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hnksDecember 8, 2012
We just moved into our first house. Here is a picture of my foyer. I just purchased this Tao foyer table and was kind of pleased with it. I also bought this mirror http://www.lowes.com/pd_356870-14089-LOW14089_4294856758__?productId=3470123&Ns=p_product_price|0

Thoughts? Is it a good fit? Also, I am thinking about changing the lamp, the red colored lamp shade feels like it is making the place too dull. Thoughts? Should I go with a white big shade? A green plant? Looking forward to hearing your ideas. :-)
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Hello hnks, What style do you want to project? The lamp and mirror look mediterranean to me, but the table seems to be asian. I think a chest would fit the space better, you would have storage and would not have an empty space underneath to fill. If the lamp shade is is not giving off enough light, change it out to an ivory shade, white I think would be too harsh. Hope that helps.
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I like the lamp. If you add a soft blue or green object to the space and either a mirror or a beautiful piece of artwork, the shade would look dull.
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I would prefer to see an arched mirror in the niche and no furniture.
Gold & Silver Arched Decorative Mirror - 29W x 45H in. · More Info
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I like Mediterranean style but I also love that table. Can you mix different style furniture and still be cozy and in style? I took some more pictures. I have a lot of empty space.. Thank you!
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Your table and horse say Asian. The arches, Mediterranean. Keep the foyer to one style. Don't know how many arches there are, but my thought would be to use the oriental pieces in a smaller area. put a round foyer table in the foyer if it is big enough, and use some stencils in the arches. Then. since they are shallow, have a floating shelf built into them to hold an arrangement like the one below.
Vintage Foyer Pedestal Table · More Info
Los Lagos · More Info

Knap · More Info
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Manon Floreat
I like the console. I'm just not sure that the table is long enough for the arched niche. Can you take a photo straight on?
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Thanks decoenthusiate, (btw, I like your screen name). Unfortunately, I do not have the space to put a bigger table. There is a coat closet on the opposite side of this foyer and I need a space to open it.
Manon, here is a picture I just took. I took it while standing inside the closet.
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I don't think you need the table, I would add a mirror to the niche .
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What do you think about putting a bench in place of the table?
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I like the way it looks with the Asian horse and table. Instead of the book, I would put a tray or basket for keys and things that always land on foyer tables.

I love mixing styles. To me it is all about color and scale. If the scale is right and the colors coordinate, things work pretty well. Are you planning on adding the mirror above the table? A mirror is a good thing to have in the foyer.
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Jayme H.
I would get a different table that contrasted more/ and hang an interesting mirror/ and remove the lamp.
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Manon Floreat
Thanks for the extra photo, hnks. I do think it's too narrow . Currently, the arrangement looks top heavy because the niche is wider than the table. Generally, it's more balanced to have the "weight" at the bottom and get lighter as the eye moves up. It's a neat piece, so I can understand why you like it. Is there a another place in your home for it to live?

If you're up for it, I think your idea of a bench is excellent. So is a chest. Whatever you choose should be wider than the moulding around the niche. I think the 2/3 rule is a good one to apply here. An arched mirror in the niche, as suggested by judyg, would be a simple and elegant vignette. I like that the mirror mimics your windows.

Here are a couple of mock ups to give you an idea of proportions and each works with the mirror.
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Rivka McLean
I think a mural would look nice.
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After reading the other comments and looking at your beautiful home, you need to consider the volumn of your space. You definitely need something of more 'weight' than the current table. A chest or bench. An oversized, arched mirror, would be appropriate. Although your table is lovely, is is not the right scale for the height of your ceilings...all I see is electric plugs, cords and vast empty spaces. You need to consider three areas together. The niche you are asking about now, but also the niche on one or probably both sides of your entry door AND the huge space over the fireplace. These are the views when immediately entering your house. I would opt for paintings or metal design artwork in the first set of niches. A large arched mirror with a chest or bench below, and a stricking piece of sculptureor a painting over the fireplace...don't forget... Because of the volumn of your space you either need to bring the height of your walls into proportion with your furniture (painting colours and techniques) OR make your accessories large. Also, you need contrast in colour...light/dark... Not just jewel tones, because when finished it will all blend together and look dull. Look at pictures of southern homes, especially Florida, where they have 10' - 14' ceilings. See how they utilize drapery panels to distribute colour and visual effect. Also look at the scale of what is placed over large fireplaces such as yours. Remember the entrance sets the mood and style you want in the rest of your home AND the immediate feeling/impression you want your visitors to have.
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Change of Art®
I like the idea of a mirror by an entry – makes it easy for guests (or you) to 'check' themselves before leaving. And a small 'landing space' for keys, etc., like your table makes perfect sense. Wish I had room for something similar in my tiny foyer.

Have you thought about a friends & family photo gallery in the recess nearest the door?
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Ellan Maynard
Agree with mapeggy. You should rethink your scale. LARGER. Also, think about using some iron/metal to reflect the mediterranean feel. Like the idea of the large arched mirror! Don't be timid, but do stick to one style with your larger pieces. You can bring light in by accessorizing with huge bouquets of light flowers (creamy roses, blowsy hydrangeas) or banks of white poinsettias. Also love a round foyer table placed in the center and showcasing a huge pewter vase with lovely flowers.
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studio | FORMA
Nice niche/nook area!! I am curious about the other side of the niche in between the columns. With the columns at either side I am thinking that there may also be columns at the opposite side of the niche. Judging by the curve on the arches at either side I am thinking that this area is an ante-room of sorts in between the entry foyer and the entrance to the living room/great room beyond. Perhaps you could post a couple more images of the overall space. Are there additional room off of these corridor areas??

I agree with the idea of rethinking the console table and the location. It is a beautiful table however, I don't think the "scale" is complenting the scale of the home and the grand entry progression its trying to communicate with its architecture.

Consider a larger/longer console table at the entry foyer with large mirror above, the mirrors "Manon Floreat" posted with the antique mirror and the panes are right on, they pick up on the homes architecture and really add a nice touch. As though they've been there for a long time.

As for the niche in the picture you provided I think a slim bench with artwork above or perhaps a painted mural inside the niche may be a better use of this space. I noticed is right at the bottom of the stairs. A great place to perhaps slip on your shoes as you take one last look at the mirrors at the entry foyer location as you walk out the door.
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I am not sure of what measurements you have available, but I think a table like this would look beautiful with your niche- http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Half-round-Sofa-Table/2993057/product.html?recSet=c600edd4-491f-4a73-8b94-6e00f9009f67 And the mirror you chose is gorgeous, but I think this would be another nice choice. http://www.touchofclass.com/product.aspx?p=S199-001&code=BMF04&gclid=CIzj-MG1jrQCFSWoPAodelEADg
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Depending how close your front door is to the foyer, you'll need a place to drop your keys and purse. Try a half moon shaped pedestal table, that you mount on the wall just below the niche. A small basket along with the horse to add to the Asian flare. For lighting try mounting scones. Good luck.
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This lamp would look awesome and incorporate the white moulding as well. http://www.lampsplus.com/products/dale-tiffany-sara-bay-lead-crystal-table-lamp__m1802.html
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Thank you all so much. Your comments are deeply appreciated. I feel like I am so lost with decorating this house. I am first time homeowner and having such a big house feels so challenging to decorate. I feel like I make all wrong choices as far as picking the right pieces.
I really like the idea of the bench but do not want to spend much specially after buying the table. I found a couple, what do you think? I prefer mirror with wooden frames and i really like the one I bought from lowes, I plan to try it up and see how it looks in that space. Here are some pictures of the foyer and yes it sort of in between the entrance and the great room. The first picture is taken as you walk in the house with my front door open.
Here are is a reasonable priced bench that should fit in that space.
Benches Upholstered Bench with Rolled Arms by Coaster Sku: 100224 · More Info
, and there is another but not sure where and how much.
Mediterranean Classic · More Info
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I think adding a box for storage on the bottom shelf of the table would add considerable weight to the area. The mirror you have ordered should be substantial to go with the "largeness" of the rest of your home features. Also, both the lamp and the items on the table have to make a bigger impression, either by color or size, to counter the mental weight of the home's moldings and those added niche accoutrement. A large metal bowl or tray will catch keys and mail but look more in keeping with the style of your home.
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scale and style are not quite right for the area. I would perfer to see a chest instead of the table-- maybe a beautifully hand painted chest? and a larger lamp.
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studio | FORMA
Thank you for posting the pictures. Its a beautiful home! One gets a much better idea of what is going on in and around the space and there is a lot going on in this space, living room at entry foyer, dining room and great room all working around this space. Having seen the layout now I think the bench for sure.

The one you have chosen would work fine. However I would add some color in this area. I noticed your front door is a dark red color and your dining chairs are also a medium red color. Perhaps using a red tone fabric in a similar tone on the bench. Also I think this area calls for "texture", a square plush rug would be nice and would create a sensory experience while walking the lenght of the corridor.

Another thought would be to consider wallcovering the inside of the niche itself and perhaps installing a single wall sconce centered on the niche itself instead of the overhead lighting you currently have.

It looks like you lean towards the traditional styles. Here are some picture suggestions.
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studio | FORMA
some others
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I put up the mirror and wanted to show everyone before I totally give up on the table.
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studio | FORMA
It looks very nice!
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Bottom line -- this is YOUR home. If you love the table, that is what matters. As I said above, mixing styles is fine, it is called eclectic decor. I love those trees on either side of the table. After the holidays, you might replace them with a floor vase full of tall things on one side of the table, balanced by some art piece on the table on the opposite side.
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I'm no expert, but i'd just like to say that i think it looks very nice. I like the mirror and i think the mirror, with the table, lamp and horse will look very nice together. Personally i would swap the book with a tray, making the area seem more functional.
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Donna Cheek
Your home is beautiful! I know you like the table; it is very pretty but looks lost in the space. Your mirror should be arched to follow the design of the niche. The rectangular mirror looks too "blocked" for the arch. Perhaps you can use the table and mirror some other place(s) in your home. Be sure to place something tall enough on the bottom shelf so as to hide the plug on the lamp and the outlet. Guide the cord towards one of the legs and use a small piece of dark tape to attach it to the leg so it cannot be seen hanging off the back of the table wherever you decide to use it. An upholstered bench or heavier table or chest will look very good beneath the niche. Good luck! Enjoy decorating your home!
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Cat Rowe
Move the table down by the front door. Then get the first bench! Add wall sconces. Beautiful home!
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