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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Creating two off-street parking spaces along the front of the raised ranch house

iriscogNovember 3, 2012
We are building two parallel 5' high retaining walls along the front of the house to create a front yard and two off-street parking spaces as well as a set of stairways to access the house at the lower level. The garage will become a bedroom. The main entrance will be at the lower level between the posts that support the deck. We just demolished the staircase the previous owner had improvised. Could you please suggest a color scheme and siding for the lower floor, the stairways and retaining walls? Do you think I need to paint the brick?
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Are you wanting to side the entire lower floor.
Will there be a window where the garage door is now.
If you could choose any style what's yours.
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Custom Home Planning Center
I'd approach the elevation in the following manor.
1. build a patio in front of the former garage door accessed with french doors from the new bedroom.
2.Add the retaining walls along the edge of the patio to enclosed the remainder of the front yard the with of the patio depth with stairs at the high side up to the parking area.Not you can leave a side walk entrance at the far left for 1st floor egress and patio drainage I would then bring a drive from the curb opening across the yard left to right with a gradual grade, turning on to a flat parking area on the high side of the lot leaving an equal flight of stairs to the up or down side entrances. The advantages is the creation of a enclosed court yard and a short direct walk either up or down.
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Wow, that is the FRONT of the house? That has to be the worst staircase ever. It would help if you could draw in where the retaining walls and staircase are going to be.

I would put in a long ribbon window where the garage is with window mullions similar in spacing to the picture window upstairs, and maybe a nice screened in private patio with a modern blind between the glass door. I would size the new entry to line up with the picture window upstiars with double doors in the center and a simple transom and sidelights with some nice big pots on each side. I would think about adding a couple of windows upatairs to balance it out.

If budget permits, a double deck with a roof could be very nice..
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Please, do not paint your brick. It is classy.
Even though you've made some decisions already; my best advice is to go online to research homes on slopes, or walk around your area and look at what others have done with elevations. They are tricky; slope, drainage, style limitations. This is all very important because it's your money and lifestyle.
If you have a view but the road is loud, consider something that buffers noise when you budget for the walls. Sound naturally travels up. Plantings with non-invasive roots but full foliage will help. Take full on advantage of your lower level area. Expanding it if needed. Ironically, people (as a rule) tend to like ground level living more than balcony living. Preserve your deck as much as possible. Stairs should have landings and at least one 90 degree angle for this elevation, in my opinion for ease of use. Long stair treads (over 8" for large footed folks). If you are using concrete block or poured they are making some excellent products now. Unilock and Basalite. As for color: think about only painting the white strips in a color first before shelling siding. If you are set on siding, use something to compliment brick that you like. Wood is pricey and if you are near the coast, effort to maintain. However, does bring a certain feel to a home. I like custom home planning centers ideas. Find a contractor you can count on for patience and directness. You need the truth, but you need time to process. :=)
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Love the car court idea. Saw that all over UK on a trip, no space wasted on garages. Most were paved in either asphalt or hard stone pavers. Consider sage or olive green to complement the brick (saving its low maintenance value) and helping the home blend into the surrounding landscape. Build out that entry terrace effect below to draw attention to the new ground floor level. Screening the bedroom side from the entry side with bamboo or light filtering small trees like Japanese maples.

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Hi Candace66, yes windows where the garage is and new siding for the lower floor. My style is contemporary and I am willing to paint or change the white windows.
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Thanks to all!
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I'd love to have this problem. I wouldn't side over top of the brick, I'd be tempted to do a little painting but would also hold off until the windows and doors are addressed. See how the windows and doors in the photos are much larger than yours. Once the size of the windows are doors are addressed there will be less brick. Your home from the road is quite flat and some dimension is needed and easy to accomplish off of the deck. I've picked photos that combine black, grey and brown. Hope this helps, keep us posted.

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Forgot to mention that not a single window or door is trimmed in white
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Olidcan, I could do big windows at the lower level but not upstairs because of the inner layout.
Do you think I could paint the trimming of the white windows? some are wood while others are vinyl.
thnks for your feedback
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