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HELP my diningroom

majaayNovember 13, 2012
Really need your help. Do you have any ideas for this diningroom.what will fit in here? What kind of lamp should i have in the ceiling?
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You can add a mirror with big frame with orange color or gold color (the frame), and change the curtains with dark grey color and also take off your white curtains, you also can search table decoration to give warm touch like table runner, centre vase with flowers, etc
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Yes i will add some decoration like vases and flowers,and change the carpet. But still i dont know what kind of ceiling lamps that will fit in this type of room.
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What a beautiful dining area you got there. I am living in an apartment and some things that I did to transform my apartments are, I place some kitchen mirrors. It is a hanging one and it creates a simple illusion that makes the space looks wider and bigger. Another thing is that a complementing color scheme will change it a lot. You can use colors that brings out positive mood in your place such as light blue, orange and yellow and avoid dark ones for it makes your dining area sad, heavy and small.

For more tips, here is my article source: http://bit.ly/RzyLI7 Hope it helps you in transforming your kitchen that way you want it to be :D
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Wow your article i very helpfull.i shall defently keep away from making my diningroom dark and boring. And instead add colours. But what kind of ceiling lamp would you have choosen?
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For the ceiling, these lamps can be an idea for you, hope the information can help you. You can also add these console cupboard to give warm sensation on your dinning room
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The School Of Renovating
This has the making of a lovely cosy diningroom . I agree with adding a large mirror on the opposite (in place of the piece that is already there) although I would like to see it over a narrow white console table or sideboard. The mirror will make the room look much bigger and the sideboard will make it look more homely, it is a bit sparse at present. I would like to see a silver frame on the mirror and something either glass or silver on the table with a generous bunch of white blooms with glossy green foliage. A low hanging pendant light over the table , say a white or clear glass shade with stainless steel or silver fittings will add to the ambience of the room.
Here is a lighting suggestion, its funky but will still work with a traditional setting. http://www.scandinaviandesigncenter.com/Products/usd0/Lighting/Ceiling+fixtures/11629/Mega+Bulb It looks like the curtains and chair cushions match and I think navy white and silver work, especially with the timber floor to warm it up a bit. I would pull the curtains back more to lighten up the room, and take the white curtains down if you can.
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Thanks a lot, now i finally have a vision for the diningroom. And great ideas you have. I also think that glass or withe hanging lamp will do great. Thank again
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The FixxerUpper
I'm thinking that adding a large mirror might take away from the coziness of the area! How about a large decoration with warm colors on it or a neutral color wall treatment with like deco on the table and changing the curtains color to something a little more flavorful? I agree though, it is a very cozy space. Just needs a lil seasoning!
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I absolute need some warm touch in the diningroom
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Hi Majaay,

Make sure the dining room mirror (if you decide to place on there) doesn't act as a "spy window". Mirror placement is very important because you want a mirror to be somewhere useful but not available for people to look through and notice what others are doing around the home. It sounds strange, but it is true. While mirrors are beautiful and useful, they can be distracting in the wrong place.

Lighting is very personal. It may take a while to find something you love. If you own the home this makes life easier for you. I'll look for a link or two. In the meantime, what are your favorite colors to look at when relaxing? Those maybe needed in here to cozy/warm it up. If the rug stays, check out a lamp I found in the next post.
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here is a lamp you may like. Not sure of your taste yet. If the painting on the wall is significant you can always center it and place to sconces on either side. If you like the drum light attached, they make it in wall sconces. Have fun with your journey.
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Hi majaay, I like this West Elm pendant with white wood trim to complement your cottage style pedestal table. You might also consider warm neutral curtain panels as opposed to the dark brown. In keeping with the neutral colors, I would also remove the white sheers that appear to be overly long. If you desire more privacy you could layer your curtains with a textural woven shade. It looks like you may have room for a small serving piece or bar cart in the corner opposite the window.
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Banarsi Designs
I feel that the dining area needs some color. There is too much white right now. My advice is to go with a colorful lamp to add a splash of excitement to make the room more stand out right above the dining table area. If you're looking to decorate your table for Christmas time, one idea is to use a green vibrant tablecloth (similar to the one I attached). Also consider adding another abstract painting if it fits your style :). Hope this helps!
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Hi I am happy to help. I found this colorful ceiling fan online, maybe you can consider this one in adding a touch to your place.
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