhere and most important what can you see from this room, does it clash?
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sylvestercat, I sort of agree with you. The problem that arises is when you and your spouse have completely different ideas of design. My hubby only wants to see extreme contemporary, I do not. I like cottage, and a relaxed feel about my rooms. So to compromise he's doing the living room, I've done the kichen. We don't have an open plan home and you can't see the living room from the kitchen so it's working.
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Boy I know your situation, My husband has acoustic panels everywhere.........yikes. But it is his home too, so good for you for sharing with him.
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Really lovely space and great wall color, BUT it's cold looking. You need to add some warm tones---pics for inspiration... [houzz=
The Austonian Model Unit · More Info
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Universal Stretch Ceilings
Hi! I would like to suggest you stretch ceilings. It will bring together you dining/living room combination.
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Thx Bobbi!
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Yulia Egorycheva
Stretch ceilings! Great idea...! unique !
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Great room, wonderful furnishing but totally icy! I think I'd warm it up with purple and orange accents.
Entrance Hall · More Info

Live-Work Loft · More Info

Iceland poppy · More Info

Tribeca Loft · More Info

Dining Room · More Info
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You can search visits on different web sites and can make suitable decoration.
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decoration tips are more precious to dining room or living room.here are some images for living room,
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Billie G
@Karla, I just love your mirrored commode. Gorgeous!
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You have a great start to a tasteful room but I do agree that some warm wood, a textural area rug, and colorful accents are needed to make it more inviting. Rather than adding another mirrored surface, I would suggest colorful and large scaled art. Take a look at this stunning inspiration room and the clear crystal chandelier in the dining area.
Greenwich Penthouse · More Info
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You can find to visit on different web sites and choose the perfect suit to your home.there are many design available and some details of decorations.
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
Hi Karla, marie here.
MIX your metals - chrome, cream, gold, silver - you've got gray on gray and the base of your space is stunning! Now you need to add warmth. Antique silver, with hits of gold in it will ensure success. Find a gorgeous flokati white area rug if you want to continue on with the tone on tone look, or add a splash of colour in your area rug, then finish it off with crystal candle holders and hot pink candles! (or whatever colour turns you on)
This will set your room apart with the accessories, area rug, floor lamp, side tables by mixing up the metals and adding warmth in gold tones.
Good luck!
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project furniture co.
hello karla check your budget if will fit to the decoration you needed at your living area , as for me you have to put a space partition between your living room and dining , or put buffet in between sofa and dining table. about dining table, 8 chair table capacity is best on your dining , for wall hanging a silver mirror with itching design of photo of fruits or a simply nature . your light will be a bright as cool white chandelier for the dining,and the colour of the paint finishing at all your wooden furniture will be wallnut or cherry . that will be good at your nice living area .
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Charlene Lynch
I love it when people have bare walls, it's like that fresh blank canvas feel! I can help you come up with a wall-décor piece for your space. Although are you looking to invest in original artworks?
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Charlene, this is a very old post.
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DEAD THREAD - Dec 22, 2012
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