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have started...not feeling it yet...what is wrong

Janey HarleyNovember 2, 2012
Moves some things around as suggested
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
Every piece of furniture I see is lined up against a wall. I don't know what size the room is, but I would place the sofa about 8' out in front of the fireplace, facing the fireplace. Then I'd place a chair to right and left of sofa, closer to fireplace. Add a coffee table and rug, plus a sofa table behind the sofa.

The 2 small round tables that are currently flanking the loveseat should go beside the two chairs in front of the fireplace. You may have to move the loveseat to another room.

Is there room for you to do these things to your room?
Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
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Hi, Janey! That's a beautiful view! What if you moved the big couch to the other side of the room in place of the white chair, moved the white chair into the corner to the left (if facing) of the fireplace, moved the little cabinet to the opposite side of the fireplace, then lined up all your cubes under the window for an unobstructed view? Whew! Hope that idea ... gives you some more ideas! Good luck!
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Bond Girl
I get it from the pics. All the same room. I agree with Jill that the picture over the loveseat is too big, but disagree that the furniture is too big. The first thing I would try is the long couch on the wall with the picture, but pulled into the room, as Carolyn suggested. (Hard to tell how big the opening to the room is, so not sure if this will work. Next, the loveseat where the chair is currently. And the chair in the corner, where the ottoman is currently. For now you can try the ottoman as the coffee table, but ultimately, it would be nice to break up the leather with something metal/glass that is reflective.

I'm not a fan of the vase-side table. And would find something different. Right now all your side tables are small and round, with small round lights on top of them. So break up those shapes a little bit. Swap with something in another room.

A rug, a throw, some throw pillows, and side panels all with COLOR, and you are there. The hard part is done. You just need a little tweaking! Good luck!
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Janey Harley
ugggg.....I feel like putting in all back the way it was....some suggestions I am trying ...not good....but I have moved the love seat and couch back to original spots and now have big ottoman in front of window....the view is irreplaceable and do not like to block it ...it is the 1st place people go to when they enter the room
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S Robins
You have a lovely view and a nice fireplace so almost two focal points. I've seen people use a sectional to make the most of that (each section facing a focal point) but maybe with your current furniture, you could put the couch facing the fireplace and the loveseat facing the window/view. Or reversed, depending on what fits better (and tuck the chair next to fireplace if space permits). I would put the tables where you need them (for light).
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Aggie Purvinska
I don't know if you have any more energy moving this stuff around, but I think the large sofa should be facing the view, the loveseat facing the fireplace and the chair diagonally facing both on the right hand side of window by the TV DVR Components, backing up to them. Ottoman then can be at the window, and coffee table in front of the big sofa and side tables at the loveseat.
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Janey Harley
keep the suggestions coming....I have moved the couch back to wall with art work...love seat on wall where chair was..with table beside it and an ottoman....leather large ottoman in front of window with chair beside it...will post photos tomorrow...I am exhausted...and frustrated....but am almost pleased with this final outcome .....sort of...need new cushions...carpet and throw to give it that POP ...thx to all
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Janey Harley
and btw....having bookshelves put in on either side of fireplace...so will be getting rid of cabinet and table in each corner
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love your place . com
Maximize the view! I agree with the idea of the couch facing fireplace so when you are lounging on it, you can gaze at the view as well. Loveseat on wall to the right (as you face FP) with the ottoman in front of it. Put a big, square tray on the ottoman to make it a coffee table, maybe with a great color to it.
Put the white chair on wall where loveseat is, but off-center, with a shorter table than you have in there now & reading lamp on it. That would create a separate area, perfect for paying bills or putting on your shoes!
You have a lot of round tables and round lamps. The tables look like they might be too high for the furniture. Perhaps lower/wider/square tables next to sofa & loveseat?
There are good "bones" there, and a killer view.
Please post more pictures, perhaps daytim
e/more light, with your changes? Good luck--you are almost done!!
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Janey Harley
Thank you...My husbamd'is not'good'with change..so'have to be careful....view is his most important aspect of this room...still need to add some color and add some pillows and new carpet...bookcases on either side of fireplace in the works...so far my final outcome...photos to follow
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Stephanie MacKay
Janey, it already looks so much better!!! Good job! It feels much warmer now
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try my first suggestions.. : )
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Kim D
love the change great job. Feels like a room I would like to spend time in. enjoy it.
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The scale of the furniture is too large for this room. You need things with slimmer arms and less bulk. And it needs a rug to anchor it.
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love your place . com
do you have a flash on your camera? could you shoot it in daylight?
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Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design
Sometimes when I first see a photo of a living room - I want to reach in and maneuver the furnishings to tweak it Know it is tough to re-arrange furniture but you can see the benefits without spending a dime! - Yes your view is lovely - will look back to see your new book case and daylight photo - enjoy new room!
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Janey Harley
That is a big
Problem limited budget...I will send day light photos...just moved a few things after working on it last night for 4 he's...The carpet is the big thing and pillows...changed the draped to a lighter shade..helped lots...shopped for 5 hrs today and absolutely nothing in this city....do not have credit cards so can't order on line..we have Winners...wicker Emporium and peir one.... not too much to choose from but I will be patient. Think the book shelves will make a huge difference and I can eliminate that cabinet andtable all together...Need color I am looking towards the bright lime green....Thx again everyone...A girl can dream...ha
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love your place . com
Dont forget, paint cans, fabric stores and thrift shops can take you pretty far on a budget....
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Make little groupings out of the furniture. The idea is not to place things at measured intervals around the walls, create areas with the sofa's and tables, a rug would anchor things as well.
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Timeless Appeal
What's wrong? Just about everything.....but there's hope. The biggest problem most people have with decorating a room is scale. Your tables are too similar (round) and the lamps are also too similar. It looks more like a mistake rather than trying to achieve an eclectic look. Don't use them on the ends of the same sofa. Keep the sofa in front of the window (great view, btw), but pull it out about 2-3 feet. Use love seat opposite the sofa, also pulled out from the wall to flank the fireplace. Use the area rug in front of the FP, and place the furniture around it, not on it. Not sure if there's enough room to use the white chair...style is too different from the sofa/LS...maybe you can use it it a bedroom.

Remove all the knickknacks, and art and pictures from the walls and start again. Take the cabinet next to the FP and remove it from the room. Too much furniture and it spoils the 2 focal points..the FP and the view.

Next to LS use one of the round tables and lamp, use the other on the side of the sofa, on the right side closer to the FP wall. Separating them will look more eclectic. Check out Craigslist from used furniture to look for a wood coffee table and paint it. Don't know your accent color, but color is another lesson.

Now that we have the major pieces in place....use the large picture on the wall behind the LS. Remove the small ones on the side...ditto for the pictures on both sides of the FP. Little pictures on a large wall is out of scale. Remove everything.

Window treatments are ok but hang them high so it flanks the view and makes the ceiling tall.

Accessories. Do you have Homegoods, TJmaxx or Marshall's around? They sell the best home accessories for cheap. You would need lots of throw pillows in your accent color. 8 pillows..4 for each sofa. Paint the coffee table same color as pillows. Hint...take one of the colors in the large picture and use it as an accent color.

For the mantel, use candles on both sides and remove everything else.
For the coffee table...candle sticks....chunky kind, put a couple of books on table. Put one candle on the books, and the other on the table to creat a difference in height. Get a plant or some greenery and put that on the table as well. If you have remote controls put them in a decorative box. Try Ikea for things like that if you can't find anything in Home goods.

The pictures you removed from the walls...use the photos on one side of the FP, and the smaller ones on the other side. Stack the pictures either on top of each other or stagger them to fill up the wall space.

Use the little ottoman in front if where the husband sits ;) and get a throw in an accent color and drape it over the ottoman.

Get a basket for in front of FP and fill with wood from wherever you can find. Go outside and gather branches from a tree without leaves and put in a large vase and you can use them on the floor to fill a corner.

I always found that people have nice stuff, but have no idea how to use them. I've been an interior decorator for years specializing in decorating on small budgets. I know where to shop, and how to make a room look like a million with pennies. With a keen eye for scale and balance in a room, you can pull together a cohesive, pleasant look without spending a lot of money. If you have a sewing machine, throw pillows are the easiest things to make...look in Walmart in the fabric section....you'd be surprised what you can get for a dollar or two per yard. Make pillows 18-20". No dinky little pillows here.

Hope this works.
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Janey Harley
Can you come visit me???? Ha...love all of the ideas.....should I get solid cushions..patterned....guess I should wait until bookshelves are in ...then go from there? I agree with all suggestions...only winners...pier one and wicker emporium...did not eleven know size...thx or how many....so frustrating to find items as I know the look I want to achieve but some how can't get it right...Have to be patient thank you
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Janey Harley
And what do I Dow with the bare wall where the sofa was if I put in front of window...that whole area'will'be empty
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Timeless Appeal
You can use a mixture of 4 print and 4 solid throw pillows. Here in NY we don't use the term cushions! Forgive us! I didn't know about the blank wall....well I probably do the wall shelves on that wall instead of next to the FP if possible. There would be too much going on with the FP wall. If you make the back wall shelves, then place the white chair in the corner by the shelves to make a reading area. Put the smallest round table next to the chair and one lamp. Also, use picture frames for add'l accessories on the other side tables. Use small frames..4x6 being the best size. No larger than 5x7 frames. Also get small greenery pots (like from Michaels) and put them on the end tables. Mixture of lamp, frame and plant/pot/flowers etc on the tables. Elevate one of the items on books. Take off covers of books...try to match books to your decor. Btw, books make great fillers if you have books, but no money for accessories.

Any other questions...see my brand new blog at DesignSolutionsUneed@gmail.com...submit any questions to me from there. I can help.
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Janey Harley
Sorry. And I dearly hope that you have not been troubled with the effects of Sandy.....so sad....we are in the Maritime and lots of wind and not too much rain.....Thank you for suggestions...and on my bucket list is a trip to New York City...especially at Christmas...
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Nik Williamson
I would try moving the seating away from the wall.
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It's looking much, much better. More cozy and classic. I think the bookcases are a nice idea. On the blank wall where the sofa used to be....nice wall for a feature piece if you have anything extra special, but it would have to be something that makes a statement and adds drama and you wouldn't want to clutter it up with much else. I think your big picture is nice and your wall colors are beautiful. If you lower the picture 6" or so and place it slightly off center, put your light colored chair in the corner, not mashed in tho, and a tall branching arrangement next to the chair, you might have an inviting nestling corner with the focal points being the painting and the branches. I like little white christmas lights on tall branching arrangements because it adds depth to the corners. Love the tall pot with the glass top for a table and that would look good next to the light chair, or that pot filled with branches would look good. I can't really see the round lamp working on that table tho. I'd stack some big books or chests/luggage on the floor and put the round lamp on something like that near a seating area or where light is needed.

Or... you could do a desk or sofa table (to work jigsaw puzzles on of course...LOL...and the round lamp might work in that scenario), a wood chair (the more rustic the better) or stool to sit on, and tall plant or dried fronds/branches in a basket or pottery in a corner. A mirror (in scale) above whatever you put in there might reflect fireplace flames and be cool if you figure out another place for the big picture. Even a small petite patio set could look good and give you a place to write or work on a project out of the way of traffic.
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Hello. First time for me to comment. As soon as I saw your photo, I knew what was wrong. So, I read through all the comments to see if anyone else mentioned this, and they did not. If you step back and look at the photos (all of them) - what is amiss is the lighting.

I'm not a real pro at lighting, or anything in home interior for that matter, except the fact that I am an artist. But all your lighting is coming from mid-level areas, and from the sides. These lighting areas should be for accent lighting, not main lighting.

If this were my room, I would have an overhead lighting and/or back lighting - like maybe one of those art lights that go above a frame.

Do you have a ceiling fan? Does it have a light fixture? You can get a dimmer switch put on, so you can turn it down to a nice warm glow. And there are so many fun things you can do with lighting that isnt so typical. Check out my favorite ideas I have found online and have collected in my Pinterest collection called Lighting. . . . http://pinterest.com/msvickilynn/lighting/

Im thinking that is what is missing.
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
Hi Janey Harley, Marie here.
You have quite a few things wrong here.
1. Proportions: Sofa is too small for art piece,
2. side tables are both round, one should be square, other round for mix of lines.
3. yes your lighting is off, take better pictures during the day, and get a floor lamp in there.
4. left side of your love seat you have two photos over one lamp, the other has none.
so your symmetry is off.

Try making a floorplan on icovia.com. Measure all your pieces, then play with it on paper. Sometimes, all it takes is changing out one piece that truly makes sense to the room and your pocket book.

You don't really want your sofa backing onto the window, that's the best view in the room - show it off.
Put two chairs with larger side round table in between so it will be the spot to sit and have a coffee.
Images below are not your style, but simply showing how to group the two chairs with side table in front of the window...good luck!
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Janey Harley
Keep the comments coming .....I have to admit this is sooo over whelming...I went to bed last night going through all ideas....main thing no couch in front of window.....my husband says why would you sit there with your back to the view...no way !!! Ha I agree....I think I will wait until bookcases are done them remove some furniture....photos..from walls...start from scratch...new area rug...carpet.....I should not be fretting about this it should be fun....but pls keep,suggesting..that is why I asked....No problem with criticism I am no expert you guys are....will get better photos in day
    Bookmark   November 5, 2012 at 1:56AM
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OHHHHH! Yummy. First off NEVER turn your back on that view. If you have 2 side chairs I would put them in front of that window at an angle and as take the bell Jar table and put it in between the 2 side chairs. I would suggest getting rid of those grommetted panels and put in a silhouette shade that folds all the way up out of sight so that view takes center stage.

Your sofa/ loveseat is too lumpy but I am not sure what your budget is to add in pieces but you should turn the sofa towards the window and the new small seating area. Buy a generous size glass coffee table that visually disappears in the space.

Take down all of those scattered headshot paintings and photos and move them to one central photo wall. The large painting is nice and can go over the sofa on its new wall.

You would really benefit from toning down all the color and patterns and go more monochromatic. You have a fantastic water view and if you just waited on a sunny and a cloudy day you could pick a color scheme based on what nature gives back to you. Based on the photos I see a dark gray rug with a quite pattern. and maybe a blue or green based on a color you find in the water on a particular day. You have decent lamps but they run the range. I love that very artful lamp (wrapped in metal or whatever but I see it on the floor in the right corner off the fireplace. Or you could totally flip the script and make this the bedroom. Empty everything out and put the foot of the bed 2 feet off that gorgeous window and dress that bed up You could wake up to that view every day.

Have a blast what a great space.
1 Like    Bookmark   November 5, 2012 at 7:45AM
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