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Small tv room off bedroom and kitchen
November 9, 2012
Want to make this room cozy and warm, not much room, chest of drawes hold tv for now, last room I need to work on, door out to kitchen, door off to bedroom
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Dar Eckert
My first thought on this is to put a full wall of bookcases/TV on the right wall. Get a small sofa and foot stool for the left wall. Put up a full wall of curtains on the window wall.
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
First I'd paint the room a darker warm color, perhaps in the camel family. If possible I'd add baseboards to the room, painted white like the other trim. I would remove the draperies and add white shutters to the window.

I'm thinking this is a TV room for just two people, so I'd give them each a chair and they would share an ottoman. A rug would add interest and give a nice cozy feeling to the room. There should be a round table, with a lamp, between the two chairs. A white Ikea wall system with storage and space for the TV would finish the room nicely.
Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
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I would put the chest with the TV on the other side of the window, so the chair can be moved next to the door of the bedroom. That way the chair doesn't dominate the view from the kitchen. I would also have the chest on the window wall. I would do pattern curtains, a darker wall color and add a rug.
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Love Carolyn's idea!
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Nancy Hehmann
Being a small room, I would do antique white on walls or even brighter. The clean feeling of light walls is soo nice and brightens all of the furnishings (makes them stand out) Then choose an area rug in your fav design - so many to choose from. Look on Capel.com or Target.com - more than in the store or go to your nicest specialty store. Perhaps choose a rug with gold or red or blue if you are keeping the gray chair.

When you find your area rug, use one of the dominate colors for a new drapery for the window. A collection of photography on the walls would really look nice. I find photography soo uplifting. Choose something you love - such as a theme of a place, or coastal, or cute animals such as horses, llama, cows.
Etsy.com has affordable art photography and other home furnishings so as throw cushions. I have a photography shop too, nancyhehmann. Just input what you like in their search engine such as throw cushions or photography horse or Venice or Paris or Charleston SC, coastal.

A reclining small couch might be good in a small space or 2 recliners. I like to be comfie when watching TV myself.
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For sure move the TV off the shelf or fasten it to the wall even if it is on the chest. Many children are crushed by the TV when they pull it off such a chest.

I do like Carolyn's idea because the room could also be used as a library and reading nook.
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
By the way, I would paint the ceiling the same camel color as the walls. Your crown molding will really stand out against it, and your room will feel more intimate.
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This is a room for me only to watch or read, some great ideas, the chair will go to, the problem to is floor vents
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
Well, with only one chair actually required, an another for a neighbor or new friend, you should be able to work around the floor vents...well maybe I'm not understand exactly where they are. Now I've looked back at the photos and I see one to the right of the TV where a bookcase might be situated. I suggest you go ahead with the bookcase idea, and then have a handyman cut a hole in the bottom of the bookcase to slightly excede the dimensions of the floor vent.
Will that work?
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I have approximately 6-7 ft before the vent comes in to play, I have hard wood floors, the bookcase would not be centered on the wall, I had thought about a bakers rack, how would that look
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
Bakers' racks belong at the bakery. Think about bookcases or storage cabinets with bookshelves above.
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I will look at book shelves, was thinking back to the days I had seen a bakers rack in a bedroom on a tour of homes in Atlanta, now that was years ago
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Anna, I still have my baker's rack, never got rid of it. I just like it. Amont other things it holds my 53 year old teddy bear!
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Maybe it is me but I like to watch TV on a sectional. There are many shrunken sectionals now designed for apartment living or a couch with a chaise.. I would put one here and let it hug the left wall. I did this in an underutilized room in my house and now it gets so much use-movie watching, sunday morning paper reading/lounging etc.
On the opposite wall i think you could do built ins or a unit which would work with the vents. It could also hold books and items if interest.
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Whatever window coverings you select, I think that you should pick something that can be opened in the daytime so that you can enjoy seeing outside.
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@ Carolyn.. I have had several bakers racks.. and I even used a very curvy beautiful one ( smaller in scale) in my bathroom.; I always got tons of compliments on the idea of using it in there! It held all sorts of thing, from the towels to baskets of soaps, and lovely things, like glass items and such, interspersed for beauty. Just is something , I think that is a matter of personal taste and style. :) I am not sure a bakers rack might work for the TV, in this application, but I think a whole wall of shelving may make the space look TOO enclosed. I was thinking more of a pretty curvy amoire, or other storage piece.. again, its all about what one LIKES. ( Think: Craigs List ! ) I adore wing back or big comfy chairs for TV viewing as I too , prefer my " own space'..:) And chairs can be moved about easily, ( as can a cabinet for the TV) if you wish to re-arrange the room from time to time. An ottoman as well is nice. Also, I think putting the TV on the wall nearest the door might be much better than where it is; it allows one to see OUT the door, when sitting, rather than being next to the door. :) .. and an area rug to ' anchor' the space,and the furniture, will make it seem ' cozy' but not confined. ( Again..think Craigs List.. got a FAB rug on there for a mere 45 dollars ! ) I love the wall color, I am not sure I would change it unless you are so inclined to do so; it gives a nice compliment to the flooring. :) I think it makes the room feel ' warm'.. which you stated is something you are looking for.:)
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I love working with small rooms and I love Carolyn's idea's! I especially agree with her suggestion to paint the walls in a darker shade of carmel or taupe. This does not make a small room look small because the furniture recedes into the wall instead. White or cream wood shudders will keep the monocromatic look. Definitely a wall system for storage. Be careful not to clutter the shelves or it will take away from the calming effect in a small room. I hope you post an "after" picture!
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
Ah, Shelbybella, and others, please forgive me for knocking baker's racks. I know they can be charming and useful. I took some literary license to make a point and I should not have. :)
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Keenan Wells
I would paint the room a dark blue then on the window wall i would have wall to wall curtains in a light gold or sand color. i would put brown leather sofa on the left wall with some black and white family photos above it, then on the right wall i would put a small dark black media console with room to hold some books, above the media cabinet on the wall i would hang an oversize decorative roman numeral clock . I finally would put some striped accent pillows on the couch to ad some pattern to the space.
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To Keenan, excellent. Pretty picture comes to mind.
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