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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Does this coffee table work in this Living Room???

lindacahnDecember 8, 2012
Got a large coffee table for our living room, which is a large Great Room w a wall of glass in the back and 18 high ft ceilings.

But i don't think the coffee table works - mostly bc of its 23 inch height. Also not sure the glass is a good idea.

But like the fact that the table is simple, elegant and also feels like it has 'weight' wo being heavy.

What do you think? 3 pictures below, from different angles.
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Looks fine to me.
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i'm not a designer or expert in any way, shape or form, but the first thing I thought before I read your information was that the table was too high. Maybe that is something that is 'in' now. Be curious to see what other's say! :) Lovely space by the way.
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
It's never in to make things uncomfortable for guests. The table appears tobe a more comfortable ht for the sofa than for the chairs. But not great for either.
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Manon Floreat
It's a nice looking table, but it's too high. A general guideline is that the top of the table should be the same height or a little shorter than the seating.

What's going on with the table that's behind it - close to the wingbacks?
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How does it feel when people are sitting opposite each other and visiting? Does it feel like the table is intruding upon the intimacy of the situation and creating a barrier? Try pulling the sofa and chairs a bit further apart from each other, and moving the table so that it is more in front of the sofa instead of right in the middle of the arrangement. The chairs have the table between them as a landing place for a beverage or book, so they don't need the coffee table right in front of them. Then put something tall on the back of the table between the chairs, such as a lamp.

Another thing to consider is that at least in the photos, there is a reflective glare from the top of the table. If it is present in real life, this might not be a good choice with your big and high windows if the glare is uncomfortable when sitting in that area.

And lastly, in general, I love floating arrangements and dislike furniture lined up against walls, but floating arrangements can be a bit tricky in a large space because it is difficult to create an intimate feeling that draws people together to that spot. You didn't ask for advice about the arrangement in general, but there are lots of photos where designers have managed to create a very intimate spot in the middle of a large room. Maybe you already own some things that could be utilized to make this spot feel more intimate and then your coffee table might seem much better to you in that spot. What you should be trying to achieve is a place that people immediately want to occupy when they enter your room. By the way, do I see three grand pianos? Fantastic!
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This is not the table for this space. It is lovely but your chairs are too low or the table is too high.
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I really like it. I like how the table shows the reflection from outside. The table also fits with the rest of your decor. It does seem like the table is a bit high but how does it feel to you?
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I lived in Germany a long time and all the coffee tables there are the higher height. It can be nice for a game of cards or having coffee. I think it looks OK, but if it is uncomfortable for you to use, find another, or swap for higher armchairs.

I do wonder about the two tables lined up though. Perhaps an ottoman would work and provide some flexible seating for concerts?
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I agree the table is too tall with your other furniture. Look for a table 18-20" in height. Glass is good.
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I'd also try pulling the couch and the chairs further apart. Could you switch the chairs in front of the window with the lower ones?Those wing chairs look to have a higher seat and might be a better fit. Having lived in Europe for years I don't mind the height of your pretty table.
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Jayme H.
Table looks too high and maybe too large also if the furniture stays in that arrangement...seems too tight
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I love this table. Who makes it. And where can I purchase it
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It looks great! Consider previous suggestion of changing to the wing back chairs and putting an awesome wood bench in front of the window.... LOVE the dueling pianos. Can you use the overstuffed chairs somewhere else? I really love the piano's but everything in twos? I would like to see a much smaller white furry rug.
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Two pianos? Wow. Who is playing? The coffee table is just not right. What is behind us when we are looking toward the wing chairs? Can the sofa face the windows and the pianos?
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The sofa has a slight curve to the front. I think an oval table would fit the space better.
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Great table, but I think that it is over-scaled for that spot. Also the table that is in between the 2 chairs across from the sofa is also too high. The occasional table between the chairs should drop down to just above seat height. You might try switching the sets of chairs. It's a shame to partially obstruct that glorious view with the higher chairs. Perhaps by moving the chairs with more visual "weight" across from the couch, the coffee table might feel more at home.
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I thought we ironed this out a week ago? Were you unhappy with our input?
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Thanks so much to everyone for their thoughts. They were very interesting and helpful to read.
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the table is beautiful but it's too high and also I always think of glass and wrought iron tables for outside...
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Anne Gibney
I would move the wing back chairs where the smaller chairs are. Place the smaller chairs by the window so they don't block the view. Also remove the table that is in between the couch and wing back chairs. Place a small round ottoman for the chairs by the windows once moved. I see your love for music, there are actually three pianos in the room. I kept looking at your pictures and in such a high ceiling room, I think something is missing. Do you have artwork on the walls, that help with the scale of the room? Everything seems very grounded which is good, but something dramatic would help, either tall vases on the pianos or maybe wall mural that reflects the nature outside.
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Fabulous space....WAY too much furniture! Try getting rid of a couple of pieces, then moving things around. Your room is very heavy... Really an awesome space though!
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Oops, sorry! Table is too high for that sitting area.
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Lovely table, but 1) it's too high and 2) it's not inviting or warm like the rest of the space... It seems like it is actually creating separation the sitting area rather than pulling it together, probably because it's glass.
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table does not work. too much glass with the windows. what you need there is a cocktail ottoman in leather that invites you to put your feet up, drink a lovely glass of wine and hear some live music.
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Seems a tad predictable with the furniture layout...doesn't pull me in with a comfort factor. All the glass and smooth surfaces (including fabric) are screaming for some texture. Is this room used for frequent 'music appreciation' by intimate groups? I love the table but it does seem 'cold' and not the appropriate height for your chairs. I think a large tufted leather ottoman might add texture and a 'user friendly' factor...your table would work in a space where those seated wouldn't have to reach around or over the sharp edges...Great space to work with!
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I really like the coffee table- it has great lines and the iron frame or whatever (?) is a complementary color. If you think it is too high, try putting the books etc that are currently on top shelf, on the lower shelf ; perhaps that will give illusion of lower .... Also, maybe another decorative item, also placed on the lower shelf, - with the upper shelf cleared- will help 'ground' or bring the eye down and make the coffee table seem lower. Make the lower shelf more the focal point, and the clear glass top shelf may trick the eye and make the entire coffee table seem a lower height. If you love it, keep the table. If it works and feeds comfortable when sitting there, that's what matters.

Anther idea is to have the tabe pushed toward either the sofa or chairs just a tad, and then have two small - 18" circle or so, just below or at the height of the seat- pick up colors from the rug and chairs in fabric ottomans or little bench like tables placed near either end of each chair or sofa that would hold one glass or a small magazine...then you are not reaching out to the ' high center tabe' and it makes a nice little accent grouping.
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From the photos I get the idea that the room is one long tube with furniture each side. If I were you I'd place a chair with its back to the window into the sitting group to stop the energy from flowing right through the house and out the other side. I'm absolutely no expert, but I can see that it's not good from a fengshui point of view.
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Steven Gullion
Too tall, but I like the way the glass reflects the outdoors. It brings the trees into the room, at least from the first angle.
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Table is too high. Room looks overcrowded.
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miriam manzo
definintely the coffee table is too high and i dont like the glare coming off the glass. i would go with an ottomon so that the eye travels past the area and focuses first on the lovely view.
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Love your view! Must agree with swapping the club chairs for the wing backs. While I think your coffee table is beautiful, I think it's too large overall. Just see myself bumping knees getting seated.
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I would love to see more photos of this room - I really like the way the entrance hall frames the room and the view as one enters the house and would love to vicariously experience it, and the vault/arch in the entry that is part of that framing is beautiful.

I am sensitive to glare (many people are), and I tend to pay attention to situations that would be uncomfortable for me, so I appreciate the challenge you have with the large beautiful windows. Someone suggested that you turn the couch and chairs 90 degrees, but if you do that someone will be looking directly into the glare from the windows, which makes the people's faces opposite a blank black blob - and it is very uncomfortable to be talking to people when we cannot see their faces. I would also have trouble reading the music at the pianos and would need to have them spun around so the light is coming in over my shoulder to illuminate the music.

Your coffee table has very pretty form. Is it European?
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I'm so grateful to everyone who shared thoughts with me! They were all very helpful. And also very insightful.

I'd like to write back to each of you - esp'ly those who posed questions or requested more photos. But I can't figure out how to do so. If someone could let me know how to individually respond to comments, i would do so. I see an email tab, but the ID names that appear in comments are not email addresses, so....?

My husband and I live in Morristown, NJ. If anyone would like to stop in a to share a glass of wine, I'd love to meet you.

Many thanks again, and happy holidays to everyone.
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I can't find a way to email those who post in discussions either, and it is probably purposely designed that way to protect us all from getting spam or attempts at online fraud. You can reply in additional posts to individuals, which is appreciated by me because I am often interested in what other people have posted and learn a lot from their comments and responses to them.
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Ok, just for fun..... keep the part of the room towards the window symmetrical--piano/piano, chair/chair--and then switch this part of the room around--like have this part U-shaped with the sofa as the back part of the U--would make it cozier and then the table will be fine whether taller or shorter--it is accommodating an intimate grouping. Right now everything is in a mirrored line with basically everything that is on the left mirrored on the right. Feels a little contrived. Do something to break that symmetry. Just my 2 cents.
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I like the table, I think I would rather have oval shape tabel in that area, I don't like to see the corners near the chairs.. Also think it is a little to high. but, darn it is such a pretty table. I would probably use it anyway.
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after taking another look at the pictures, I think what bothers me is the design in the carpet. too, many squares. I would look at somthing in a textue solid color. that would pull the wood bring the floor in the backgroun togther.
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Sorry, love...I'm not feeling the table. I will agree with all the others who have said it's too high. It's a cute room...I would either do a tufted leather ottoman or something more organic than this class and metal table. The room needs something more earthy or perhaps a touch of global chic.
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What a great space! I'd like to see some pops of color within all that beige. Maybe bring in some of the aqua from the front hall? Then change out the rug. But keep playing!
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Too high..........a nice ottoman will add that touch of elegants you are looking for.
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Wow, I can't believe how helpful all of these comments are. I'm noticing all kinds of things about this room that never dawned on me before.

My husband loves this table so much, he wants to cut off about 2 1/2 inches from the legs - making it 20 1/2 inches tall - and keep it. I think he's a bit nuts - and the change would probably make the table look too squat - but when he feels strongly about things, I tend to let him follow his druthers (as he does w/ me, when I feel strongly about things), so....?

While I fully understand why an ottoman would be much warmer and cozier, personally, I'm not a fan of them, since one spill by one child (or me), and....

For the individual who asked: The table is from Ferguson Copland, but I think it's been discontinued.

For those who wondered if I could provide addtl pictures of the room, I'd love to but don't want to take advantage. However, if you go to the contact page of my little corporation's website, and send me your email address via that page, I'll certainly be glad to respond individually: My firm's website is www.pharmacybenefitconsultants.com.

We had the wingbacks and swivel chairs swapped for a while - but the wingbacks were too heavy looking w/ those huge stupid stripes, and the swivels too slouchy and short so far back near the windows and also rather dwarfed by the huge pianos, so we swapped them back again to where they are now. Also, the wingbacks are great chairs to sit up straight in - near the windows during the winter - and look down into the woods, whereas the low back chairs are much nicer near the fireplace which is directly behind them....

Jagood - Your comments about the need to create more intimacy in a floating arrangement - esp'ly one like this one - w/ high ceilings - really hit home. While the room doesn't feel sterile to me, it certainly isn't warm (other than when the fireplace is roaring). It's better in the spring-fall, when the trees outside are covered w/ leaves and color. But in the winter when the view is of nothing but bare branches, it's very pretty but definitely quite "cold" feeling....

We do reduce the glare - and make the room feel more used and warm - by opening up the grand piano hoods when guests are over. But generally we keep them down and covered to prevent the sunlight from ruining the instruments.

I'm not sure what else to do to warm up the room: Huge tall plants??? They feels a bit contrived and florida-y for a place in NJ??? Vases w/ flowers on the pianos??? Again, feels a bit decorated and contrived. ....?

Anyway, thanks ever so much for all who so generously shared their thoughts. They were immensely helpful.
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That coffee table is great! Work with it. It is unique. Anyone with three pianos in one room is outside the box, and that's a good thing.
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Saltcitybabe: My husband totally agrees w/ you re the coffee table and thanks you for your support! One of the pianos is actually a harpsichord. (The painted one). If you've never heard one - I urge you to search on YouTube for a "Bach and harpsichord" and listen to just about anything by Bach being played on the harpsichord. It's amazing and a real treat! I totally agree that the room is too full of "pairs' of everything. Have to figure out a way to break that up somehow....
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Well, I think the concensus is the table doesn't work..but if your husband LOVES it the best option is to cut the legs to lower the height. BTW...dont' worry about "taking advantage"..show us more! : )
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@ lindacahn, I have cut down, successfully, a few pieces of furniture because I loved them and wanted the pieces to fit. Latest "victim" is an old two piece drop-leaf desk with glass door cabinet above. It came from a Provincetown MA estate sale. My builder shaved off two inches from the bottom to squeeze it under a beam. That allowed me to keep, use, and enjoy it.
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No! I would go with a simple glass coffee table with straight legs and much closer to the floor. The current one is too high and the bottom shelf is extra. I would also replace the side tables with two similar glass ones. Also simplify the room! Too much stuff in it!
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Rebecca Powell
The coffee table should be the grounding component of the conversation area. I feel the glass makes the table too light for the heavier upholstery around it. I also agree that it's too high for the chairs.
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Before you cut that table down, which has beautiful curves on the legs that will make that job difficult, take a look at the example photos that are on Houzz of high coffee tables. I went to the Houzz homepage, and in the search box typed "high coffee tables" and there are some photos to look at. It is not that uncommon.
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jagood.......I totally agree with you. I have always felt rules, in decorating, are made to be broken. I would consider placing a large tray on the table and a basket or two on the shelf for magazines. Just a thought.
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Jagood and saltcitybabe and Darzy and everyone else too!!!
Notwithstanding a few of you who urged me not to worry about breaking t rules - I'm still trying to figure out what the 'rules' are before I start breaking them! I agree about the lines of this table. And its pretty legs. And changing its proportions. And also looked at more pics of high tables. And after all of the above concluded that the table either stays as is - and we get used to it being 'too high', or we find a different one. But wasnt sure which would be the best course. And lo and behold - this morning my husband woke up and said: "That table is too high. When we were talking last night, it was in the way." So...??? Maybe the 'rules' are there for a reason. And for now - I should try to learn 'em, which you have all helped me do, and also follow them, at least most of the time!
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That is funny (and good) that hubby "saw the light"! Yes, the "rules" are good to go by. I too like it when the rules are broken and find it looks fabulous. The problem is, it's really hard to break the rules and have it look perfect. The design professionals can pull it off best, because they know ALL the rules. : ) So, I guess the designers really just "bend" them. : )
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I wish you the best as you work with your beautiful room and those wonderful pianos and the harpsicord. I have a 6' Yamaha C3 so know how difficult it can be to graciously incorporate that which we love into our rooms, and you have 3X the pleasure! I hope you find the perfect coffee table.
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Ah - lucky you - the 6' Yamahas are gorgeous instruments!

Do you have a throw cover on it? Is it near a window so you have to worry about sunlight?
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I've been fortunate - it is located away from windows and heat sources. I just keep the lid and keyboard cover down when not using it. Stictly for hobby - not a professional. I do like Bach, however the two-part inventions convinced me I was not professional material when I was in my late teens!
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Without wanting to inundate everyone, we moved furniture around last night, and I'm wondering if I can impose to ask a few more questions about this nutty LR of ours - and this "too high" coffee table!
As the attached pics reflect, when you enter our home, you walk into a large foyer, a curved staircase on both sides, and a large living room directly behind, with 18 ft of glass windows in the rear.
We moved the wingbacks from in front of the windows, and they are now opposite the sofa. We moved the 2 swivel/rockers so they are now in front of the windows. But to create yet another possibility, I've also taken the pictures with an alternative chair near the windows (of which we also have a pair).
Suppose we lower the table by about 1 1/2 inches:
1) Does that help - or is the table still too large?
2) Are the wingbacks better near the back windows, or better opposite the sofa? Does it matter that the wingbacks are "stiffer" and therefore make the seating arrangement less cozy and warm? And also that the wingbacks obscure the bronze dancing lady statue directly behind?
3) And does everyone agree (other than my husband) that regardless of where the wingbacks go, we should dump the ugly stripes and cover them w/ something more soothing. And if so, any ideas?
4) What would be best next to the windows? We like to sit there, turn the chairs around, and share a glass of wine in the evening, looking into the woods. So we've consistently thought of 2 chairs together. If we stick w/ that idea, does everyone agree that neither of the currently shown chairs work? If so, what type of chairs would - how high should they be, how large, with what style? Or -- What else might be good in that spot besides chairs - given the two pianos and high windows? For a while, we had the bronze dancing statue there, but my husband and several others have said it doesn't work next to the windows - and it's so dramatic, it dominates the room.
5) Any thoughts on the two little blue love seats under the stairwell? I inherited them from my mother, and love them. But my husband - and a few bold friends - have told me their color is way too baby blue and the fabric should be changed.
6) Finally, any thoughts on the rugs? The front foyer rug is a rust/navy blue, and the current LR rug (on loan from a rug store while we look at it) a tan/navy blue. Is the latter "too geometric" w/ all of its rectangles? Also, should we try to get a rug that matches the foyer colors better? (We wouldn't change the foyer rug, b/c we love it, and it goes w/ the harpsichord colors....)
OK - enough already! As you can see, I have no idea what I am doing. NO idea at all! So any thoughts to any of the above questions would be most helpful.
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And here are a few more close-ups from other angles:
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First of all, you have a beautiful home and view. The wing chairs do look "stiff" by the couch in front of the fireplace and it has nothing to do with the fabric. They don't seem to go with the couch at all. Are you determined to keep both pianos in the the living room? If not, the wing chairs would look good grouped together where the piano is on the right side near the fireplace.

The swivel chairs do not work in your living room. They would probably look better in a bedroom. The blue love seats located in the foyer are beautiful. I think the color looks great next to foyer piano. Your rugs are nice too. Have you ever tried placing the sofa in the other direction so that it's perpindicular to the fireplace with the back facing the front door and the front facing the windows? Doing so would break up the linear look you have right now. I hope this helps you some.
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Elyn's Library
What an absolutely glorious space. I'm sure I hear a bit of Bach . . .

The grouping around that lovely harpsichord is just fine. The benches are lovely and their simple, elegant lines are perfect with the slim lines of the harpsichord. But I do agree that they should probably be recovered in a darker blue fabric, probably something that would complement the recovering on the wing chairs. And I would also suggest a simple, tall, slim table lamp to join the bust of Clara (?) on the table between the benches.

I almost didn't see the fireplace, which is a shame since it is a lovely feature in this room.

Can you move the sofa over to the fireplace with it's back toward the harpsichord and facing the windows / piano, with the fireplace to the side? Make sure there is plenty of space to walk all the way around the sofa. Place that lovely coffee table in front of it and (for now) use that same rug under to ground the grouping. You might consider something like this open chaise for the other side of the coffee table - [houzz=
Nantucket Style · More Info

Where the sofa was - place the two wing back chairs at right angle to each other - one facing the window, the other facing the fireplace, with a small square or round table between them. Again, if possible a lamp on the table provides a bit of light and makes this a more cozy spot.

The two low-back, comfy chairs and small table by the window, between the two pianos can stay where they are. You may want to eventually make this a seating area with four low-back chairs placed 2 by 2 facing each other with a small table between each pair.

The idea is to make it less "straight shot" to the window, and provide several smaller seating areas while still keeping everything open to that magnificent view and be able to enjoy the music.

Just a thought, and perhaps a starting point.

You have a beautiful space and I can just hear the fun and beautiful music you create in this lovely space.
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Elyn's Library
You know, I just went back and looked at your photos again.

Forget the chaise with the sofa grouping - too many benches and too much upholstery in one area.

Instead you might consider the open chaise piece centered against the wall under that tall center window with the two low back, swivel chairs at right angles on either side - creating a U-shaped configuration. Small tables beside each chair would create a space to put down a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or.....
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Elyn's Library
And just to directly answer your numbered questions -

1. For right now, I wouldn't cut down the coffee table. If you try it over by the fireplace, with fewer other pieces of furniture around it, it might be just fine. Try it and live with it for a few days.

2. I think - for now, if you try the wingbacks by themselves in a grouping on the other side of the room from that rug, you may find that they work just fine. Those bold stripes echo the geometry in the rug that would now be in front of the fireplace.

3. see #2 - at least for now.

4. See my suggestion above with the open chaise and swivel chair seating configuration. As for the Dancer, once you move the couch, could you simply move her to the other side of the fireplace? Between the piano and the left side of the fireplace where she would show up beautifully against that simple white wall.

The two pieces of framed art that are there now could be "stacked" one above the other.

5. I do think the little loveseats are beautiful, but most of the blues in your room are darker, and redoing the upholstery in some sort of darker blue, velvet-ish fabric would tie them in a bit better.

6. Rugs - for right now, try the blue "geometric" rug in front of the sofa-fireplace combo and see how it works.

I promise - this is my last post - at least until someone else says something.....
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It does look a bit high - and too centered between the sofa and chairs - as was previously suggested - pull the table closer to sofa - also, try books on under shelf and perhaps a gorgeous ceramic/glass bowl as focal piece or some other pieces - it might help the table seem at home - it feels/looks like you are still deciding . . .
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Beautiful rugs! I would keep the geometrical one and use the navy color that is in common between both rugs as the only splash of color in your room. White walls, beige sofa, navy arm chairs and a couple of navy cushions may be... I would remove the smaller rug close to window from this room. You'd want to emphasize on the 2 larger ones. That's why I think a simple glass low coffee table would show off your rugs better. The structure of love seats is beautiful but I think if you change the fabric of the love seats to navy and move them and the table between them on the rug, it will look more elegant.
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Elyn's Library
Perhaps a slim console table, something like this one tucked behind the sofa. Add a couple tall, slim, simple candlestick/buffet lamps and you create another area with a "pool of light".

Studio Console Table · More Info

Right now, it looks like all your lighting is from over head, and with 18 foot ceilings, that's a long way away.

If you placed a lamp on the table between the loveseats in the harpsichord area; another lamp on the table between the angled wing chairs, and then the lamps behind the sofa you will have created 3 separate but open, "cozy", pools of light. In addition to the special lamps on each of the pianos.

It brings the light down to eye level and makes the seating areas more inviting.
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after looking at all the different views, I think it is perfect just as it is. even the coffee table being a little high, It is so comfortable looking and the views out the windows. Ah, great,I can hear the music.
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Elyn's Library
These are the kinds of lamps I was suggesting from above comments - http://www.ebay.com/itm/321037977296?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649

And rather than completely reupholstering your beautiful loveseats, you could bring in the navy blue color with a pair of small, simple velvet or silk, navy blue pillows on each loveseat, like these - http://www.etsy.com/listing/62336474/navy-shimmer-throw-pillow-covers-16x16

or these - http://www.ebay.com/itm/150846004830?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649

I've also been re-thinking where to place your Dancer. How about moving her to the other side of the room, between the arch top door and the window? Could the piece of framed art that is currently there be incorporated elsewhere in the room? If She was over on the other side of the room she would really have her own splendor since she wouldn't be competing with the fireplace and your niche.

I hope you don't mind my re-arranging your Living Room, it is such a beautiful space.
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The table is not heavy enough for the room. Try something wood and also with a bottom shelf in a medium wood or color
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try putting the wing chairs in the entrance across from the piano and place those chairs across from the sofa
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