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Design Dilemma

Cracked round mirrored table. Paint or Decal?

Erica SotoDecember 5, 2012
I love this table but it is cracked and I would like to paint it. I've googled some designs but nothing came at that I loved.

I've also considered fixing it but I don't know how and how much. I got it for free on CL but don't want to get of it.

Also where should I place this at. I know too many questions but my mind has a beautiful imagination however hands aren't creative at all.
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You can have a piece of glass or mirror cut for the table to bring it back to new! I would suggest calling different stores to see their pricing. One thing I have found helpful is actually to call a consignment shop and ask who they recommend. I've found they have great suggestions!
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Erica Soto
The glass would be a pain to install.
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Ah, understandable and yes, you would most likely ave to have someone do ha for you. How about putting a round top on it? I can't see it being painted, but perhaps you could just cover the crack with an entirely new top?
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I think it would be very expensive to get a round mirror to replace it. But get a price quote so you know. You could cover it with a runner if it isn't going to be used for meals.
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Immersion Design
Is the the mirror just setting down into the frame? Also, how big is it? If you are located in the DC metro area (DC, MD, and VA) I have a great glass/mirror shop to recommend with competitive prices...
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I would just replace the top..it shouldn't be that big of a deal.
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What an unusual table. Consider the crack as character and don't try to repair it (which I'm not sure you could even do if you wanted to). Beveled glass of that size would be expensive to replace. Have you looked at what creative things you can do with mirrors? So many out there. You can antique it from behind, but that goes against the style of the table since it's more contemporary. However, one thing I'd definitely consider would require removing the top - carefully. Remove some of the silver behind it so it could expose an oversized sheet of paper with calligraphied words from an artistic font. I might consider something fun like a very creative and artsy saying about 7 yrs of bad luck. Have your friends over one night to ponder the saying. "It's not OUR 7 yrs of bad luck." or "Mirror, mirror on the wall..." You get the picture. Capitalize on the crack and turn the lemon into lemonade.

You go, girl!
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
Replace the mirror - look up in the yellow pages glass/mirror suppliers.
Measure the diameter and buy a new mirror.

If your cute they'll take the old one out, and put the new one in for you at their shop.
You'll have to pay for the mirror, but should only be $100.
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How about clear or black glass instead?

My first thought was to paint or stencil along the crack like a bit of delicate vine or floral ornament in white or cream and grey. Or do something more stylized--even Art Deco or Mod. Then it would look somethink like a Venetian mirror. Or maybe artistically wavering over the crack and a lattice type pattern on one side, maybe with a bit of oversized roccoco like leaf pattern on the edge. Then it would be sort of Hollywood Regency in style. If you have some talent or know someone, it could be cheaper and easier than full replacement.

Like the desilvering idea too, and they could be combined, perhaps even doing a bit on the sides too if you are feeling brave..

How big is it? Coffee table, side table, tea table or dining table? Don't know your house or decor so hard to say where to put it.
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Cover it with a sticky backed shelf paper (there are many choices). This vendor will cut to your measurements.

Chic Shelf Paper Aluminum Diamonds Shelf Paper & Drawer Liner · More Info
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Here is a weird idea...how about cracking it some more? I once saw a tv designer break mirrors and put in on a FP surround and grouted it. It looked awesome. Maybe you could put a towel over the glass, carefully hammer and crack the mirror in a mosaic pattern? Then polyurthean the top to seal it?
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You could also cover the top (leaving the beveled edge) in a wood veneer (it's very thin) and stain the wood to match.
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Erica Soto
Here are the measurements:
92 lbs

I really love the calligraphy idea but the mirror is embedded under the wood not on top. I was also thinking of changing it, only if I could, to a wall mirror once I got it fixed
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Don't laugh............find a really cool beaded table runner and camoflauge the whole thing by lying the runner right across the cracked area?
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Spend some time on Pinterest.com - input whatever words you want and see what comes up. You'll find a barrage of ideas there. If you are crafty, then try something yourself. What do you have to loose? And at least, you'd have the satisfaction of trying it yourself.
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Consider breaking the mirror some more - like into pieces. Then put it back together like a mosaic. You'll get more sparkle from it in pieces!
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Kathryn Peltier Design
How about breaking out the existing glass and replacing it with mosaic mirror tile? Or, you could remove the existing mirror and replace it with fabric or paper or whatever - you could use anything flat - and then pour resin over it.
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The exact same thing happened to me WITH THE EXACT SAME TABLE!!! It just happened today and I was researching ways to fix it and came upon this site! What did you end up doing to fix the huge scratch and/or crack? If you replaced the glass do you mind sharing how much it cost? What instructions dis you provide the glass company? Any guidance would be so appreciated! This is my favorite table ever! Thiking of calling the Home Decorator's website (where I bought the table) and complaining to them about this situatiOn! Please do let me know how you resolved the problem!
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I wrote 2 months ago. I'm figuring that you've solved your problem. Can you tell us what you did?
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Karen Dumont

Erica-I know this is an old post, but hope that you can tell us how you fixed your crack. The same thing happened to both of my bedside nightstands-large crack running through the mirror top. I'm not even sure how it happened...we are always careful when placing something down on them. I've had them over 6 months, so I can't return them to Pottery Barn-and don't want to replace the mirror top bc I'm sure it could happen again.

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