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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Location of kitchen, your thoughts please

imsuzzNovember 19, 2012

What are your thoughts to having the kitchen on the stairs side being open to the staircase, there would be no upper cabinets... putting my sink in the middle and using the staircase wall as a focal point. there is going to be a long window at the end of the stairs for natural light and i can put accent lights in the stair case.

I would also build a 6ft full wall from the stairs to close off. This way when you enter the front door you will see a small wall. I think my space is too open now dont like seeing the linen closet.

Looking for input from anyone who can help. Photo is attached.. Thanks
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Aggie Purvinska
Absolutely perfect IMO, I remember you had it the other way and the fireplace didn't make sense, now it does! It the linen closet door is a neat matching others room door, what's not to like?
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Thanks AggieDesigns. I like the thought but Im nervous as well not knowing what guests will say about looking over the stairs and no upper cabinets. But I do think I can really play up on the stair wall with color and photos, etc I don't see any pictures for this kind of set up. Do you have any other advice. Anything more ideals to make me feel more comfortable about this location would be great. I really go love the ideal
Thanks so much
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I agree, the example below isn't quite the same as your setup, but I like the openness of the space.

kitchen · More Info
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Aggie Purvinska
Here is a layout suggestion for the Kitchen..

Of course, I would need to see more detail, but this way you would still have upper cabinets with lots of Base Storage.

This is your kitchen and you need to decide your appliance list, but judging by the size of it this is the appliance Schedule I would normally see in a kitchen this size.

36" Pro Range with Hood, with Equal Width Wall Cabinets on Either Side
Extra Oven
Extra Microwave (These two can be built in the Base by the stairs)
Wine Cooler, Ice Maker, (This would be behind the privacy wall and could have glass cabinets above)
Also a small prep sink at this end, Single Dishwasher Drawer.
Fridge, I would go with a built in either stainless or Paneled 48" Sub Zero
Large Sink is on the Island with DW and Trash Pull Out,

Dishes Storage Can be on the Stair Wall as well Base Level in Drawers.

The island can and should easily grow.

Also at the stair, there could be pendants lighting up the work counter there as well as above the island. They could be related, but not matching pendants.

Guests won't know what hit them.
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WOW...I totally love this. This is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks soo much. Total room size is 25.25 ft wide, which includes eating area. Wall in eating area is 12ft 71/2 long . I am able to extend wall on kitchen side an additional 9 inches and bring out past stairs making total side 13 ft 6 (160 in) .
With the space being open I am able to do this.

Am i able to add a small pantry beside fridge or not? I dont know how much room I need for table or how far away from island my table should be from table. What are the dimensions of this island?

Also picture show rectangular table, but i do have a round table if it works better.
My flooring is dark hardwood throughout enitre house. Do I go with cream cabinets with chocolate island or reverse.
Thank you so much, sorry for all questions.
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Aggie Purvinska
Does the 25.25 ft include the stairs?
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Sorry, total dimension without stairs is 22 ft 5 inches
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HI -- I might not be getting your plans --- are you planing to have a counter open to the stairwell so that if anything rolls off the counter it will fall down the stairs? If so then it won't work . I think the kitchen and the dining need to switch places. It is a much better sight line when you come into the house to look at the dining room . It would also make the house look more open. Not a fan of your plan and I have done a lot of kitchens . Draw it out the other way and see what it looks like to you but I think you are making a mistake with the way you show.
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Yes, counter open to stairs, with probably 6-8" raise then ledge to finish . Kind of like a raise bar look. Nothing will roll of counter to stairs.
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Aggie Purvinska
The return wall at the bottom of the stair is not going to work at 6 feet. If anything, a 3 foot wall, otherwise island doesn't get enough clearances with any cabinets on that wall.

You can probably get a 12" Pantry on the fridge wall Turned on the side,( Access form side) and that would be possible with a 36" Fridge.

What kind of stair is this?

If we eliminated the return wall, the butlers pantry has to turn back to the main wall with the stair, you could have glass see through cabinets there, especially if the stair has a glass railing.

Also unless there is a basement stair under the stair, we could use some of the under stair as a built in storage, something appliance garage style...

Lots to think about, if I have time I'll throw a plan view together...
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Thanks AggieDesigns.....I would love it if you could throw a plan view together, No problem with a 3 ft turning wall if that works better. I was trying to tie into and line up with support post in familly room ,nothing is built yet, but it needs to be soon. No option for under stair built in storage as furnance is below. Stair wall will be solid 1/2 wall for base cabinets. I will not need an additional oven, so I am good there, fridge will be 36",gas range will be 30" gas range with stainless hood vent. If I go larger I think it will be too much. Table can be either round or rectangular. Thank you, I love your design.
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Aggie Purvinska
What is the stair railing going to be made of? If the bottom is filled with furnace, it's not quite the open feel I was picturing. Consider closing the wall off altogether...
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If I am standing at the top of the stairs looking down... on the right of the stairs in the basement there is a full wall with furnace behind it which would be directly under the lower base cabinets. The left side is open. There is no railing yet on the left side . I would go down the stairs and turn to the left to go into recroom. I think the backside of the base cabinets to the stairs should be drywall to continue with wall
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Aggie Purvinska
So this is not a stair to upstairs?
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House is a bungalow, 1 floor plan, stairs are to the basement. I have attached pics now to try to give you an idea. It's a mess right now
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i have attached another picture where kitchen is now
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Area with small window used to be a bathroom
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Aggie Purvinska
I see ok, so potentially you could hang see through glass cabs there, so you wouldn't be losing any wall cabinets actually, of course they are not very practical. But on the other hand, do you really need that staircase open to Kitchen? You could have cabinets there and some great windows on the exterior wall, on each side of hood, for example. I would slow down with decisions, and do some more planning, bring in an Interior Designer or an Architect to survey and to get the best possible layout.
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Hi AggieDesigns, unfortunately I have to have an open staircase, it would be too tight if closed off trying to bring large items up and down.

If you dont think kitchen will work on stair side, Im ok with that. Im not a fan of all upper glass cabinets. I just need to know how to layout on right side. I do love the layout you did if you could modify it to other side I think it will work. Small window where sink is now in current kitchen will be removed as there is a future addition going on that side, so this wall will be a full wall being 12 ft 7.5 inches with no window option here. I can put a window in another location if needed along back wall. The only window currently in plan will be at end of stairs to basement I will need an exit to back yard, either a double garden door, or single garden door with side light.

I can put a railing or half wall on stair side to basement and put table there.
I would like to close off eating area if possible because I think this side is too open now.
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Aggie Purvinska
LOL, we are back here again:)
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Clare White - Clockwise Design
Wow, you have quite a project going on here. I love projects that walls can be moved and the place is quite a disaster. What is your budget for this project because you could get sunk into a hole real fast. I would definitely get an architect or home designer involved at least for conceptual design it will save you sanitary and money in the long run. Clare White-Clockwisedesign.biz
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Hi Aggie Designs, I guess it just wasnt meant to be there..lol...I loved the plan :) I assume looking down over basement stairs isnt a good option? If not are you able to make something work on right side? The black solid line at end of cabinets is 4 ft can be made bigger but not smaller.

Hi Clare, yes we are in a disaster zone right now and watching budget. It was a private sale that we purchased a year ago under valued.
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Clare White - Clockwise Design
A plan is golden because it is much easier and cost less to move things on paper. Even with the private sales it can become a money pit before you know it.
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Aggie Purvinska
Here is a design, enjoy! :) It's a scribble, no time for Autocad
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Aggie Purvinska
check the math
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Aggie Purvinska
Math correction. Upper top wall upper cabinets on either side of micro should read 18" not 15" as I have it.
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Thanks for all your help and advice. Is there a way I can print this off
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Aggie Purvinska
I am not sure, maybe houzz can help.
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Aggie Purvinska
Email me, I can send it to your email.

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Hi AggieDesigns, no need to email I copied it to paper as you designed, Thank you so much.

I do have another question if thats ok... I am trying to copy this ideal as this is our exact setup. With kitchen location, fireplace location and family room location. It was meant to be……. I am also getting the same kitchen cabinets in style and color.
Our fireplace will be in stone as well up to ceiling and we do have a post in same location beside the fireplace. The only difference is in the fireplace. We installed a 3 sided view instead of a 2 sided. Do we put the TV above the fireplace or will this look odd. I also have a problem with furniture placement. I can put TV on long wall (Right side of family room) Not sure of furniture placement as I have 3 long windows. 3 ft x 5 ft that are only 2.5 ft from the floor. I also am copying this half wall at my front door entrance which is approx 6 ft. There are 3 pictures in my idea book that I copied.
Any thoughts
Ideabook: kitchen 2 · See Ideabook

Ideabook: halfwall · See Ideabook

Ideabook: fireplace 1 · See Ideabook
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Aggie Purvinska
My thoughts are, if you don't have to put the TV on fireplace, and you have room for a nice console or entertainment unit, don't put it on the fireplace. You can put a n entertainment unit (TV with Bookcases, etc) on the long wall, and have one sofa face it and another sofa face the fireplace, in a L shape, (sofas in center, they don't have to back against walls, then two additional chairs on each side of tv, but not facing TV, large ottoman or coffee table in the middle. This will be a gorgeous house, don't sweat it. If you want a TV in the Breakfast area, you can do a flip down under the butlers pantry wall cabinet. But don't go all TV centered, IMO.

Also you can put a console with lamps at the half wall behind sofa, and two or three end tables with lamps at the sofa setup.
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