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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

I'm thankful for. . . new flooring

susandawnNovember 17, 2012
Several days ago I had a design dilemma post on Spanish pavers. Today reality sets in as we're pulling up 30 year old hardwood and knocking down a wall that was an immense barrier between our kitchen/kitchenette and family room with the TV.

Now that the wall is down, we're going to put up a rustic looking "fence" as a safety barrier. We're putting in a couple of steps to connect the new room too.

My question is this. . . do we install regular drywall along the now minimal "wall." Engineered wood is going on the slab and up in the kitchen area. My husband wants to do something "cool" like make low cubbies along that wall. My hesitation is we have two young dogs who are very curious and like to get into stuff. If there are low shelves/cubbies, at their level, I think it will be an invitation to nose around.

Husband thinks we could put up some kind of decorative tile. I don't know how you'd do that with the existing pavers. Is there a tile that wouldn't clash with the pavers and look great all along that low, newly created mini-wall?
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I vote for simple drywall, if I'm understanding the space correctly.
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HI -- I think the cubbies will junk it up. And they will need to be cleaned and dusted all the time . I think you should go to a tile shop and look at some concrete or moroccan tiles . They will fit in with the other floor tiles and create some interest.
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Thanks for your vote. Basically the space where you see the exposed wood between the 2 levels--that's the area we need to cover. I think I'm with you on simple drywall unless someone can convince me of something more amazing. :)
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I think we need more pictures - and are you talking about putting a low wall to "close in the openness you have just created? And, running the low "cubbies" along the base of the wall to the left? Can you send a picture of the entire front of this feature as it moves to right of where your husband is?

I am thinking a very large piece of beautiful dark spanish inspired furniture along that wall with the arched piece with the candle? As you have that 45 degree corner there - you could do a LOT with this space - and not feeling the low cubbies - sorry!

Perhaps something built in like a large Butler's Pantry Cabinet with Glass doors on top - a landing spot in the middle and closed door cabinets on the bottom? You could do a beautiful large dark Buffet here?

I am thinking something with railing to match what I see to the left there in the opening - but extending no further into the room, than the width of your wall line there on the left and lining up the steps with this wall corner - which would definitely balance the look?

BUT - I think this would look stunning with that old-world large antique style Asian/Spanish Inspired piece of furniture - which would make a GREAT place for any beautiful glass-ware or something which you have? Even something which could be a wine-cabinet - combo thing? Yes?

Please DO send those pictures though so we may look at the rest of the space panning to the right?

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What do you mean by concrete tiles? I don't think I'm familiar with that.
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Well, Spanish tiles with patterns on them would, in fact, go with your tile floor, if you are interested in something with a pattern:
Entry · More Info

Stoneimpressions · More Info

Cottage 52 Foyer & Stair Hall · More Info
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I'm not feeling the low cubbies either. The "wall" I'm referring to is not really a wall. Where the exposed wood and the blank space between the two levels. That's the wall.

Which side for butler's pantry idea? As you look at the area on the right or left?
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Concrete, or really cement tiles come in different styles, but some like this could work:
Cement Tile · More Info

Cement Tile Shop Collection · More Info

Cement Tile Shop Collection · More Info

Cement Tile Shop Collection · More Info
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@ feeny--WOW! I like the more muted tiles on the 2nd picture. Thank you for posting those. I get it now.

Here are the other images. I am sorry I got the backside of one of our workers.

@fife2 This is a large piece I already own (w/ the table in the kitchenette area. I'm wondering if I should move that armoire thing to the kitchenette area. Currently it's in my entryway because I had no idea where to put it but I think it's pretty.

It's a shame money doesn't grow on trees otherwise I'd take down all the walls and level the floors so our house is all one level. You can see the large opening into the room with the fireplace. I sort of wish that were closed off since there's no where to go for peace and quiet if someone's watching TV (unless you go to a bedroom or the office).
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@ feeny--thanks for the addition of the cement tile photos. I like all of those too. Do you think it would be overkill to do that entire small wall with tiles? That's a big space--maybe 2.5 feet by 12-16 feet. (I leave all the measuring to my husband--the math teacher).
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OH gosh yes - the tiles on the kick-boards of the steps would be wonderful

And YES - definnitely put your large piece their if you like? I would put it on the left wall to balance out the space since you have more AROUND the corner on the right, and the lighter airy railing on the left?

YES - we ALL wish money grew on trees! Wouldn't that be nice. :-)

Beautiful space - I would NOT overuse the decorative tiles - I love the pics above !
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Aja Mazin
I agree.
Beautiful space - I would NOT overuse the decorative tiles
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If you don't want to go overboard on the decorative tiles, which I agree could be overwhelming in a whole small wall, you could make the small wall mostly drywall, stucco, or plaster, with one middle line of inset decorative tiles, or even just a few strategically spaced tiles. I was in Spain over last Christmas and noticed how many restaurants had white stucco walls inset with almost randomly placed individual decorative tiles.
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Feeny--that's a great idea about the strategically placed tiles. I'll have to do some googling for inspiration. What part of Spain were you visiting? I went there for 6 weeks right after college (20 years ago) to learn the language. Very fun! I just don't remember being tuned in to tiles and decorating back then! LOL!
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We travelled the southern route from Madrid to Barcelona, via Cordoba, Ronda, Granada. Lots of beautiful Moorish-influenced architecture and interiors, so I was keeping my eyes open.
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HI -- Thanks to feeny for showing the tile examples . I love the upper left one. I think they would look wonderful because they have a matt finish and will stand the test of time. Very high-end looking. One thing though -- I don't know why they call them cement tiles because cement is the wet and then it's concrete when it's hard ,- so I always call them concrete tiles. Interesting huh !
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Avente Tile
Cement tiles go by many names and it can get confusing. Cement tiles are most accurately called concrete tiles because they are made of Portland cement, sand, aggregate (small stones) and water. They are believed to be called cement tiles to distinguish them from ceramic tiles and concrete pavers. They are often mistakenly called encaustic cement tiles; but, encaustic tiles are made of clay, have through-body color and fired. Cement tiles are made of concrete, poured into molds, hydraulically pressed and never fired. To see what's possible with cement tiles browse our online catalog at:http://www.aventetile.com/cement_tile/index.cfm and compare to our Spanish Revival ceramic tile line, Malibu: http://www.aventetile.com/product_categories/155.cfm

I hope that helps!
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