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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Need help with comments on draft drawings

gladnessNovember 12, 2012
I am still in the plan drafting stage. Kindly help me your comments and let me know what you think about my draft plan. The house will be built in South Africa.
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Laura Zinter
I would move your powder room to the wall between the garage and kitchen. Right now the door being by the front door resembles an entry closet. People will open that door expecting to hang their coats. I'm not a designer and I'm only viewing this on my phone. So I apologize if I'm seeing something that isn't.
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Hi. This is not knowing your family habits or family size at all, but it looks like no room in the house will be able to get peace and quiet if there is someone in the kitchen, tv room, dining room. The bedroom walls are all shared with these common living spaces.
However the common spaces are spacious and will provide for long family meals and surely can become lovely.
Finally if the weather in S. Africa is as warm as I suspect, you could use more outside space to be connected with your living areas instead of your bedrooms. You will probably need space for meals outside often and currently the patio looks small (compared to your dining room, but I dont know the sizes).
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I would look at courtyard designs and agree with the lack of public / private separation. The dining room is still awkwardly placed in the center of the house where everyone has to walk around the table to go from one end of the house to the other.
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Arlene Warda, Architect
Hi gladness! plans are fine with a few refinements. I put the ideas down for you.

1. For the house circulation. I know how much you like, want the open plan. I propose a modern 'screen console table', built in. You can hang a picture there, put flowers. This is so much more inviting than just walking in nad seeing the dining room table. If you make if of wood, you can still see the dining table beyond.

I put small niche shelves, as option for side panels. you can put things there, objects or, and or books.

2. I would move the dining table and rug over so you can walk to the kitchen.

3. Same with living room. move it over a few feet so you can have separation, a walkway area between kitchen and dining.

4. the kitchen counter I propose a break in the countertop, it seems too long and you should have easy access from family play room to kitchen and food preparation.

These would open up your plan, yet you still define the space.

for part 2.0, the bathrooms:

5. master bath, you should consider a separate toilet room. This is for two activities, bathing and sink use, separate from toilet activities, I put a closet. I like the bay so I added one in. You also should try to get a shower there, in the light, with a privacy screen, on the glass. Two sinks would be nice.

6. I did the same for the other bedroom. A separate toilet might be nice. 1 or two sinks,and move the shower toward the front.

I had to move the bedroom down to accomodate this! well, I hope you like and can use some of these ideas for your design!

7. Also, I put a small closet in the front office for hanging coats, etc.. and a small book shelf on wall to right of the desk.

Thanks, Arlene
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Arlene Warda, Architect
Here is a plan oriented the same direction as your original plan, with my changes, updated!
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This seems very generic ! And almost too big for the plot ?!?! There's enough sleeping room for 6 adults, but an 8 seater dining table and enough lounge seats for 9 ! There's a play room but doesn't look like any children's bedrooms ? There's two doors leading from garage ( fire doors are expensive you don't need two) the symmetry is not the best.

KITCHEN...if I were designing it I would move the kitchen and a breakfast table /bar into the space where the study and bedroom 3 are ie where the shady trees are and where you can see visitors approaching

LAUNDRY... would have a laundry and 'school bag' storage with coats etc on the way to and from garage - so family members can 'load up and go' from home to car without going outside ( and similarly leave their junk there when then come home)

NOISE FILTER!... I would have a door to the laundry and a door to this bag and coat area - so that theres two doors between the laundry and the social hub of the home !

EASE OF LIVING... and on big shopping days you'd just bring the shopping in through the main entrance and deposit it for sorting on the counter then park up in the garage

BEDROOMS...I'd position all the bedrooms along the bottom wall area, farthest from the road and with the most privacy !

MORE STORAGE... i'd design the lounge and dining area to have plenty of storage and an area for a hidden tv too

STUDY.... as most people have tablets/ laptops, unless there's someone who works full time from home I wouldn't bother with a study room, as a printer and file storage cupboard can keep all that paperwork and bits and bobs away and you can work where ever is comfy at the time ie under a tree in the kitchen garden at the front or at the counter top or in a lounge seat etc etc - you get the idea !

I'd be happy to quote to draw up the concept for you - see my profile for the sort of drawings you'd get. Your architect would then have something to work off to get all the electrics - plumbing - and other essential bits done for you ! Just email me with plot and building dimensions and I'll email you a price ! one.plan@virgin.net
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