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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Which garden design should I choose, and do any of you have ideas?

kazeminiNovember 17, 2012
I just moved, and we have this huge field with plain grass, we have planed many sections for the garden, but we still have more space, which garden design should I choose? If you have any ideas, be sure to post pictures!
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I am so sorry, I forgot to post the other picture, here it is:
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The two pictures ar the same in that it seems like another shot of the same type of garden but it is stunning all the same, allot of work initially but stunning.
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Is that a path in the second picture? They are very similar.
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Are you ready to maintain this? You may want to think about a meadow of wild flowers and just cutting them down in the fall. You can cut paths in during the year. This is what I do with our empty 1.5 acre lot because I get tired of cutting the grass.
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Patricia Colwell
If you are hiring a couple of gardeners or have all day to spend in the garden this would be lovely.This is a high maintenance type garden I would do lots of shrubs that flower at different times of the year and then add some annuals for added color in the srping and some bulbs.
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The pictures are showing a garden that is high maintenence but go with your heart, if you want it then have it!!!
Seriously though, go for a drive around your area and look to see what other's have got, you might find something completely different after having a look.
I wouldnt have much less than 1.5 acres myself and I have a dedicated fruit tree area, with about 18 of them planted about 5mtrs apart, surrounded by a no trim hedge on the south side and obviously a lawn.
Then I have my front garden, dotted with some specially chosen "park" like trees in a lawn and again, surrounded this time on the perimeter, by various mostly native shrubs to a maximum of 2.5mtrs, so that I can still look out past the trees into my paddock and see my cows.
Up my driveway, I have 5 small garden beds, that were initially bulb beds but that didn't work too well, a bit too wet some years and the bulbs rotted, anyway, I re-planted with some more tollerent plants including a few different species of Flax as a backdrop and a few different coloured Cuphea's and Calla lilies with a beautiful Illawarra Flame tree between each bed.
My driveway is a bit short and the repetitive theme helps with the illusion of distance.
I also have what I call my exotic garden which is a fenced area primarily to conceal the water tank as we are on a farm and need to catch all our drinking water.
This garden area houses cacti and any other plants that do better in a sheltered area.
My entire garden was drawn to scale first, so that I could see what worked and what didn't and I also did allot of reading too, to be able to confidentally choose the right plants for each area.
The most important advice that I could give you is to draw up a plan, to scale importantly, easily done with a scale ruler that you can buy from your local stationery store.
Work out what you need seperate to what you want like do you need to catch rain water for example??
If so, you will need tanks and it's nice to be able to hide them some what with a fence that you can grow a passionfruit on perhaps or at least a creeper or a row of tallish trees.
Is the block exposed to the elements like allot of wind and if so you will need to grow a protective hedge on the perimeter, so that your young plants have some protection.
Is your block wet??..... that will also determine what plants you think you will be able to choose.
Lots to consider really as you may find you can't actually have the garden in the picture but you have the ability to re-design your own dream garden.
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Anyone notice this is from November 2012, and got no response?
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Well, one year later it is getting a response - noticed several of these lately. Would rather see them surface in the sidebar sooner rather than ones that did get a response but their poster never responded to comments.
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Never even looked at the date which is odd, as I usually do and don't bother to respond if the post isn't recent.
Probably a wast of time no doubt.
Perhaps these older posts should go to an archive instead of still being open for discussion.
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Barbara, houzz has a key word generator so that if you're reading a thread about gardens, it pulls up other threads with the same word in the title, hence the two year-old threads. This has been an on-going problem.
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Hayley, thanks for the info but actually I just looked at other discussions on the right side of the screen and clicked on it but simply failed to look at the date.
I reckon that these sort of old posts should go into an archive as the discussions I believe should be up to date and relevant because after several months and in this case years, it's certainly not relevant anymore and dissapointing that the posts haven't been answered but again that's because of the time frame for sure.
Not sure what Houzz can do about it but certainly if people aren't interested straight away to respond, then they should be gone.
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