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Living room arrangement

casacerroNovember 25, 2012
My furniture in living room is off center, but I am limited in arrangement because of large buffet on small wall, stair railing, and passage into main part of room. Have considered extending marble entry floor into side hallway, so the sofa table would not be on two surfaces.
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Stanton Designs-online design services
I would start by deciding if you need all those tables and chests...every wall and area seems to have one. Do you need more storage or are they for decorative purposes?
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Dar Eckert
Your arrangement looks good. I think I would move the two chairs closer to the windows to give the living room more space but it is nice as it is. The trunk by the windows would make a lovely coffee table.
You have a few other options for furniture arrangement. The large buffet could be put on the wall behind the sofa where the mirror is. It is also acceptable to put the sofa or chairs along the stair railing.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I will move the table with the large lamp to another location. I will also try moving the sofa to the rail.
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You have not provided photographs from one of the directions - the wall opposite the stairs. Also, what are you trying to achieve.

Better question ---> better answer.

If you are concerned that the lounge area is a little bit meh, then the best solution might be a persian rug that is big enough to go over the entire space that you consider is your lounge. That will be expensive.

Putting the big buffett where the mirror is would block the hall. We need more 360 degree photos. You might want to rotate the lounges 90 degrees so that the sofa backs onto the railing so you can meander into the lounge as you are walking past. The lounge area could be close to the windows or closer to the opposite wall depending on if you wanted easier access to the dining area or if you wanted to maximise the size of the lounge area. Centre the rug where you want the centre of the lounge to be. have that console table somewhere else and use the chest as a coffee table.

You have lovely rich characterful furniture in a space with just pale neutrals and no contrast and not even any mouldings. You MIGHT want to paint with a colour so that the rest of the space can funk it up with the furniture. Be careful but as you could f– the whole thing up big time.
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P.S. I particularly like the sofas. Good character without being loud about it. Rug is great to.
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P.P.S. All the modern minimalist pastels were swallowed up in a shift vertex and that picture above the stairs was the only thing left behind. Mulder? Scully? Did they find anything? Did you call them?
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I will attach more images from other directions. Have already painted the dining room walls a rich caramel, that picks up colors in the two rugs. The painting on the stairway wall is by a Greek artist from the 1950's. Colors are not great. but we like the painting, so it will stay for now. I also will put up window curtain panels. I though of a dark red to pick up the two rugs--in a pattern, possibly a plaid. There is a wood cornice that could be upholstered in a matching fabric. hanks for all suggestions.
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OOPs, I repeated one of the photos. Will add the correct one.
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what a great view you have ! Measure to see if the hutch will fit on another wall, it is eating valuable space, moving the chairs closer to the window will use that side of the room better ! OR even Try changing the furniture arrangement of the furniture more with the back of the couch on the dining room side and the chairs on the railing side and use the tables you have sparingly. The antique table with the green lamp does not seem to fit the room style,can you re-purpose them? Can't wait to see more pictures, your rug is beautiful.
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Can that big piece in the LR be moved to the DR wall with the picture? It is competing with the windows. Then I would take the console table behind the couch and move it to that wall and take that little picture down and all the other chests on the floor out. Move that table with the green lamp out of the room or put it on the console table once you move it and the picture over the stairs can go on that wall too and that is it and maybe one accessory on the console table. The room is so nice with the view but I feel that all the "little things" take away from it and my eye doesn't know where to rest.
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Niamh Courtney
Great view alright. Looks like Hong Kong? Prob not what you want to hear but I would paint some of that dark furniture, too many different woods going on.
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Thanks for the suggestions. The dining room hutch is too big for the dining room---where it belongs. And it really doesn't fit anywhere else in the house. I agree with the little things,they get lost with the high ceilings. Will do some rearranging when I have some men around to do the heavy lifting. That is not a sexist remark, I am just old and can't move things like I used to do.
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I moved a small table out of the room and moved the sofa table to stair railing. Here are a few more photos. Any suggestions for drapery panels? Right now there are sheers, and a wood cornice. Want to put drapery panels to cover the sheers, when sheers are open. Thanks
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I applaud you for moving things. It looks so much better. However, I do not like the sofa table in that spot. it is competing with the big hutch and that small picture next to the hutch is out of place. Can you use it in the DR as a serving piece with the lamp on it, like a buffet and then maybe if you take a picture we can arrange your artwork over the buffet with the lamp? The mirror as you come up the stairs would be better put to use over the hutch that has that blue picture that is facing into the room. and then maybe try the lamp on that too and then take away that other small chest and mirror. Is that your master bedroom door? It is coming along. Take a picture from the windows looking into the dining room. I would love to do a collection of your beautiful art somewhere. Do those sheers open and close or are stationary? Can you remove them and do a colored panel to pick up the colors of the rug? So much potential with your space. Just needs fine tuning.
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OR move the sofa table under the mirror so it feels grounded and then try the lamp on that. So many possibilities.
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OK One more thought on this room. How about navy curtains to pick up the navy in the rug and also that blue picture hanging over the chest. It is navy right? My eye is not drawn to the back of the room and I think that is what is needed. Take down the sheers and do a tension rod between the double windows with panels. It will give the room a lift. Plus get plain navy pillows for the couch.
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Anna_Paula Marques
You have such a beautiful view but whoever seats at the chairs is not able to enjoy it as they have theirs backs to your window..I would turn the seating arrangements around, moving all of them closer to the window and place them perpendicular to it (not parallel as you have now) so everyone can enjoy your view. I would remove your beautiful cabinet to where your mirror is.
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Agreed with previous poster, the seating arrangement needs to be next to the windows! You could move the table with the large lamp in between the two chairs. Really your space appears large enough to create two seating areas. I'm sure you can find some inspiration for that on this site. That's what I love about houzz, studying the rooms and trying them in my house. I move my furniture around about every three months in my den, pulling a piece from this room, taking a piece out. One day I will solve my design dilemmas. In the meantime, I never walk though my den at night with the lights off, I might have moved it around and forgotten!!
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Your buffet is beautiful and shouldn't be stuck in the corner. I would move the buffet to the dinning room end wall or possibly where you have the smaller dresser. Put the sofa against the wall and railing. I would also consider getting a larger sofa or potentially a sectional with a chase. I would also consider getting rid of the rugs. Pulls your eyes to the floor. Attention should be given to the amazing views. Add colour with art and fresh flowers. Drapery would be great if you promise to keep them open and long. To the floor. I would suggest getting rid of the wood cornice all together - it's kind of 80's and put a rod up at the ceiling. Or move the wood cornice up. Also move away the thing between the windows. Put plants there if anything to draw the outside in. But not to obstruct the view. Also, and most importantly (especially if you keep the rugs) you need to paint your walls! If you want to keep it neutral fine go with something similar to the couches and chairs. Its too light - makes everything look old and dirty instead of cozy and warm. If you want to update anything else beef up the frames around the art and mirrors - lots of DIY ideas for that.
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The buffet is definitely in the wrong place. Is the hall a the top of the stairs wide enough for it to fit there? I would be tempted to get rid of it. The seating needs to be closer to the window and I would have the buddha sculpture on top of the taller asian chest instead of the print. A lovely plant would be nicer there on or near the low chest under the window. A floor plan would make it easier to figure this one out.
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susan rosenthal, IIDA, LLC
Perhaps arranging the sofa and chairs on a diagonal would visually enlarge the space and bring attention to the window view You might eliminate some of the small wood tables and replace with a lush skirted table with lamp. The white walls need subtle color to bring out your beige upholstery I might suggest side panels, without a cornice, on a 2 1/2" drapery pole to frame your windows. It is difficult to determine your upholstery color. It looks like a light beige which works great with taupe walls, white ceiling and trim. I would also suggest changing the bright white ceiling and trim to a softer white such as Benjamin Moore #white dove. You can use the red color from your area rug for a accent color in pillows as well as a lush afgan draped on one of the chair arms. change the green lamp for a clear color and limit the green to your large plants Is there room to turn the dining table and fit your hutch on the far wall? If there is , try it.
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Haven't read the posts, so might be behind the times. But here are some ideas:

Move the large chest, the one with the white orchid on it, into the foyer to replace the small piece under the mirror. I think the size and color would look better with your front door. Take the small picture on the opposite wall in the foyer down. Use that small chest that you had in the foyer as a table between the two chairs.

To add some energy into the room, and so that you don't look at the back of the sofa as you walk in, I would play around with placing furniture on an angle. Pull the sofa over towards the stairs so that it opens up more to the dining area. Pull rug under sofa more at the same angle. Have the whole sofa fit on the rug.

Use the low chest that is by the window for your coffee table. Move the end table that is at the end of the sofa to hold the Budda.
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Brian Gingras
you have a beautiful condo love the views you have a really nice Asian twist to your style in the furniture that you have chosen. If you have the budget I would put cork floors to replace the carpet in the living, dining area and down the hall it would tie in the Asian theme. But for now I would take away the table with the lamp on it and the table between the chairs and put the sofa table in the front hall under the mirror. Move the gorgeous persson carpet towards the hall it is way to far into the room. place the sofa and the chairs in the center of the persson carpet this will make a huge difference. also remove all the chachka off of the coffee tables and put it on the hutch use the very top of the hutch as well you have high ceilings take advantage of the vertical space. put the cushions at one end of the sofa not on either end and add a third in neutral colour . You can put the lamp on the chest with the drawers in it and if you need task lighting you can get a funky floor lamp and place by one of the chairs or at one end of the sofa. place the chest you have under the window but leave the top clean don't clutter it with chachka. your place is so open and airy don't weight it down with so much chachka all over, again keep the chachka in one place. The bird of paradise plant would look nice on the pedestal table that you have the lamp on put the table in the corner beside the hutch it will raise it up and fill in the corner. you can also purchase a funky silver bowl 18 inches in diameter and take it to your local florist ad have them fill it with orchid plants ask them to build a funky structure to support the orchids it will fill in the space and add to the Asian theme. also if you intend to get anymore large scale plants get a bamboo plant it will tie in with your theme.
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Move the chest of drawers to the foyer with the large mirror above it. Move the large hutch to the spot where the chest of drawers was. Then remove all the little tables and lamps and place the sofa diagonally in the corner where the hutch stood. The chairs can be placed opposite the sofa but angled toward each other. Place the sofa table in the dining room along the wall where the doorway is. Place one chair and a lamp table angled by the railing. The room will be much more open and you will still be able to enjoy the view out the windows. The plant could go in the corner behind the angled sofa. Would the buddha fit on the bottom shelf of the console table?
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Linda Anthony
The hutch/china cupboard is too big for that wall and makes the room off balance by weight (size) of the piece. Put on wall in DR and if not enough room, move table and chairs out a bit and adjust your chandelier accordingly. It looks and feel out of place - it should be in the DR, then you can move the two chairs closer to the window. If you add drapes, put them to the ceiling for more balance (and they should slightly touch or lay on the floor.
It is OK to have your furniture off the rug as long as the front legs of the couch or chairs are on the carpet.
The chest of drawers could set in the spot where the china resided. Don't like the large green lamp on that small table, but it looks good on the sofa table and you should move it back behind the sofa, with the lamp and all the rest of the items you have on it now look nice too.

If you then move the two chairs to the windows, one on each side of the chest would also balance it out. That should balance out the budda too instead of it looking 'isolated' out there by itself. It would also meet the criteria of a table beside the chairs for sitting drinks or whatever. The harp table is unique - see if you can find a place for it once other furniture is moved. The very small table between the chairs now should be moved out of the space - too small.
You need more lamps in the room. You could put the large green lamp on the chest and then get two buffet lamps for on the sofa table. They have some unique floor amps now, some with a long swing the shape of a rainbow with a glove type lamp on it, and that could sit on either side of the chairs and swing in for some additional lighting.
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Linda Anthony
yes, do center the carpet better - it is out of balance too.
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Sylvie Lefebvre
I would start by removing that carpet over the existing carpet. clear everything out of the room. I would buy an L sectional sofa and place it with it's back towards your dining space. I would have the longest part towards the opposite end of the window. then I would have a tv console on the small wall beside the railing. forget the parsons table, there's no room for it. scale it down, it's the only way to fit anything into this small space. Go for the beautiful view!
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The buffet should go where the mirror in the passageway is. The statue by the window should take the place of the buffet, or the sofa table could go there then.
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
Hi sherrytem, Marie here.

I'd start by moving your two chairs up against those windows - what a gorgeous view - currently
not being enjoyed by anyone in this room.

I'd also get rid of the sofa table, do you really need it?
Centre the carpet on the furnishings not on the room.

I'd also think about moving or selling the buffet - is it really working in the space and for your lifestyle in this home?

Sad about the carpet cut off there, should have been marble right down the hallway, with cut offs at stairs, and closed doorways... I'd change that too. Good luck to you.
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Love many of your pieces and eclectic feel from Europe to Asia. Looks like you have been in the Foreign survice or the military, collecting beautiul things along the way. And I love that painting too by the Greek artist and the unusual lamp. It would be fun to play around with, but it is a balancing act.

First I would consder moving things around so that the whole room is a mix of styles evenly distributed.

I can also see the sofa table in the dining room to give you a bit of service space/ The large Asian vase or Turkish tea set on on top could be on top, with the Chinese emperor hanging above, in an off-centered composition.,

Then mirror could go above the Asian chest, and the green tree painting could in the front entry, and the chest and green lamp could go on the opposite wall, where the little green painting is now to keep the chests from being lined up, or vice-versa if you prefer.

Agree that rotating the room might be nice--that would really put the sculpture front and center. I would also think about hanging that big mirror vertically and having very narrow shelves built in around to house some of your knicknacks and books. Perhaps the back of the shelves could be painted an accent color, as the end wall of the dining room could be, and possibly even the stairwell or the front entry. pulling accent colors from the rugs and artwork.

I might consider a different light fixture for the dining room too--or maybe taking off the shades or trading them out for light colored ones to lighten it up a bit.

Then I would get pillow covers for three of the pillows--the color and pattern doesn't really do anything for the rug--and add one or two more. Pull the vase color from the painting and the rug, possibly combined with some blue, green, brick red or salmon tones, in a mix of patterns and textures.
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The Frugal Parisian
My first reaction is the sofa and sofa table are creating a sense of barrier. How About moving the sofa and sofa table against the window and having the club chairs where the sofa is now. That would create a more open and welcoming feeling. Nice things!
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Wow--- thanks for all of the responses! The house is a large house, but the living room was compromised by the stair addition. It is now 17 by 14. The dining room is 11 by 12, and has an antique table 9 by 4, so there is no room to add anything to that space. I liked the idea of moving the sofa to the window and the chairs near the entry. I also like the angled sofa and Bakhtiari rug. The drapes picking up a color in the rugs is also a good idea, as well as the pillow colors. When I have my sons here I will move things around. I know the large hutch is not in the best location, but there is no other place it will fit, and I like it, so don't want to get rid of it. here are some more photos.
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Could you put the hutch where the chest with the orchid is in the LR. It won't unbalance the room there. You could even put it by your front door. I see a chest and mirror there now
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I think just moving the sofa table out so it doesn't compete with the hutch will help plus adding dark drape panels to the back windows will help balance the room. Right now all you see is the hutch. Dark blue panels from the colors in the rug will help. Remove the budda and chest and magazine rack too so your eye goes straight out the window. See if you can get a tension rod to fit between the spaces, just make sure they come to the floor. Good luck. It is a great space.
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Linda Anthony
The hutch is beautiful and since you can't move it, just center it on that wall and remove the small pic beside it - it's distracting to the hutch. Move the plant out of the way and put the magazine rack elsewhere so it's not such a distraction to the overall effect of the room. Once you center the hutch, slip it in between it and the wall so it's out of sight but still accessible (if it's a 'must' keep...) Just find a place to basically 'hide' it...
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Schlosser Design Group
You've gotten lots of good comments. In my professional opinion, your sofa should sit completely on the rug or at least 3/4. The chairs can be moved back towards the windows and far enough apart so you can see the chest peeking through. The magazine rack can be placed next to one of the chairs.
I agree the hutch should stand on it's own. I would not re-orient the room because the views you have work well.
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Dar Eckert
These all have been proposed before but I vote to center the rug in the room.

Leave the sofa in it's current spot so you can still enjoy the beautiful view.
Move the two chairs to the dining room side of the rug or one on each side of the rug. That way they can see the view.
Move the tall hutch to the entryway, replacing the dresser with orchid.
Put the trunk with buddah in the spot where the hutch was.
TV along railing or in corner where hutch was. In this case leave buddah in current spot.
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The chairs are swivel to see the view. The large china cabinet will not fit on any other wall-and it is centered on the wall. I will move the chairs closer to under the window with magazine rack next to a chair. I will also center the rug, then move the sofa on the rug closer to the windows. I will try the sofa table behind the sofa again, since it will be several feet closer toward the windows. Thanks to all.
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I think you might consider an upholstered bench for your arrangement. you could put it where the chairs are and put the chairs by the windows. U could sit on the bench and face windows or face sofa.
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Are you positive the hutch will not fit on the wall which now has the Asian chest with the orchid? It looks like it would fit to me.

I love your dining room chairs.

I would remove all your accessories and all your small tables. Your sofa and chairs absolutely need to be closer to the windows. I think you have too much furniture and accessories in this space and/or the arrangement is throwing everything off. I agree to remove the outdated cornice and not worry about adding drapes till you figure out the arrangement. How about graph paper?

Consider getting rid of the hutch if it really doesn't fit anywhere else as I think it is throwing off the whole room.

I'd like to see your Buddha displayed on top of a simple chest so that it doesn't compete and/or get lost on the ornate piece it is on now.

I'm sure each of your vases and art are wonderful, but they can't be appreciated as they should be arranged as they are.

The Buddha would look much better on the Asian chest. Move it next to the entry door.

All of your art pieces are in the living room and your dining room is bare. This doesn't look right.

Consider rotating your table 90 degrees. Will it fit? Does that give you room for one of your chests in the dining room?. Then you could put some of your artwork on the chest.

Once you get the furniture arrangement right, then and only then take each ceramic et. al. and place them so that you can really appreciate the piece because of its relation to the things around it.

Consider removing some of the art, putting it into temporary storage and bringing each piece out in rotation so that everything gets a chance to be appreciated.

The stark white of the walls and ceiling make everything else look heavy instead of rich.

I agree with the others that the carved chest will make a much better coffee table.

Except for the Asian chests, everything else in the room is a different style. You need to sacrifice some pieces to bring the others together in some way.

You have a lovely space and view, you just have too many different things going on in the space. I really think graph paper and an eye for simplifying would help. Your hutch has doors, so you can't use it to display the art pieces. Maybe get rid of it and get a simple glass bookcase which could display your ceramics, etc.
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