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Need help with living room layout!
November 28, 2012 in Design Dilemma
I have a long and relatively narrow living room with a fireplace at one end and a rather large TV on one wall. I'm having a hard time arranging the furniture. Help!
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With your existing TV console, it looks like you got the best arrangement. Maybe angle the chairs towards the TV and move back slightly so you can see your fireplace. Or, remove the mirror and have the two chairs angled flanking the fireplace and move your occasional chair over near your sofa where your leather club chair is now.
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I can't wait to see the suggestions. I love your paint colors can you tell me what they are?
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We have a bowling alley living room too. We put our tv to the right of the fireplace, in the corner. Which meant running the cable wires along the baseboard, but it's the best arrangement we could find.
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Thanks for all the help. I like the idea of placing the leather chairs beside the fireplace. I think I'll try that. Unfortunately they are the most comfortable tv-watching chairs so I'd have to move one back opposite the tv when required. As far as paint colors are concerned, the light grey is cloverdale paint (Canada) CL6 Wild Mushroom. The yellow at the end of the room will be papered over with grass cloth. Don't know the name of the color. Sorry.
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nice floors !! some easy things to try: move the mirror to the other side of the fireplace, but don't lean it at an angel, either hang low on the wall or place on the floor. move both chairs to face the fireplace. You might consider placing curtains on the window which is over the fireplace, same as what is on the other window. Your mantel looks nice too, Hope to see pictures of your changes, it will be fun and easy to move a few things around
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Your layout is good. Just a few tweaks I would remove the mirror and put the chair there angled into the room with an ottoman and put the lamp behind it or next to it with a small table so you can see the fireplace. Get ride of the small extra table with the plant or maybe move it next to the chair by the fireplace and make that a reading nook and just have the two end tables. Is there another chair in the room with red pillows on it? I would move that out but I would like to see another picture. Stain the fireplace mantel dark brown like your chairs and curtains. I like it.
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Thanks again for the help. I will try them all. I'm wondering about curtains on window above fireplace. How long would they hang? I like the idea of staining the fireplace darker. I was trying to convince my husband so now he thinks it's not a bad idea!
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I love this room. I would exchange the mirror and TV. If you consider a wall mount for TV it would look really nice. Then turn the mirror and hang over console. I would do a roman shade out of the panel fabric. Take this treatment all the way to the ceiling. Then you can move you sofa out in the room facing the fireplace and work your chairs around too. Since I don't have your measurements of room and furniture pieces I'm not sure if this arrangement would work. You can also put console behind sofa if you move it to facing fireplace and still use mirror on long wall. You have a very nice space.
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I would actually take the blinds off that window and would not hang curtains at all. Do you need privacy there? Good, glad you liked the idea of staining the mantle. It is a nice room, perfect arrangement. If you put the chair in the corner like I suggested, leave the sticks on the other side of the mantle for balance. You could always moves things back if you don't like it. Pictures when you move everything. Fun to see.
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HI -- Nice warm inviting room . Just needs a few things to bring it together . First the fireplace wall -- build out the fireplace mantel surround to match the size to the window width and match the window trim and the mantel wood to the same color stain that's darker than now and match wood window blinds to the same color 2 to 3 inch wide slats with tapes. Angle your two club chairs a little more into the room to face the TV. Remove the standing mirror . Now you have more room for two arm chairs and set them at each end of the TV wall angled towards the sofa . These will be your visiting with friends chairs. Now you could find another place for the standing mirror OR hang it above the TV on the horizontal . Then add some framed prints to fill out the TV wall .I would rather see your paint color on the window wall and the fireplace wall the same and have the TV wall with the wallpaper accent.You mentioned drapes - if you are wanting to change , I think a natural lined linen would look great . Now adjust your tables and lamps around . Actually, think about having a matching floor lamps , one on each side of the fireplace. Think about toning down the white ceiling - have a look at Benjamin Moore's "Seaspray CC -250 " Now add some color with some rusty reds and oranges and a little bit of pattern and textures in your accent pillows and some shine with some decor items. What do you think ?
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Thanks Left47! Thanks for taking the time to help me. I love your idea about building out the fireplace and matching it with the window. Also the chair configuration and lamps are an easy fix. I don't think I can hang the mirror as its very heavy but will definitely hang some artwork beside TV.
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What if you put the tv in the corner right of the fireplace (not the corner with the mirror) and move the sofa to where the tv is now? It's gonna give you some wiring, but that way you dont have the sunlight reflecting in the tv screen as much. I'd place one of the chairs diagonally in front of where the mirror is now (so partially it'll be looking outside and at the photographer). The chair on the other side of the spfa the same way, so the room is kinda flipped around. The mirror, Id leave it there in the corner or hand it landscapeabove the sofa (where the tv is now) for a more spacious feeling.
Good luck!
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Thanks. I'll honk on those suggestions. Unfortunately the tv is HUGE courtesy of my husband! Don't know if it would look right wedged in the corner. But worth exploring. The glare on the tv is an issue.
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