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Need Help with Curb Appeal

mpickens3November 15, 2012
Hi everyone. We need help on affordable upgrades to the exterior. Our neighbors house is the same color scheme, so we want make it different by exposing brick on chimney , maybe adding a darker trim or lighter color paint, we like thick lumber accents, native landscape (lose the lawn), large concrete pavers...any other ideas?
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Cute house! I like your idea of removing the stucco on the chimney to provide texture. However, talk to a professional about it...it may be cheaper and easier, to reface in a stacked stone, which would go well with a native landscape. Chunkier porch railings and posts could be a possibility.

Paint your garage door the new body color of your house so it recedes in the background.

What color is your roof? Light gray?
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First of all, what a BEAUTIFUL site for a home. It must be fabulous to live in such wonderful naturalness.

Before I made major changes, how about contacting a landscape architect?
These are the folks who can blend the house and the yard seemlessly to make the biggest impact.

I cannot tell, but this looks to me like a lovely period home - perhaps 1960's? Do you want to keep the integrity of the house? The front entrance, porch, supports and railings are perfectly balanced to reflect the size of your home. IF you begin installing things willy-nilly - it might perhaps look off? Do you want to change the entire appearance? What is it you wish to create?

How about going to the local book store and finding pictures that speak to YOU? Have you researched the period in which your home was built? I cannot tell if you are a traditionalist, or if you like modern? Cottage?

There are lots of inexpensive decisions which can be made other than painting, trim and wood.

Let us know - which direction you would like to go with, and then I think all here will be better able to help you.

let us hear.
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It is common to have the walkway to the front door come off of the driveway. You may want to consider making the path to the door direct from the sidewalk in addition to the side entry from the drive. A direct path, wide enough for two people side by side, would be inviting and welcoming. It could be done affordably with large flat stones or concrete path steps from the big box store that would blend nicely with the native landscape that you suggested.
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If you can afford it, I'd put stone facing on the chimney -- it would be a nice blend to the mountain behind. I'd choose an accent color (other than the white) for your front door -- maybe to match the brick that lines the driveway? I agree with the previous poster that I'd paint the garage door to match the house and not stand out so much. I'd also look at putting more effort into the landscaping -- maybe some tall ornamental grasses in place of that low evergreen in the middle of the lawn -- put a big rock in the middle and the grasses around it. Would bring your natural background and foreground together a little more as the grasses would brown grass on the hills. I'd add some color under the window if you can -- a window box would be great there but you might have to change out the shrubs as they look like they are almost hitting the bottom of the window. But if you can grow them in your area, a window box the full length of the window full of bright red geraniums would be gorgeous!
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Exposing the brick will be a big job and may not look so good when it's done as the brick will inevitably be a bit damaged by the process. Adding stone or brick cladding would be more effective. Have you thought about using paint in earthy colours and using a contrasting shade on the chimney which would be a lot more cost effective and would look great. Say light tan walls with ochre chimney?

You have a nice big front garden so I would run a winding path to the front door through the middle so that people actually walk through it and enjoy it rather than it just being a space you have to maintain. Would also remove some of the lower branches of the tree to lift it a few feet so that it frames the house rather than hides it. Gravel and grasses would suit the location and be much lower maintenance than the lawn. Collect lots of pictures of what you like and then have fun!
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Thanks everyone for such quick and inspiring input!! Yes this home is circa 1950. We are open to keeping the era look but want a few touches to modernize it as well. Love the chimney and porch just trying to find ways to make it pop and don't like the iron railing so much but like the trellis/overhang at entry..should it be beefed up and a new color?

I appreciate the help with the chimney. I thought maybe it was much easier to strip the paint from the chimney but sounds like we could be over our heads :)

Love all of the landscape suggestions and will definitely consider. Also the idea to make the garage appear more recessed is great!

Still playing with ideas for trim colors and ways to make windows and doors pop???

Thanks everyone..I love HOUZZ!
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HI -- Such a cute house ! I would square up the chimney and clad it in a cottage stone vaneer . Remove the front rail on the porch and have some stairs coming off the front with a curvey walkway coming to the right of that one shrub and ending beside the driveway. The side walk to the driveway can stay.Have bigger support posts on the porch and add to the window trims (a little wider). I would leave the trims white and darken the main house color to a darker blue or grey or a warm tan BUT this depends on the kind and color of the stone you choose. Then put an awsome bright color on the front door.The front door should have its own color . Then in the spring you could add some more perennials and another tree or two.You could patio out some of the front and have a space for a couple of chairs and some little side tables and some pots of flowers etc. Nice spot to visit with friends and share some after dinner wine !!!
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mpickens3, your home is just so cute! I looked at your ideabook and I like the landscape inspiration picture you chose. Native ground cover, grasses and a simple way to start.

I know this house in the pix is Craftsman, but I am posting because I like what they did with the paint , outlining the windows in black, the lighter gray on the chimney and a darker gray on the trim. The front steps are nice and wide and welcoming, as sherrineilson and lefty47 suggested.
Bend Residence · More Info
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Wood Railing
how about some Mountain Laurel Handrails for your front porch?
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