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master bedroom in need of some serious tlc

Kristin MorrealeDecember 7, 2012
My husband and I decided that it's time that we do something with our bedroom. The dilemma we have is, where can we put our bed that best fits the room? The room measures at an awkward 9x20. We plan on getting a new bed frame that is smaller to better fit the room. That was purchased before moving into the house. In the photos, you'll notice that there is a lack of bedroom furniture. That will be changing. We plan on getting a dresser and at least 1 bedside table with a lamp. any ideas or suggestions will be much appreciated.
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HI -- Could you please post more views of the room and what size bed your planning on, Thanks ?Also the door showing in the photo, is that the master bath ?
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Kristin Morreale
we are going to stick with a queen size bed. and yes that is the master bath.
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HI -- If you face the windows when you enter the room , like the way showing in the second photo above . Then I would drape that whole window wall and have the bed head on that wall . I would have the dresser on the wall on the end near the master bathroom. If you have wall space for your full mirror near the closet.When you pick a color for the room ,- paint the whole room- ceiling too, the same color . Vaulted rooms look best in total color . Go into a cream color or a soft shade color ,- the color now does not go with the carpet. Yellow is usually not a good color for a bedroom. Being the room is not very wide ,-get a bed without the footboard .and keep the bedding very tailored .
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Bedroom textures · More Info

Duck Egg and Pink Bedroom · More Info

Coming off the long wall, neutral walls and window treatments to the ceiling, using mirrored furniture to reflect the light.

Coming off the short wall, wallpaper that wall.

Either way consider an all in one headboard.

Storage-Bed Headboard, Chocolate · More Info

I prefer to see the foot of the bed first when coming into a bedroom. I would put the head of the bed on the short wall.
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I am guessing if the one door pictured was the master bath, then there must be another door on that same wall for the entrance. Right? Or is the entrance is on the other nine foot wall not pictured? Either way, it looks as though you have to put the bed on the long wall. Where is the door to the closet?

I personally would rather that the foot of the bed points to the entrance rather than the head of the bed. So whether the bed should be on the interior wall or the window wall depends on where the entrance is.

You essentially have one nine foot wall to work with for a dresser and room on either side of the bed for night tables or other small dressers. If the bed where on the window wall, you might get another highboy dresser on the long wall to the side of the bed, but if the bed is on the interior wall, the high boy would not fit because of the windows.

There are some beds that offer under bed storage:
LG House - Master Bedroom · More Info
I like this one becaue it has no headboard or foot board.

But you don't have to get a bed. You could use just a frame. This will save some space lengthwise where you need it. (Nine feet equals 108 inches and your bed is 80 inches plus long.)

On the other hand, have you thought of getting a king size mattress? The king size mattress dimensions are 76 inches wide by approximately 80 inches long – about 18 inches wider than a queen. (Same length.) Since you have a long room and the bed will go on the long wall most likely, why not get the extra width?
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This room has many things to consider before decorating like a slanted ceiling and its shape. Reduce the attention of the ceiling slant by installing a low hanging chandelier or fan. After replacing the bed frame, set a nightstand to the left of the bed, place a lamp and other interesting items on top. Lay a large rug under the bed to add more texture and install roman shades over the windows. For a final touch hang some artwork.
Bedroom · More Info
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window coverings with accent color will really help set the stage. angled ceilings are a challenge. find concept bedrooms to match your decorating style on houzz. Will help quite a bit with decision making. Start your own idea book to find your bliss and then start planning to spend... :=)

http://www.houzz.com/slant-wall-narrow-bedrooms lots of different ideas with slant wall rooms in here.
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I think you should keep your bed on the 9 ft. wall and try to maximize the use of that small space. Here's a picture I drew up w/ some options. Track lighting or ceiling hung pendants would free up space on small night table shelves.
Lowes carries paneling that has horizontal groves in it that can be used to hold shelving. It's actually more often used in stores to display products, hence has a lot of flexibility. Plus the horizontal lines will make the wall look longer.
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I like the idea of the bed on the short wall at the other end of the room, but where are your entry and closet doors?
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Kristin Morreale
thats how we originally had our bed, but it doesnt work because i ended up sleeping next to the window and could hear every single thing that would go on at night on my street. Also, getting in and out of the bed was a hassle. Where the first picture was taken, thats where the door is. The other 9 ft wall on the other side is the closet.
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Based on the window wall view you posted it looks like you indeed have another door on the opposite short wall which suggests that the bed must stay on the long vaulted wall. Because your room has only a 9 foot width, remove any furniture impediments to traffic flow on the window wall and do look for a bed without a footboard. Center your bed on the vault's peak and consider minimal Zen-like furnishings to make your bedroom look more spacious. I like the dramatic accent wall and art focal point in this inspiration photo. When you paint your room be sure to also paint the vents and definitely replace the damaged aluminum blinds. Bamboo matchstick blinds would be a good fit for a room with Asian flare.
Bedroom · More Info
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could you put the bed on the closet wall about 4 feet out from the wall. put a long dresser behind the headboard. this would give you a little dressing area behind the bed with plenty of room towards the bath. The only drawback would be side tables. Maybe fold down?
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Dar Eckert
You need to turn the bed 90 degrees. I would either make or buy a room divider headboard.It could either be low or high. Here are some examples. Put the bed head between the two windows and the area near the door could be used for dressing with a dresser or reading with a chair, office.
Urban Fusion · More Info

Original Vision · More Info

Fairhaven Residence Bedroom · More Info

Farmhouse Reinterpreted · More Info
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Natalia Boyko
change the room!!
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I agree with Dar Eckert. In a room with such awkward proportions you need to break it into useable subsections. I like the suggestion to put a dresser opposite the closet, then the divider behind the dresser, then your bed (with foot away from closet). This also orients you as the sleepers toward the bathroom when you get out of bed. If street noise is a problem consider drapes with layers to muffle sound.
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Anne Gibney
I agree with some of the comments, a platform bed would be best in this space. Floating shelves beside the bed on either side would provide a place to place things. Have you thought about two pendant lights, this would save table space. The platform bed could have storage beneath as well.
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Kristin, lets look at logistics. Although building a half wall or using a dresser as a headboard is a great idea, your room is 9' wide. Doing that suggestion will leave you less than 15" on either side of the bed for getting in and out and getting to the closet. Who wants that struggle several times a day. Your best approach is putting the bed centered between the windows. If you still like the headboard use it, maybe paint it or get a padded headboard to absorb exterior noise. Delete the footboard. With the bed in place you can now see the traffic pattern, which should be left clear for getting to and from closet to bathroom. The end 9' wall, outside the bathroom, should be clothes and linen supplies. I suggest an IKEA type unit floor to ceiling, with built in drawers and hanging space. About 6' long and two full length mirrors on either side. Your current closet door opens into the room taking up too much space. Have the door hinges changed, so the door opens into the closet..the hinges can remain on the left side. Now you will have room to put your night stand and lamp between the bed and the closet door. On the other side of the bed put a narrow depth16" - 20" table (Maybe 36" - 48" long) with a chair or bench. This will be used as your makeup area with a pedestal type mirror, lamp, and decorative accessory boxes or bowls. Following this layout you will have doubled your closet space, freed up bathroom morning congestion and be able to easily maneuver through the space. But... Before you do anything, take the wood trim off your windows and seal the space around the window and framing with spray foam. Then reinstall the trim, caulking the crack between the wall and the trim. This will stop some drafts and noise. Then your decision will be shades and drapery? Sheers and drapery? Or drapery across the wall behind bed headboard? Noise is easily addressed by drapery lining. Good luck.
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Penwork Design
If you can't put the bed on the short wall because you hear street sounds through the window, you can't put the headboard on the window wall for the same reason. If you had double glazed modern windows, you should not have such a noise issue. Maybe it's worth replacing your windows to get better sound insulation as part of your reno? However, the very first thought I had was the bed has to go on the short wall.Putting a queen bed on the 9' wall should give you 2' on either side, which is adequate for getting in and out of bed. That leaves a larger floor space for dressing etc, where it's needed. 9' really is a very odd size for a master bedroom!
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It has been determined that sleeping in a position where you are able to face the door gives a more secure, sound sleep. With that in mind, and the street noise issue as well, I would forget about windows. This room is not large enough for other activities so you don't need windows. Do one of the padded headboards, making sure it covers both windows, and insulate it well for sound control. You'll sleep soundly facing the door. I would also add built-in lighting and storage under the bed. Don't forget to hang floating bedside table/shelves too.
Lincoln Park West Master Bed A · More Info

Enviable Designs Inc. · More Info

Covenant Hills · More Info

The Austonian Model Unit · More Info

2012 New American Home · More Info
bedroom · More Info
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Dar Eckert
I'm attaching a crude floor plan with a queen bed. There is about 2 1/2 feet for walkway beside the bed if you turn it 90 degrees. I have also left about a foot on the other side of the bed in the drawing. The closet could be IKEA free standing closet or a book case. There is still about 4 + feet outside the bathroom door so you could put a dresser or desk on the 9 foot wall.

If you don't want your bed against the windows, shift the bed to the other side of the room so the walkway is by the windows.

I don't know where the openings are on the other end of the room so they are not in the drawing.
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Dar Eckert
Sorry, it didn't attach. I'll try again.
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Penwork Design
Not sure where your home is, but I'm pretty sure your building code requires windows in a bedroom, and that you need ventilation of some kind no matter who you are (!). Minor traffic routes in a home call for 24", while major routes typically require 36" at minimum. So all you need either side of the bed is 24" each, but I would never go any less. I wouldn't want to make an already small room appear smaller by doing the walk-in arrangement above. It will drive you nuts when you're both in the very small 4' area in the mornings, never mind making the room feel even tighter. I find openness in a small space more relaxing. What about building a platform bed across the entire short end so you don't need bedside tables? Also, the suggestion to hang pendants instead of lamps as mentioned earlier is really the best way to go in a small space and will solve the high ceiling problem. Fun project!
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Committed Photography, Inc.
Utilizing a piece of panoramic art over the bed might help work around the vent issue and keeping eyes a bit lower on the wall.

Panoramic Art - http://bit.ly/NlnxD1
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Dar Eckert
Penwork design, you seem to misunderstand.

I am recommending a headboard room divider as noted in my previous post. It can either be tall or short and is moveable as shown in the photos above. I think you may have misunderstood when I showed closet but was thinking of an IKEA type of closet on the other side of the headboard. The floorplan is intended to show how a queen bed could fit better turned 90 degrees and that there is adequate space to use the portion of the room near the bathroom door as a dressing area or reading area. I wouldn't want my bed right next to the bathroom door as previously suggested because the light would disturb a partner if you got up in the middle of the night and view into the bathroom would be disagreeable. I am merely pointing out that there are other alternatives than previously suggested. Because this is a 20' room it makes sense to have to have the bed length perpendicular to the 20' side.
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is it possible to change the location of the bathroom door......so that it exits into the hall, or a few feet closer to the entry door? Are there 2 or 3 windows?
I also vote for the platform bed, and love that picture michigammemom posted, with the short back wall a deeper shade with an eye attracting painting. floating bedside shelves and pendant lights........and replacement windows for extra soundproofing if its within your budget. simple window treatments, like neutral fabric roman shades mounted higher than the window frame. I think a pale taupe with darker back wall would be pretty.
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Blinds Direct Canada
I would use a black out inside mounted cellular shade for the blinds in a grounding colour especially if you are going to paint the room brightly.
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I'm not sure if you'd like the look, but cork tiles on the short wall would greatly reduce outside noise. I would choose the short wall for the bed and use two pendant lights above floating shelves instead of nightstands. They would serve the same purpose, but be less obtrusive and much easier to clean under. I'd make the bed the focal point of the room with fluffy white duvet and sheets and lots of pillows. I'm not sure of your dresser sizes, but I would tape newspaper to the sizes of your furniture and slide them around to position...sure easier than the furniture itself to consider positioning.. I'd keep window treatments simple, perhaps just lined bamboo shades for privacy that can be rolled up to let alot of iight in in the daytime. Heavy curtains would make the room seem even narrower. Choose, perhaps, a soft blue gray with white linens and trim and a slightly lighter blue gray shade on the ceiling. A soft brown might also be nice...and then make sepia toned copies of favorite photos nd hang in a grouping. Don't forget one beautiful, large painting over the bed.
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