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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Studio apt. Accent wall ideas

scottyankeesNovember 24, 2012
I am in a small nyc studio. 400 sq feet of living space... As you can see in the pictures it's pretty plain. Was initially contemplating wall paper but now Thinking of doing an orange accent wall in the rear (where the windows are) to give the room some personality... I don't want the room to be appear smaller so is orange the right color? Also is the rear wall the right wall to do based on the pictures and layout? Any input and recommendations are greatly appreciated! And specific paints you can recommend too.

Look forward.
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Is that a TV so high up? Can you watch it that high up? Can you take that mirror down? The room needs to be arranged first
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HI -- How do you watch the TV where it is hanging? Can you put the TV in the wall unit ? Colors do not make rooms smaller or larger it has more to do with the light in the room . The window wall needs full drapes as wide as you can and full height . Get a fabric that has a bit of a pattern or texture to it. As far as adding a strong color or wall paper, that could be on the sofa wall . Try having the bar and stools down by the kitchen , but if the bar is not used that much then remove it . You don't have that much room to afford the space used by a bar and stools. Then locate the two chairs backed to the window with a small accent table between.What is your fav color ? then have that as your accent color for pillows and some decor items etc. You could add a color to the kitchen and entrance hall .
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Funny you mention that.. Still scratching my head as to why the previous owner had it so high. I am adjusting it in the coming week. That's a project in itself with the wall mount. The walls are plaster so not an easy job....
I don't plan on taking the mirror down... The arrangement has to stay I believe. That bookcase is a Murphy bed so not a lot of options when I have the bed down. Thought about putting the couch against the wall by the windows but that's where the ac unit is so no go.
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Tracey Haught
I like your space, but have a few ideas... COLOR, yes, but when all the walls are chalk white, orange paint is awfully extreme. Orange throw pillows, window drapery panels, even orange fabric or art on the wall, small accessories, accent pieces, lamps, etc. is what I would do. In general, I tell my clients "start with art or an area rug". They will ground your quest for color and be your go to color key for anything you choose to add to your space.

Having said all that, I would choose a soft gray (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter) or taupe (Benjamin Moore North Hampton Beige) for an accent wall color. Paint the large blank wall with the sofa. Move the chairs to face the sofa creating a conversation area and to break up the long narrow space. This is where the right area rug is going to pay for itself with design "oomph"!
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Hi---I suggest making the accent wall the wall where the sofa is situated. I would not paint it orange as there are enough warm hues in this space. I recommend a cooler tone-something deep, dark, grayish/blue. Pic for inspiration-paired with orange/warm tones looks fab! Good Luck---Great Space!
Ava Lane · More Info
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so the wall in the middle pulls down at night for your bed? Ok that makes sense why the tv is on that wall but still so high.
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Thanks. What color area rug would you recommend ? I saw a cool blue one at ikea I liked.

So definitely not the wall with the windows then?
I thought it would make it pop being its the first thing you see when you enter the apartment.
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Yes. The middle bookcases slide over and the bed comes down the middle. Yes. The tv is being lowered. I agree as I'm straining my neck right now watching it
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Vicki Williams Interior Design
I love the orange idea, for instance Sherman Williams 6326 Henna Shade would complement you stools...in fact practically any SW deeper color number from 6326 through6355 Truepenny could work. You have a room that could take any color that makes your heart sing! I would paint your window wall as you suggested and then I would continue in a wide swath of the same color all the way along the middle of the TV wall horizontally or you could even continue all around the room. It will add interest and actually make the room appear larger. I would start it just between the top of the sofa and the bottom of the lamps shades & make it 30-32' high. If the color seems too bold paint the rest of the room a creamy beige and that will soften the intensity but still give you the drama.
I am curious why your TV is above the sofa, how do you watch it? Why not put it in the middle section of your shelving unit? You may have to adjust the spacing but it would be more functional & comfortable I would think. You could even place it at the front of the shelves. Your mirror could be lowered also. If you paint the swath I would place the mirror in the center-top to bottom-of that color. If you don't paint, place it 6-7" above your sofa. I would slide the rug away from the counter and center it in front of sofa, taking your counter stools off the carpet. Your two black chairs are great, perhaps flank the sofa by coming out and in towards the sofa to create a more intimate conversation area.
If you want to keep your TV on that wall I would lower it to sitting height and again pull the carpet towards the doors and place the seating in front of the shelving unit, maybe pull it out a little from the unit. Placement of furniture on carpet is usually all on or at least the two front legs.
Obviously without actually being in the space my ideas may not work but I think they would. Try the spacing and see what you think. Do you have a HomeGoods store in your area? They have great accessories for terrific prices...and there are always the thrift stores. Good luck you have a great start & some very interesting pieces.
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Tracey Haught
Love the blue rug idea. Blue and orange are also very complimentary. Play it contemporary with bright colors, or more classic with navy and rust . Yes, the window wall might look too busy. The t.v. Wall needs some interest and will look great with some color. Send us some after pictures!
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Hi, @scottyankees ! I just discovered Houzz recently and really just discovered these discussions. SO cool to be able to get other's opinions on your space. I'm curious how your space turned out if you had time to do anything to it yet? I agree with the previous folks who suggested a lighter perhaps grey on the sofa wall. I'm not a design professional but, I'm thinking that by having a more neutral (but still beautiful) color on the longest most unbroken wall of your small space it will actually make it feel bigger and have a better flow than looking down a long space to a very small dark wall at the end accentuating one of the smaller areas of the apartment. Again, I'm not a professional just my gut feeling. Also, speaking as a homeowner who has made a few mistakes of my own I think using orange in curtains, rugs and pillows as others mentioned is smart. No matter how much you lurve a color you will tire of it eventually....maybe a lot faster than you think. And though these accessories can be more expensive potentially than a can of paint in the beginning you can re-purpose them to other parts of your place later on and even take them with you! Changing things up is even more fun sometimes than the initial, "I did it!" excitement when you finish a space. I also second the idea of tall striking curtains next to the windows. They will add warmth and beauty to that wall and draw the eye as you seem to want but, more in a cozy and finished feeling around the window. I've never been a fan of a darkish accent wall on the primary window wall because you lose the entire affect. Light is your friend and if there is no natural light on the orange it will just make the orange look much darker than you had intended and no one will really get to appreciate the beautiful color you painstakingly chose. Whereas, the other wall will have beautiful direct and indirect sunlight all day and just really look so much prettier. Anyways, I know I'm late to this discussion but, I hope you post an update. One last thing and maybe your tv is too big for this but... If you don't use the stools as another poster mentioned, you could place your tv on an easel style tv stand in that corner. It wouldn't block your bed and it would be in a more comfortable viewing spot. Perhaps you could even tuck it in a closet when you entertain if you so desire. Good luck! http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/tv-easel-42759
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