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gigantic mirror
November 25, 2012
I recently bought a house with a huge mirror on dinner room wall that i am not fond of it, but my husband will not remove it..Any ideas? ps.I havent bought my dining set yet.
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Live with it for a while, it may grow on you. If not, point out to hubby every time you find another reason to get rid of it. If you paint the room a dark color the mirror won't reflect as much and may not bother you so.
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Designing Richmond Kitchen & Bath
Hello! Here is a simple option that might make you both happy... The mirror needs a frame... pure and simple. As it is now... looks like a work out room! Here are a couple of options to be explored if you really must have the mirror!

1) from a custom woodworking shop have a frame made(should not be expensive - you paint) and have a glass shop come and take off the wall then trim and fit for you. To take this another step further...
2) Have a large frame with "grills" made ... they can be mullions... or any other shape you desire... see attached image... I showed a few options of grill styles.
3) Taking another step further... If you added wainscot to the dining room and the hallway... this would allow a seamless integration with the upper mirror portion... making it look intentional. (more costly option requiring a great deal of effort to accomodate a $300.00 mirror!)

One thing I suspect in looking at the photo... Due to the size of the mirror... that mirror mastic was used or liquid nails to attach to the wall... if this is the case... there is no salvaging the mirror.... so the frame with or without grills will have to be fit to the mirror already in place. ...

Or simply chip off the wall and start fresh! (easiest and most cost effective)
Be prepared for drywall repair and new paint!

Good luck!

Linda Berg
http://www.designingrichmondhome.com http://www.designingrichmond.com
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Stanton Designs-online design services
I would remove it. For me personally...I hate to see myself while sitting at the table eating! It gives your room a very outdated look. If you don't like it...then remove it...simple as that!
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Unless you plan on taking up ballet after dinner, remove it! It was probably put up to visually expand the space, but it is so out of scale that it is distracting. Pull it down, repair the wall and put up some artwork or a mirror that you just love. If hubby insists on keeping it, make him sit facing it when you eat meals.
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Keerthi Naidu
Does your husband have a specific reason for keeping it? I agree with Stanton Designs that it seems outdated and if you don't like, I don't see a reason to keep it!
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to all you guys that gave me nice ideas or comments, thanks a lot!...i read all of them to hubbY!!!
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Agree with quedeedee! The room looks like a dance hall. Tell hubby you are gonna give dance lessons and maybe he'll remove it quickly!
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I like Designing Richmond's idea of framing the mirror! If funds are a factor (like for most of us! ) , what about adding framing OVER the edges of the existing mirror instead of the expensive taking-it-down, somewhat like a crown moulding or raised picture frame effect?? Or possibly painting or stenciling ONTO the mirror itself (like Designing Richmond suggested)?? Perhaps a Moroccan grille work look, or lattice look, or....?? I am IN LOVE with my new discovery of Delia Shades ( http://www.deliashades.com/shades/latticework.php ) , & here are some pattern ideas (obviously NOT the actual shades themselves).
Just a thought..... depending on your style preference, too. Or try quedeedee's idea & make hubby sit facing it, lol !!!
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patinthehat - this is a two-year old thread which died long ago. Try to help some of the current posters who need your vision.
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oops, just saw that about 2 mins after i posted...! It came up on the side of something I was looking into. Silly girl, i am. ;)
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We all get fooled by those side posts - just learning to ignore.
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