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Yellow living room with dark furnitures - please help!

quitoskyDecember 8, 2012
I really like cream colors like yellow so i painted the living room of my new house that i bought last year with applesauce from Behr. I read an article that i need to be careful with yellow color because it can also give a feeling of anger and frustration. How do i avoid this, should i change the color? See attached photos. I appreciate your input.
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Manon Floreat
It's a nice shade of yellow, but I'm not sure that it's the best fit for the space with your existing furnishings and flooring - it's a little too hollow. I would consider milky white walls with more buttery yellow and cream accents. An area rug is a great foundation for a color palette:

Bachelor Pad - Living Room · More Info

I have heard nothing about yellow causing anger or frustration. In feng shui it is a gathering color, benefits intellectual work, and is expansive in nature.
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Does it make you feel angry and frustrated? If not, keep it yellow. The master bedroom in our old house had a creamy, buttery yellow color for years, and we're generally happy. So I wouldn't sweat the article if that's your only concern.
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Nancy Hehmann
I like Manon idea of an area rug! If you keep the yellow, you could make sure the rug had yellow in it unless you think you might be tiring of that color. Look for area rugs on Target.com, JCPenney.com and Capel.com. Big box stores like Lowes, Home Depot and Marshall Home Goods also have them.
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I think yellow is a great color for livingrooms! I think you should leave the wall color and concentrate on making the room more "finished." Just some ideas: get an area rug, new window treatment, coffee table that fits space better, declutter and reorganize the shelves. Good Luck!!!!
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You posted a question so, there must be something about this yellow that is a bit unsettling to you.

You have warm tones on the floor, black furniture and a cooler shade of yellow on the walls. Perhaps if you warm the yellow up and lighten it a bit, you will feel more comfortable in the space. A nice area rug, some simple window treatments, pillows and family photos in black frames will finish your space. It should feel nice and cozy by then.
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The yellow is a nice color but with all dark colors for furniture it's to harsh. I like the idea of a milky white wall color, an area carpet and I'd get a bigger, but perhaps glass to keep it light feeling, coffee table as the one you have now is too small.
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Thanks for all the inputs. what do u mean by window treatments? Change the blinds? With area rug, i guess a lighter color? Yes,that coffee table is temporary.
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Yes, I would change the blinds and get simple drapes or, if you are not a fan of drapes, plantation shutters are always cool depending on where you live and the overall style of your home. When the tree is gone, you might also consider moving the chair to that side of room and getting another end table for the other side of the couch with new table lamps. I realize the chair is positioned to watch tv but it looks a bit awkward or maybe it was moved to accommodate the tree?
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I think the yellow is too yellow, especially with the light hardwood floors and kitchen cabinets. With your dark furniture, I'd paint the room a neutral light gray. Get a taller, more modern coffee table and an area rug. Add some color through pillows pulled from the new area rug. Vertical blinds are very dated. Get some new window treatments.

Also, add a tree skirt to your Christmas tree.
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Bring the crown down a little more, and do plantation shutters. I'd lighten the yellow in half for the walls, it's not just the color, it's how much of it. You went into the kitchen with it too, so while in one room it was ok, in the whole expanse, it is overwhelming you. Halve the paint again for the ceiling and crown, and trim. I like black, but with the yellow, I think you need some French blue...area rug, stoneware on the shelves. And if you can, move out the black leather and lighten the room with seating in a cream. If you have young kids that leather is a Godsend, I know, but youonlyneed a few pieces of black to anchor a room.
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One of the first things I recommend doing, is pick out an area rug. Find one with a few colors and a great pattern, make sure it has a warm yellow. The warmer color will work with your floors and you can have a paint color matched from it alot easier than you can find a rug to match a paint. Remember, this is about visual balance and weight. If you find a light rug, make sure you have a dark element too. Your goal is to make your eye float around the room. If it stops at one place, then it should be a statement piece that stops it. If it stops upon something that is not, then you will need to break up that color a bit.

I believe one of your dilemmas is from the large windows that float on the wall. You need to anchor them with a window treatment that runs to the floor. 3 simple fabric panels on each window can break up the space and add some warmth.
If you go to DrapeStyle and look up Schumacher Fabrics, you will see some nice examples of what I am talking about.
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Like the idea of yellow for your room---just not this hue-too cool and too bright. Warm and muted--Wilmington Tan by Ben Moore. Rug (darker than floor) to pull it altogether... Pics for inspiration. [[houzz=
Living room · More Info
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