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What is the average cost of a master bath remodel

Flagg ConstructionNovember 3, 2012
New double vanity
Tear out sauna replace w/snail shower
Drywall down to studs
Close up plumbing where old vanity was
New tile everywhere
Thanks Chuck
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Hi Chuck,

I'm afraid there really isn't an average cost, because there are just far too many variables. Even the same exact bathroom built in different locations/scenarios will vary the cost greatly. (IE - slab floor vs framed, vs single level vs second floor, and local material and labor costs etc)

Fwiw, we've remodeled master suite from as little as $30k to almost $150k and unfortunately they all could fit the general description you've given above.

Are you not sure what a reasonable price should be for your project?

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Mona Ives
Chuck - there are no averages - but here is what I've seen in my area (New England) over the past 2 years. Master bath remodels as you describe have ranged from $25K (very very basic and low cost materials) to $60K (mid-range choice of materials and options). I know that many of my projects could've easily doubled in cost with just a few variables changed. This includes materials and labor. Your basic BASIC bathroom remodel will run you a minimum of $15K in this area and that is not what you are describing. You should probably start thinking this will realistically cost you $30K or more and then start getting estimates if that's in your ballpark. Oh and don't be surprised when your estimate and quotes are lower than what you actually pay by anywhere between 10-40%. That's normal.
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Sometimes I really hate being in the land of cheap housing... Shall I include an entire house with that 6 figure remodel? You can even get one with another bath to use during the remodeling process!

We would probably charge $3500 to $5000 for labor, depending on the size of the room and the complexity of the tile work.
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Linda - I know what you mean, you can buy houses here in AZ for $150k (and far less here too), but when someone's asks for advice with so few details, it wouldn't be wise for me to mention the low end of the scale. It could be very misleading and you know how Murphy's Law works ;o)

Charles could be located in an area where the average master bathroom remodel is in the $75k - 100k range, (to be commensurate with the neighboring properties etc), or it could be $15k - $20k. BOTH of those range could be considered average here in AZ, depending on the city. Until we know more information I'd rather err on the side of caution :o)

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Deborah Butler, Brickwood Builders
I agree with most of the above. For a full gut and rebuild of a master bathroom of average size in nice (not over the top) materials and products it would be in the $45k -$65k.
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Wow. I'm in North Dakota, and I'm budgeting $12,000. And that's tearing down non-load-bearing walls and reconfiguring all the plumbing. I hope I'm right! No way is my $40,000 house worth a $25,000 bathroom remodel!
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Custom Home Planning Center
Good luck as I hear that in the oil shale areas subs as far away as Denver and Minneapolis are being pulled out of their areas for high paying jobs in North Dakota. I might suggest that adding on a master bath addition could be the cheapest route to do it all your self. One of the biggest costs is gutting just to get to your starting point. At the budget your talking about that's what it will take.

If you give us the current layout of the rooms and roof lines we will give you some suggestions on size and placement. Also are you on a slab or crawl/basement. Your house will gain more value for the addition of sq. ft than a remodel.
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I'm on the border with Minnesota. A lot of guys still here in business; the oil shales haven't lured them away yet! I'm acting as designer/general contractor, and luckily I have an unfinished basement (cellar) underneath to move plumbing lines. Problem is, it's the only bathroom in the house! At 900 square feet not worth it to add on.
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This thread is another reminder of how incredibly varied remodeling costs and averages are in America! (Which is why Charles would have more accurate answers if he could post additional information :o)

@CHPC - Interesting that where you're located, gutting a space is so expensive. For every bathroom project I've ever worked on over the past 20+ years, I'd estimate that gutting (demo and haul) has rarely been more than 5-7% of the job costs.

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