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Please help us turn this house in a home for Christmas

eccentrikfashionNovember 2, 2012
Hi everyone I need help finishing a living room for a friend. He is an elderly gentleman who lives alone. He trusted a professional interior designer to decorate his home. Unfortunately this particular designer was more interested in emptying out the contents of her shop into his house, he paid a fortune and ended up with a living room that is incomplete. He has been living in the property for 9 months now and this will be his first Christmas in there. I would like to help him make this house a home.
Please help us!
Thank you
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V.I.P. Kitchens, LLC.
well he deff has some great pieces in the space.. someone needs to move that tv above the fire place and put a White lacured molding to spunk the tv up... then paint the fireplace walls a brighter shade of the purple..
omgosh i love this space and so far what the last person attempted to do.. ceilings can also go similar to the color of the fireplace walls but maybe a shade darker.. he deff has the ceiling heights to do it..
he deff could of got a better and bigger rug though.. it doesn't match the style of the purple chair and are the curtains a dark purple velvet? I am soo up to helping! =)
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V.I.P. Kitchens, LLC.
but i guess the first question i forgot to even ask was.. did the owner of the house even likee the theme the previous designer was going with?
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Thank you
I am really excited someone responded
Yes tv as to go over fire place I agree with everything you have suggested so for
To answer your questions the curtain is a darker shade of purple velvet
He is happy with the theme just need finishing touches
I agree carpet must go and need a bigger one
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I hope your friend actually likes the purple color scheme. I would swap the position of the two sofas so that the larger white one is centered on the gorgeous fireplace and I would be inclined to slip-cover the unattractive, shiny crushed velvet looking loveseat. The rug also needs to be centered to the fireplace so that it's more evenly distributed with the furniture arrangement. Not sure if you have room to the left or right of the fireplace, but the enormous TV console should NOT be in front of the window. The two upholstered chairs could be used in a secondary seating area in the bay window area. I do not personally care for the large art, but that is a matter of the homeowner's taste. A mirror or art is also called for over the fireplace. This is such a grand room with potential for great beauty. It's a shame that this homeowner was duped into accepting furnishings that are grossly inappropriate for the space
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If he could change the colour scheme I think he would ,the curtains cost a fortune And the purple chair... so for that reason he request for me to stick to the colour scheme the carpet can go and to answer your question
Here is the room from another handle with a look at the fire place
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You can do small things to give the room some measure of sophistication. Add a beautiful orchid on the coffee table along with some books, and bring in some gray as an accent to minimize the purple overkill. The juke box thing needs to go.
Black & Gold Residence · More Info
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Yes duke box will be moving to another room yes I agree the place definitely need some sophistication to it.it is such a lovely space
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@michigammom love the idea of the orchid on the coffee table! any idea were I can get the one in that pic?
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Sorry I'm new to this didn't realise I can ask the designer that question
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Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design
eccentrikfashion, you are a good friend to this gentleman - looking at this room I am frustrated and like you want to help him! Shame on the shop owner!
If you do not mount the TV over fireplace it MUST come out from in front of the window. There is ample room for it on the right side of the fireplace. (Christmas tree in window)
(The furnishings are arranged so oddly. The sofas are in the middle of room and behind & to the side are these little groupings pushed against walls and in corners - chairs with tiny tables without lamps. And a large art piece that is so wrong with these furniture pieces)
The rug could actually stay if the furniture is re-arranged. and actually sits on the rug a bit. Start by moving the sofas to face one another in from of the fireplace with the coffee table closer to the white sofa. Then pull the purple chair to be part of the group making a U shape. Add the table I see in photo #5 to sit beside chair on right side between it and caty-corner to shiny couch. Did I see a small lamp in photo #6? If so, see how it look on the table. (Need one that works with these furnishings)
As michigammemom suggested - mirror over fireplace -
Well this is a start - start shuffling the pieces - you will begin to see an immediate switch in the rooms feel -
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@Paradise Restored thank you very much for ur detail description I can see the room coming together just by the. Way you describe it ....it's a start. I will go and do what you suggest take pictures and then we can build on that.
Do you think the side table shown in the picture works,are do I need to purchase new ones (see picture below)
Yes that was a lamp on the floor there is pair of them personally I'm not sure it fits in but will see when I put every thing together .
Unfortunately the picture was mark as keep, he likes it very much is there any way of making it a part of the room?
Also what do you think of "V.I.P kitchens "idea about painting over the fire place to make it a feature wall , I like the idea was thinking to paint it in this colour (see picture) also open to your suggestion.
Ps I don't mind purchasing new furnitures so if any of you come up with anymore idea that you think would work let would bring the room together would love to hear them.
Thank you for your input were going to give this man a home:-)
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eccentrikfashion,before you add any new furnishings to this room, consult with your friend so that you have a clear direction and sense of his taste. You might even encourage him to find inspiration rooms on houzz that might guide you. With the lovely parquet floors, crown moldings and carved fireplace, this room screams for some classic, timeless, and traditional pieces so I would hesitate to go too modern. You can find live orchids fairly inexpensively at most flower shops.
Joni Spear Interior Design · More Info
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Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design
Think a gray like michigammemom suggested might be nice with purple as accent color - paint some boards and put em against that fireplace wall to see what draws you every time you walk in the room. Your photo with TV wall paint color looks similar to these living rooms - and they do look great!
Jamesport Showhouse · More Info

KCMdesigns · More Info

purple in the room · More Info

Willow Glen Residence · More Info
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Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design
Agree that new pieces put on hold until paint and direction are determined -
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Thanks guys I have spoken to him about purchasing stuff to fit I ask what he wanted as I don't want to make the same mistake the other designer made... Before I even started I ask him what he wanted his response

The walls need dressing ,pictures etc , something over the fireplace .

The juke box is going so there is a gap there , and something in that bay window -lighting
needs doing .

Calm , warm and homely but not losing the grandeur
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V.I.P. Kitchens, LLC.
I wish like we could go live with helping you place the furniture items.. it would be so much easier.. but i would place the main/larger sofa directly infront of the fireplace.. then place the rug (for now under some but infront) and place the awesome coffee table on top... next I would grab the lovely purple chair... kk im just going to do my best with paint bc thats all i have to help get my idea across.. sorry if it looks childish =(
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Agree let rearrange everything n take it from there keep you guys posted thank you again.x
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VIP no need to be sorry I appreciate your in put and we're all working together to make this man who as been a victim lol be comfortable for Christmas some ideas will work some wont I really love this site it's the first on here for me and i love how everyone try to help...thank you
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V.I.P. Kitchens, LLC.
Im sorry its so funky... and nothing is to scale and things are just thrown on there as best as i could.. same goes for coloring
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Will love to see this one. Also try mixing up the actual sofa pillows on both sofas( whit on silver silver on white to bring in some cohesion to what is there . I vote for the sofas facing each other centered in front of the fireplace.
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@VIP thank you for taking the time out to put a board together
I think that shade of purple is too eccentric for my mate if that's the word I'm looking for. Nice touch :-) though that's more my taste funky I definitely need ur input on my flat I can see we have similar taste.x
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Ps @VIP is there any chance I can take a closer look on ur board how about emailing it eccentrikfashion@gmail.com
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Graham Donnell
I think the style of house doesnt lend itself to having a tv over the fireplace, as much as I like that particular style. I think it needs to be in a cabinet. The room for sure need some color but I would keep it on the lighter side in a neutral beige that will accent the purple but still be subtle. And the couches need to be opposite each other if both must stay. As far as I can see they really don't blend well together.
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Please tell me where and who I can get that painting from!!!!!!!! Love it
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He may be an elderly man, but very hip and young at heart. He’s preference seems to be contemporary.
The first thing I would do is balance out the fireplace by placing two units of the same size and color tucked into the space on either side of the fireplace, place the TV on one.
Second: turn the rug and place it two to three feet from the fireplace and center it.
Third: move the coffee table in the center of the rug.
Forth: place the sofas on either sides of the coffee table.
Fifth: move the picture over the fireplace, the wall seems to be large enough to carry such a large piece of art.
Sixth: place the jukebox in the corner of the room where the purple chair is and place one chair to the left and one on the right of the jukebox, that way he will be able to enjoy his hip-hop.
Seventh: I’m sure you will be able to find a corner for the plant table (picture #5), maybe at the front entrance.
What about a dining room, is there one within this room?
When it’s time for Christmas you can place the tree in the bay-window, decorate the mantel and add a wreath on the front door.
I hope this helps.
Don’t be afraid to keep moving the furniture around until you can find the right seating arrangement.

Heather Garrett Design · More Info
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I love the architecture in the room it reminds me of a charming brownstone in Boston. Great bones and pieces to work with! I have read through all of the post and many good ideas. Here is my run down. I wish I knew how large the actual space was because I think the furniture needs to be grouped together. If you have enough space to create to separate seating areas move the large white sofa and center it facing the fireplace. I would then put the smaller silver sofa in front of the bay window currently were the TV is. One thing I am noticing is that the room SCREAMS for a pair of chairs. I would add a pair of matching chairs with a print to go on the side, facing bow window, if the white sofa. Also throw pillows need to be added to that gorgeous silver velvet and to the white sofa. I do like the rug but I feel like it to small for the scale of the room. However keep it with the white sofa and when you add the chairs I think the proportions will come together. If the second seating area does work in front of the bay window I would ask the owner if they would be open to a zebra hide and add that as a rug with the silver sofa, of not a nice shag rug would be fabulous as well. I am conflicted with the TV. To save space placing it above the fireplace makes sense, but I would love to see the large painting on the back wall above the mantle, if it fits I think it would be killer! That being said I am not sure the size of the TV but I wonder if it would fit mounted on the side of the fireplace. If not mount it above the fireplace. Two mirrored chests would be fantastic on each side of the fireplace to anchor the room down. I like the wall color you currently have, however instead of an accent wall if you are going to paint I would add a richer color on all of the walls. I know that seems like a lot of work but I think would help the room. (question can the purple print chair be taken out of this room and be repurposed somewhere else?)

Another thing I am noticing is that fabulous painting on the back wall looks like it is hanging to high above what appears to be a radiator. That needs to be lowered, and is there a way to get a console or piece of furniture under it? Remember to ACCESSORIZE! This is going to bring the room together. I will try to upload some products to help give an idea of a cohesive scheme. I def think when complete this room could have a Hollywood Glam.

For the Holidays I can see a gorgeous and tall flocked tree in this room! I am attaching a recommendation of a chair. I would do something similar as a pair with white sofa, fabric examples and finish. I will attach more samples on another link.

For more design inspiration visit my blog: http://mummeinteriors.wordpress.com

Best of Luck! Matt
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Matching mirrored pieces on each side of fireplace. Bronze Female torchere on each chest, gorgeous. The last photo is a room I have done to give you an idea of having zebra on the floor as a treatment with the silver loveseat

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@Matt purple chair must stay also
Some great ideas from u all
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Love your blog
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Thats not a problem once you start bringing the room together. Just thought I would ask because I really think a pair of matching chairs will help with the look.
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Thank you I hope it brings some design inspiration! :)
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You can buy wonderful orchid plants in most grocery stores these days.
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Katherine Goetz
I love the picture. I think you should start by placing it over the fireplace and move the furniture around the fireplace so that it becomes the focus in the room. Instead of all the small pieces around the outside of the room buy a huge mirror to reflect the space and lean against the wall. Make a secondary seating area for watching tv. Just hate when the focus of the room is tv. This man seems to have a flare for what he likes so put a plant and some interesting glass pieces and books on the table. Have fun with it but make sure you inject his personality into the room.
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Someone should find this designer and beat them with their own ugly stick. Not a great job. However the room has wonderful bones and dimensions. First start with what you can do immediately to bring in the Xmas cheer. If he has any $$ left order so mantle garlands that are tricked out for the holidays and drape that fabulous mantle. Go to Michael's and buy some Nutcracker soldiers and those fake light candles and then toss up a wreath above the fireplace.

Then swing the tv over to where that fugly purple chair is and put a real tree up in the window and decorate the heck outta it. Use a theme for the tree so for example a "country Xmas" with all wooden ornaments or you can do a Poinsetta theme by going agin to Michaels and buy 30-40 fake red and white poinsetta stems. Put the stems throughout the tree in an even and balanced way (either all red or alternating red and white.

Buy poinsetta plants and use them to fill in the bottom of the tree and get his family to bring gifts a few weeks early so he sees that folks thought of him.

Buy an inexpensive large tray and put it on top of the silver table and put a large bowl of pinecones there and more of the fake light candles.

Then add simple live wreaths to the walls on either side of the windows and on the wall where the purple chair is. buy a roll of red velvet ribbon and use the ribbon to hang the wreaths. If he won't mind a little mess buy the fake snow flakes that come in bags (Walmart sells them for like $2) and sprinkle the snow around the perimeter of the room in small clumps

Buy some firewood put in a wicker basket next to the fireplace and get some xmas music going. Another nice thing would be to have this gentleman host carollers. If there is a local neighborhood carollers group made up of folks from the block you all know then have them go out carrolling and they can add his house as the last stop. Invite them in for bowls of popcorn, cider, egg nog and simple snacks. I did this for several years and we ended up having so much fun and getting to know people from my neighborhood who I never really said much to.

Good luck and here's to a wonderful holiday for your friend. Your gesture is very kind.
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Southern Patina Interiors
Great room. I like to start off with minimum $$$ output if possible. So here are my recommendations.
Rug - looks good, and can be your inspiration for the rest of the room. Move it so it's horizontal in front of the sofas.
TV - not horrible where it is, but spoils your window, so above FP if possible.
Curtains are great.
Jukebox - I'd leave in the LR and put it in the corner where you have the one chair.
Wood accent tables, etc., do not go in this room. This room has a "glam" look, so metal, mirror and other sparkly accents will work nicely. You can find these side tables and chests, etc., at Home Goods, they have them all the time.
Paint - play with paint since the room is large; have an accent wall in different color or wallpaper
Christmas: Use your color scheme to bring in holiday decorations; keep the theme sparkly. An elegant red santa is cute; white sparkly snowmen, frosted pine sprigs for the mantle.
I look forward to your after shots.
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amydutton Home
I would definitely highlight the wonderful window and fireplace mantle. TVs are always the trick. I would recommend putting it in some sort of cabinet or above the fireplace (this would need to be wired and mounted.) Have you thought about placing the sofa parallel to each other? That way you can either watch TV or fire.
Personally I like the color scheme and you will find a lot of christmas decorations in that scheme. That said, LIGHTS & candles!
Here is an idea too from Restoration Hardware http://www.restorationhardware.com/catalog/product/product.jsp?productId=prod2320270&cm_ps=modal_add_to_cart-_-none-_-other_items_you_may_like&categoryId=cat2190002
- as well as the little lights on the mantle: http://www.restorationhardware.com/catalog/category/collections.jsp?cm_sp=global_top_nav_store-_-dynamic_menu_item-_-NA&categoryId=cat1630030
Lastly, I think you should paint at least one wall a darker color. Somewhere in the taupe family would be beautiful. Try: Ben Moore, Tapestry Beige for the lighter walls and accent with darker shades in that colorway.
Good luck!
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Jennifer Morgan
Hi, there! What a great start to this room and a great friend you are for helping this gentleman.

1) I agree with what others have said about placing the two sofas facing each other perpendicular to the fireplace, with the coffee table in between and turning the rug.
2) I also agree that the artwork is what should go above the fireplace, not the tv. Then I think the tv could go on the wall opposite the fireplace, if there is enough room. But if placing the tv in the room with the artwork above the fireplace is difficult, then the tv could go above the fireplace.
3) It's hard to tell where the chandelier is located, but if possible, I'd swag it to be centered over the coffee table and centered with the fireplace.
4) I'd place a large tufted bench with roll arms and small side table or floor lamp in the bay window. This can easily be moved aside or in front of the fireplace during Christmas to make room for a large Christmas tree.
5) I'd go with a medium to dark grey on the walls, leaving the moulding white and LOVE the idea of the accent color of purple on the fireplace wall. I'd also paint all the radiators in the same color as the walls to "hide" them a bit. (You can also have boxes built around the radiators to make it look like a piece of furniture.)
6) If you move the artwork, you will have a blank space between the wall sconces. If those are permanent fixtures, you could place an assortment of mirrors on this wall arranged like artwork.
7) I would find a nice buffet (maybe something like this: http://www.westelm.com/products/parsons-mirror-console-g199/?pkey=cconsoles-buffet-tables&cm_src=consoles-buffet-tables||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-) to place under the sconces, then you can place the chairs to either side of the buffet. It would be a great counter to have for entertaining purposes, to put out an assortment of appetizers. And a design like this, you don't have to be too concerned with covering up or getting too close to the radiator. And the chairs can be stored to either side, but be brought out into the main area for entertaining. Alternatively, you could place a large decorative floor mirror leaning against the wall between the sconces (with the chairs on either side) and place a nice buffet console table behind the couch across from it.
8) To either side of the fireplace in the "nooks", I would put some wood console tables or cabinets (they don't have to be a matching set) in a deep rich java. On top of those, I'd place a tall buffet table lamp and place either one nice piece of art on the wall above or an arrangement of smaller art. You could also do one piece on one side and an arrangement on the other.
9) I would straighten the back couch cushions to make them look more streamlined and place the accent pillows against the back in somewhat of a line, rather than haphazardly. So, there would be one small accent pillow for each of the back pillows or at least evenly spaced out.

Golds and bronzes would also look lovely with the greys and purples and I like the idea above about adding something zebra print, too. You have such great pieces to work it, I think most of it will just take rearranging and adding a few things here and there.

Good luck! I would love to see the "after" photos!!!
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Though I'd get rid of the tv stand, which is too black and large and blocking the windows and does not contribute to the room, I would not put the tv above the fireplace. It's too high and anyone who watched for long would get a stiff neck.
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First thing I would change is the contrast between the purple and white , needs softening and lots of accessories. I wonder what is the dimension of the space. It could use few pieces of furniture as well. I know a lady who does beautiful draperies and doen't charge crazy.
looking forward to see after change pictures.
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Hello Eccentrikfashion,
He needs a place where he feels like sitting down is a good idea. If he is not a tv fiend, don't put it above the fireplace. Walls are stark. if he likes artwork of any kind -- go for it. Ask him.

If not, something ambient in lighting. agree with other posters about a few smaller furniture pieces to create an intimate conversation area in the room. best of everything to you.

I don't agree with lots of accessories. Enough to make a statement but not too much to dust or clean. "=) Y

You have a great group of people helping you. Have a good holiday season. If you haven;t already from running around, you must tell your friend how incredible this site is! He may appreciate the story.
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Thanks to everyone for ur recent comment @ green thumb2 I showed him the site and comment he was amaze to how many comments and appreciated all the advice. We are currently working on the kitchen he needs a room to be free so we decide to put it off for Christmas :-( . will up load pictures of the kitchen as soon as it is done . ps will keep you all updated on the living room in the near future thank u.
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Design Mode
Since you are putting this off for now, I wanted to recommend an episode from a Canadian show where a couple had their (very similar to this) room decorated. There is even a shopping list of items purchased, fabrics, and paint colours. The show's host is Jane Lockhart, and it is called Colour Confidential. The final room is dramatic, to say the least!
    Bookmark   November 17, 2012 at 7:27AM
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Hi, was the living room ever updated? I'm sure we'd all love to see some after photos if it was!
    Bookmark   December 3, 2014 at 3:02AM
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Bespoke Interiors Redbridge UK
Hi, where's the job?,and what is left to do?, or contact directly 07784326124
    Bookmark   December 4, 2014 at 8:31AM
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Bespoke Interiors Redbridge UK
Hi,are you wanting a person to finish off the work or you just advice?
    Bookmark   December 5, 2014 at 10:25AM
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