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why does the faucet come so high above the tub edge?

greenthumb2November 14, 2012
PK Master bathroom remodel · More Info
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Hi greenthumb2,

Thanks for the inquiry. The floor-mounted faucet is a standard size and I would imagine is made to fit many free-standing tub sizes. You'll notice from other photos of this room that the handle and hand-held faucet are at a comfortable height if you're laying in the tub. (Any lower and they wouldn't be practical) The fact that the faucet design includes an arch is the primary reason for its additional height.

~ Steve
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ah ha! thank you for that perfect explanation.

I was thinking about how much the water temperature would change at a fall from that height.

Honestly, the remodel is amazing and looks as though it was a bit of an undertaking. Did you have mostly free rein? Curious.

Also, great choices on the colors. Not easy mixing so many textures together and making it work.

I have to say it probably looks completely different at different hours of the day. Do you know why they did not opt for a custom color on the tub and sinks?

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Hi greenthumb2,

Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it. In answer to your questions, the water temperature differential seems negligible, and the acrylic tub being such a good conductor of heat really helps retain what heat is in there.

Yes, the project was a bit tricky to execute, but I love figuring out ways of doing new things and this was no exception! I'm very much a detail person as you can hopefully see. The wood to tile transition was a surprise to the client, thank goodness they loved it because it took me a long time to hand-scribe each piece! I have the patience of a saint for details like that and enjoy personally doing that kind of work.

The clients were wonderful to work with. They have a sophisticated taste, and really wanted a wow master suite. They were trusting enough to give me free rein on the design, and loved the 3D CAD I showed them, which really relayed the overall concept I was going for. They originally had told me NO tub, but the room was large enough for it, and may have looked odd without one. They agreed once I showed them the plan, and ok'd it as long as I could find a very well-priced tub. (This was around $1,100)

You're right about the room looking different at different times of the day. There is intense west sun coming through the square windows, and so that makes the tile really sparkle. This is one of my favorite projects, and I'd love to have this in my home! :o)

With regard to a custom color on the sinks etc, the room has enough white (doors to WC, entry, closet etc, and the moldings etc) that when you view the whole space the white fixtures feel connected visually.

Thanks again,

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Hi Steve, Thank you for the conversation about the how to's and why's about this lovely room.

I must admit, at first glance of one of the first pictures, I couldn't figure out what was going on with the arched wall because I saw a break in it. All in all a fascinating and useful and relaxing concept bathroom, truly one of a kind. Great execution.
you earned the praise!

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Thank you SO much! I truly appreciate it.

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Do you have the actual name of the tub? My bathroom has the same measurements and looking for a tub! Vanity will be in the place as is the shower! Easy fix if I can find this out! Thanks...
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Hi bjstove

Here's a link to the "Marlon" acrylic tub, they are a few sizes available http://www.signaturehardware.com/product21634

Hope this helps ~ Steve
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Thanks for the quick reply! One more quick question about the tub... Was it comfortable to sit in? What size did you get?
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Hi bjstove,

You're welcome. I didn't personally sit in the tub but my client is very pleased with it and says it is comfortable. We purchased the 66" tub, because it was the best fit for the space. Larger would be better if you have the room.
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