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Need advice on kitchen flooring etc

nettypNovember 20, 2012
I'm hoping you can help my kitchen! There are alot of things that I would like to change, but my first issue is the flooring. Currently, it is just a laminate. What do you think of putting in a wood floor with these natural wood cabinets? Would that look OK? What color wood do you think would look best? I'm not a fan of tile...too cold and i dislike cleaning grout. I would also like to put in a new stainless microwave (less black), some sort of light fixture over the island, backsplash and get new granite countertops. Any suggestions, would be most appreciated.
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I think that a wood floor would look great in your kitchen--which is beautiful, by the way. Just be sure to choose a darker color to contrast with your cabinets. Once your flooring dilemma is settled, than you can choose your granite.
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What about underfloor heating and tiles. Also you can get good grout sealers now that you put on as soon as the files are fitted.
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I have the same cabinets as yours, in our house we are selling, and we have natural maple flooring, and it looks great. We have a confederate like blue on the walls, and it looks really nice together. We just finished building a new house, with the same cabinets, but went with a "cherry colored" maple for the floors. I think it looks really nice still. Kept the same blue walls! Good luck!
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I think a tile would look the best. Do you have the funds for that, or is wood floor the only option? If you do a wood floor, I'd make sure it's dark wood. VERY nice paint color! I love it! What color is that?
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Bryan Riffe, AKBD
Here is a kitchen that has natural maple cabinets and a very warm wood floor that creates a look that is tied together by the flooring.

Hope this helps,
Bryan Riffe, AKBD
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Maybe this color
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May I ask what is under the current laminate floor foundation wise? And what is the flooring like throughout the rest of the home?
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Chris Price
I have maple cabinets and Brazilian cherry hardwood floors in my kitchen. The contrast is beautiful.
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Arlen Dau
I would suggest a wide board (3-4") hickory. The hickory wood color will range from dark brown to blond and offer a really powerful contrast to the fairly neutral cabinet color.
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I strongly recommend using a hickory oak in something just a shade or two darker than your cabinets. I had the exact same combination in my kitchen and it was beautiful. Having had a kitchen with wood floors and now one with tile, I strongly recommend wood. Much easier on the feet and the back and they are a piece of cake to keep up. Less cleaning is optimum with wood. Damp clean spots and sweep. After you select the wood then look for your countertops. I had almond appliances so I have no recommendation re your stainless. But if you are replacing the countertop, I would recommend you steer away from the black and look for a something that repeats the shades in the cabinets and whatever flooring you choose.
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yes - go dark
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Laurie _Sloan_Boughaba
I would paint the cabinets if you install wood floors. I seem to remember Sara with HGTV has some amazingly elegant examples, such as a thinned grey paint that still shows the grain of the wood.
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Becky Drury
Dark floors & Dark Countertop, backsplash in tile possibly glass tile with dark and light tones and color. Use that color on your walls to coordinate with the countertops. I think the black on the stainless is fine, but I understand when you Want What You Want! Good luck, you have a great foundation!
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DirectBuy of Fort Worth
A natural pacific walnut floor would like great in that kitchen,
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Arlen Dau
Guessing you have some other big plans, I am going to also suggest you consider replacing (or adding to) your island. If the sink could be moved to the island, it would provide a really nice area next to your dining room for food serving. I also looks to me that you have the space to enlarge the island about 25%, even better. You may even be able to use the existing cabinets. And taking a good suggestion from above, the cabinets could be a stained color to make the island more the focal point. Regarding the counter tops, I have a soft spot for black soap stone - which is a solid anchor and any back splash color will look good against black. The counter top will be the most expensive investment in your kitchen redo so make sure you have addressed the maximum useable counter space first.
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I would go dark with the flooring. That was the advice given to us by a designer not necessarily the dark floor but were told not to use anything the same or similar color as the cabinets. Contrast. We have light maple cabinets with a Santos Mahogany wood floor and everyone loves it. A dark cherry would be nice as well.
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Santos Mahogany
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hi nettyp.......
i would like to suggest for wood flooring that will look better than tile flooring and darker color to contrast with your cabinets.you can “Mix of white and brown and counters" on the floor.One more thing about Wood-Mode cabinets mixing modern & a bit of traditional.I'd say wood flooring are your best bet for somewhere prone to spills.
For more information see this article that can also help you :
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Well nettyp - you have a lovely room but if you want changes, my personal opinion for what it is worth.

No to tiled floors, they are too hard, noisy and unforgiving, especially on the body.

Timber floor is nice, but I would stay with pretty much the colour you have, maybe slightly darker if you prefer but as it is the room looks clean, and light. I like a total colour look, it makes the space look bigger and with the dark furniture you have in your dining area, I would like to see you keep the contrast there.

A nice large hanging light, I'm thinking a simple round barrel, over the island bench would add impact and could be repeated over your dining room table.

I think you could bring some colour into the room (maybe green?) with your granite and splashback, just not too much pattern.

Hold off replacing your microwave until you have done the bench top and splashback, it could look fine.

Maybe you might want to reconsider your dining room curtains when you are finished. Can't see enough of them but they look like they could be a little dated. Possibly a stronger colour from your granite could tie the area together better.

Hope to see the finished result.
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Wow! So many great reponses. Thank you! Lots to consider. Thinking I'm going to go darker...just now need to decide how dark. I don't know the paint color as it was painted about 10yrs ago and the label on the paint can is unreadable. @furaxe: thanks for the visual, it really helps. @arlendau: I have thought about extending the island. There is probably about 2 ft of unused space next to it, plus another 2 1/2 ft of walking space. Was going to look into after the floor dilemna, but maybe I should decide on that at the same time. What do you think of doing the island in a different color? What color would work with natural maple?
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After the big things are done (floor and color) you'll have a sense of what color to go with on the island. Since it has no relief, perhaps beadboard painted a fun color. You could subtly play with differing shades between the beadboard and trim to give it depth. If the carpenter is cleaver, it can be screwed on and trimmed out without destroying the existing wood.
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Susan Jablon Mosaics
Hi nettyp!
As far as a backsplash is concerned, you should definitely choose your new countertops first. Granite, if that's what you will select, can have a lot of variation in movement depending on your slab. Once you have your slab picked out, one thing you can do is to select one of the colors in it and choose a monochromatic tile backsplash in that color to really make the natural striations of the stone pop. You can also choose a custom mosaic that brings in colors from your new flooring, your gorgeous cabinets, and your new counters. The image below is an example using Cambria Buckingham granite.
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Linda Anthony
Not TOO dark on the floors as they show EVERYTHING! crumbs- dog hair - dust... The new 'cork' based wood flooring is lovely and easy on the feet and legs.
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Beware of cork - check for durability, it can show heel marks, drop anything sharp and it cuts it. Agree on dark floors though.
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Linda Anthony
thanks oildroo - didn't know that about cork flooring... thanks
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Just a warning Linda, cork was very big here many years ago and it does look lovely and very quiet to walk on but that was it's downside. That is not to say that new flooring now hasn't improved on this aspect, I haven't even seen it around to check it out. It also needed refinishing every few years depending on traffic which doesn't make it any more convenient than timber flooring.
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I really love your kitchen. I think a wood floor would be a nice change for you. Are the breakfast room curtains custom made? I love them too.
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I spent alot of time looking at the various wood species and colors. I seem to be leaning towards Cumaru/Brazilian Teak. Not too dark and not too light. What do you think? Will it work with my natural maple cabinets?
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Cancork Floor Inc.
Cork has come a long way. Yes heal marks can be imprinted...the upside is they disappear. Cork floors need to be refreshed...but not refinished. This is different than a wood floor that needs to be stripped, stained and refinished. A cork floor is rarely sanded, never restained, and never waxed.

A cork floating floor can give 25 years of life to a house. A glue down cork can go 100+ years. I have 5 or 6 cork floors that would work in your kitchen...all under $4/sf = floating flooring.

It does require on-site finishing in a kitchen. That seals the seams against moisture, dust, dirt, and shrinkage over time. Cork can be as economical as a medium end laminate. It can be as expensive as marble. It depends on what you are looking for and where you purchase it from.

Cork "recovers" from dents. It "self heals" if a sharp knife is dropped into it. It prevents breakage should anything drop. It regulates room/floor temperatures. It is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It withstands medium sized dogs and busy families quite well. It damages as "easily" as a hardwood when exposed to large dog breeds (and yes, rottweilers are big...ahem). It is excellent when it comes to "odors" left over from leaky pets (including cats).

The list goes on. Here are my personal choices for this kitchen. The first three are cork, the slate coloured floor is a Slate Floor that can be clicked together the same way a laminate floor can be installed. Yes. It is real stone.
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Hummingbird Designs
I think cork floor myself, everything else is great clean looking . Just add pops of colour with accessories . That way you can change the look more often. ;)
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Cancork, thank you for the information on cork. I was planning to lay a laminate in part of my home but now you have me thinking cork again. Does it need professional laying or can you DIY? Is it affected by sunlight?
    Bookmark   February 5, 2013 at 1:56PM
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