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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Need suggestions for our family room!

dexters2012November 14, 2012
The area currently has wood paneling on the walls, which will either come down or be painted. The entire area is covered in a cream colored carpet......yuck! Planning to put 2 rows of tile around the fireplace, but not sure what to do with the carpet. Wanting to do a laminate, but unsure if we should do the entire room, or just a fraction. Any ideas/suggestions?
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If this room is on the south side of the home, tile might be a better option. Tile will hold the heat from the sun's warmth.

If you are set on buying a laminate, find one which doesn't present dust bunnies. Laminates (some) are dust producers and off-gas quite a bit. Problem lies in the fact that our sinuses get "used to it" and next thing you know, you have allergy issue.

Do your homework on what your laminates contain in the way of chemicals. Vent that room constantly if you decide on laminates. Houzz has a great selection of products to help build idea books.

Think about how, and how much of the time you will use this room. Will help you with decision. If the doors lead to garage or outside or both, something sturdy and strong for foot traffic.
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Thank you so much for your suggestions/ideas. The room is actually on the south side of the house. We are not set on laminate, but just not sure which way to go. We actually found a really neat vinyl with a hardwood look & feel. Its a free floating, & water resistant. Yes, both doors in the picture lead to outside/garage, so we definitely want something durable.
Also, we do plan to utilize the space quite. We have 3 kids and big families.
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The vinyl is durable but will off-gas. Get a piece of it and put it into a closet for two weeks without opening the door. Then open it up and smell. That is what you and fam will be breathing. Want you to be aware of it.

About tile: Southern exposure rooms with tile are incredibly smart to help families save on wood burning and electricity. Mainly utilizing the sun will save electric or other heating costs.

Your money will go farther if you can optimize the savings. Look at southern exposure homes and passive solar ideas. Google those topics as well as tile choices. And if you ever have the money, you can eventually expand the windowed wall to bring in even more heat.

Keep the faith - the project will be awesome experience. Be open to new ideas and follow up with researching your materials.

If you are super restricted on funds, there is a blog about a family who is building a home with pine careflooring. It will gouge and markup - but they liked that idea. Under 2.00 per sq but that is DIY and I have no idea about how it is manufactured, or it's chemical content if any.
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Thank u again for all the great tips!!! Bummed to hear about the off gas, but I definitely appreciate the heads up. Is the off gas harmful or just unpleasant? We definitely do not want to endager our kids or ourselves.

I will definitely look into some of the other ideas u gave me as well. We are totally open to new ideas.

Thanks again!
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Hello dexters,

Almost everything manufactured as a textile off-gases into our homes; clothing, appliances, tools, soaps, solvents, bedding, rug and laminates and vinyls especially. Shower curtains you break out of a package (for example old fashioned liners) they really smell. The problems begin when we have too many materials doing this to us simultaneously.

Know what the new car smells like? That is a perfect example of those man-made or man treated materials off-gassing inside the vehicle with windows up. Cool weather or hot, our stuff emits gas. Not just us. lol. It's great to have an open mind when remodeling.

You will glean so much information from people here. Take it all with a grain of salt until you do the research. This is where you can unequivocally say; yes, this was true, or no, I didn't find it to be the case.
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a site from an educational foundation with some charts on off-gassing. you may want to find three sites which have updates done periodically and are not funded by large flooring manufacturers.
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Very true. Guess I just hadn't thought about it like that.
Yes, I can already tell I am going to love this site. :-) Thank u again for all of your helpful suggestions and ideas. U have been a huge help.
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Keep us informed on your ideas. hope more people post soon. :=)
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Sure will. I hope so too. Thanks again!
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Meghan Goodman Interior Design
Have you considered cork floors? Natural, soft, sound dampening. You can get them in many different colors and styles, and they are easy to install and replace. Then, get an indoor/outdoor rug that will weather the traffic, paint the paneling with a no VOC paint ( and I would paint the brick as well, forget the tile) and throw up a big rustic beam as a mantle. It would be fun to paint a contrasting color behind the shelving, or put up a fun graphic wallpaper. For the windows, install woven shades right at the top of the wall to make the windows seem bigger. Good luck!
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No Meghan, we had not thought about cork floors, but sounds like it is def something to consider. I'm loving your ideas :-)
Thank u!
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Polcare Interior design Crafting
this is very nice room, with great quality. the fireplace can be renovated using tiles, however you should consider using laminate floorings, its very inexpensive and looks great. if you use part of the room as a dining or gaming area, you hsould considering blocking off a small section and keeping the carpet, however doing the entire room in lamite will also look great!
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Thank you! It is funny that you mention using the room for different purposes because I was just about to post that question for some feedback :-)
The room is very large, and we had considered exactly what you said by leaving some carpet and using a laminate, etc for the rest. Our thought was to utilize the side with the fireplace as the family room w/ carpet, and the other side, which has both doors that lead to garage, and outside patio we wanted to put the durable flooring and let it serve another purpose. We already have a dining and game room, so not sure what purpose to use it for other than maybe put our computer there or just an extra seating area.
I have attached more pics for a better idea of the layout of the room.
Thanks again for the ideas/suggestions!
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