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Placement ideas for long and narrow rooms
November 6, 2012 in Design Dilemma
I do not know how to place my furniture in this akward room! I am having a hard time not filling up each wall with a shelf or picture and keep buying furniture to fill up the room. Its akward due to it being soo long and narrow. I feel like the wall space around the kitchen table is not being utilized. ive debated between a sitting area where the kitchen table is with bistro table on the other end under the black shelf OR a big dining table with hutch under black shelf OR removing black shelf all together. The problem Im having is there is a bar stool counter, we entertain for the holidays and getting too big of a table will take up half the room, putting it in the way of the hall entry to the kitchen. Im not married to how anything is done and am open to any suggestions as far as furniture placement, new purchases or burning the house down (j/k) Im trying to stay true to the rustic country feel but I have no idea, im no interior decorator.
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could you give us a little more info : room size, window placement, front door,etc. Do you want a living room, a dining room?? It looks to be part of the kitchen. What is the floor? Rustic country,do you have some pieces already? Let's see pictures of those pieces too. Thanks
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I think where the chandelier is hanging is supposed to be the eating area. A small round table and two chairs there would not take up too much room. If you'd rather use the end where the table is for dining, you can switch out the two light fixtures, adding chain length to the chandy so it can be swagged further away from the back wall. Replace the white shelf with the buffet and the piece above it but hang the piece only 8" above it. Then turn your table the other direction to break the length of the room. Center the case for TV gear under the TV and that will give you another foot of dining space. I'd remove the ladder shelf, dried arrangement an two small mirrors from the room altogether. If you entertain more than four for dinner, I'd get an extension table to match the chairs and buffet as much as possible. Do these arrangements, post again and we'll work on the accessories and decor.
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The size is 30ft x 12ft. this is the main floor in the house which I am trying to make a dining room with/without sitting area. To the right of the ladder shelf is a hall to the front door and a sliding glass door across from bar with stools. I have a living room downstairs so this is mainly dining area. My key pieces are the items around the dining table and book shelf along with the big black shelf next to bar.
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the fake flower arrangement is just waiting to be hung, i cant decide on a wall. If I move the black shelf to the opposite wall where the white shelf is, what am i going to do with the wall the black shelf was on? I appreciate the tips
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I agree with decoenthusiaste..but want to add one thing...

IF you are entertaining guests in this room you may want to consider removing the cat tower and litter box from the room. For some of us it is difficult to eat dinner and smell a litter box at the same time. And it might be offensive to some folks if they have to pull cat hair from their food...even though I think food tastes better with a little dog or cat hair added! lol
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I agree, I would corral all the cat stuff someplace else, move the table under the chandelier..you might have to move the hanging wall unit and put up a mirror..If you don't have another dining table you might have to place it long side against wall with a chair on either end and two facing wall..you can pull out if you are entertaining big crowd... then I would put seating area at other end, some comfy chairs and small table or loveseat and small table and chair...you could put couch on wall where you have white molding shelf with two chairs, one on either side of couch/loveseat facing each other with coffee table , maybe ladder shelf by tv and bookshelf...
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Pam Wojcik
I have moved into a floor plan that has a "railroad" (long and narrow) floor plan. I have furnished each 'room' with diagonal placed furniture. Your bar can be the jumping off point: set up a table or chair or TV at an angle parallet to the bar stools. Try not to place all the furniture on the long walls...insead try it in the corners. Use mirrors where the room is narrow.I hope you can get inspiration from my photos. We also opened a wall to let in light from the kitchen/new seating area.
Good Luck !
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Pam Wojcik
I would also use blinds, and do away with the long curtains...they are visual space-takers. I have an entrance "foyer" that is on the side of my house, therefore has no visual interest upon entering. Just a wall ! So i have placed mirrors(tall) with floor plants in front. By the way, the kitchen corner table with plants is an old gateleg table with 5 leaves and wheels on the legs...for that large entertaining event.
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Pam, do you have a photo that shows the whole length of the room? I really like this idea.
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Joni B.
Hi Adria,

Here is what I would suggest:

1. I think the room is getting too busy with small furnishings. I would remove the cat items and place in another room. I would also use a critical eye to "edit" the nicknacks that don't have much meaning to you; I think the items on the white shelf, leaning bookcase, and black wall unit overwhelm one another in such a small space. Also consider whether you really need everything - from what I can see, you have two bookcases, a buffet console, a chunky shelf, and a hanging shelving/hook unit - all in a very small space - but you lack comfortable lounge seating.

2. Like the commenters above, I would also move your table (and the rug underneath) to under the light fixture on the opposite end of the room.

3(a). I would purchase a loveseat and a chair, or a set of two chairs, for the other side of the room (where the table is currently located). Stick with upholstered, non-oversized pieces with neutral or sage solid-colored fabrics, to avoid too much visual confusion.

3(b). If you decide to keep the entire space as a designated dining room, I would suggest that you replace the table you have with a small bistro table near the kitchen and a larger 8-top table on the other side of the room.

4. Remove the drapes, or replace them with ones that kiss the floor.

5. If you decide to keep the white shelf, paint or stain it to coordinate with the other wood pieces (black or dark wood), lower it to shoulder height or lower, and place on it only a few items (perhaps a small collection of 3-4 mixed-height objects).

6. Take the TV off the wall, and rest it on the bookshelf beneath it. All that cord clutter could be covered behind the TV if you position the bookshelf just a few inches more to the right.

Good luck! It looks like a great sun-filled room with lots of potential!
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Pam Wojcik
Adria..I have on my HOUZZ (Pam Wojcik) several pictures of the greatroom, kitchen and seating area (along with the two baths I remoeled). One of the photos does have a "long view" from the family room into the kitchen, barely. The project is called LAKE RIDGE REMODEL. I'll follw you...and you can follow me back :)
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