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Need help with our new living room!

Ernest CarrollDecember 9, 2012
The dimensions of the room are 17x17'. There is no wall opposite the fireplace. We are trying to figure out how to layout this room. We have a coffee table (approx 36x54") and two end tables (approx 26x26") that we can use. The picture showing the left side (facing) of the fireplace shows just one of the windows on the left wall. There is another window about the same distance to the fireplace's wall as you enter the room. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, I'd love to hear or see some opinions from some of the very talented people out there. Thanks!
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Aggie Purvinska
Is there going to be TV Viewing in this room? So entry is at the other end of this space? Can you post that picture too?
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Ernest Carroll
Edit: I screwed up! This is a Family Room. Ugh, we are still moving in. It's been a long day :)

Thanks for your response! Yes, the TV is wired to go over the fireplace. The wires run to the wall on the right side so I was a hoping to have something there to house the cable equipment. The entry is the full width of the room facing the fireplace. See the attached picture.
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Look at Houzz PHOTOS, family and living room section for traditional style. Search for "TV over Fireplace" in quotes. You'll see gorgeous rooms for ideas.

To start, float the furniture in the room. Since the TV is going over the fireplace I'd put the sofa facing it. I think you can add at least two or three comfortable chairs. Maybe two matching and a smaller one. The two matching could be in front of the windows and the smaller one by the steps or to the right of the fireplace.

Here is on layout, but I would not have the second sofa:
Family Room · More Info
. Another: A sectional and a chair:
Cedar Lane · More Info
. Some ideas here:
Lake Washington whole house remodel · More Info
. This layout, but flipped withtthe two chairs in front of the window:
Northway · More Info
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Alpha Interiors
I would put the sofa facing the fireplace. Put a chair on each side of the sofa facing into each other with end tables next to them. Put a rug under the coffee table. For the wall along the stair case a chaise lounge some different size pictures on the wall & a floor lamp & maybe a half moon rug in front of it. The solid wall next to the window opposite staircase a table with two chairs on each side with a tall pieces of art work on the wall.A couple of bar stools at the bar & a sofa table behind the sofa.I hope that helps you get started
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Some possibilities
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I realize the color scheme is horrid and the heights of objects are off (hence there being no tv above the fireplace and the windows should be lower), but these ideas were just for layout ideas.
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If you need new furniture for your living room. Please welcome!
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I hung all my led and lcd t.v. cables in the wall behind the tv with a simple cable box sold at home depot. If you have someone who can do electrical it wont cost much. It looks super clean that way.
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What I meant to say is that the box goes into the drywall and holds the cable and hdmi cord and power cord. Thats all you need.
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Carolyn C. Interior Decorator, Brampton, ON.
You've got some great options here. If you don't want to see the TV all the time there are some great options out there. Canvas that drops down in front of the TV so it looks like Art when the TV is off, Mirrors that have the TV behind so it's a mirror when the TV is off and a TV when it's on. Something to consider. It's a lovely house.



Also, make sure you're not too close to the TV as you will find it uncomfortable to look up all the time when viewing the TV, and make sure your area rug, if you use one, is large enough. If it's too small it wil visually make your space seem smaller.
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Hi---I suggest not having the television above the FP-the room is just not spacious enough for it. For furniture, a sectional would be nice, with 2 chairs or 1 large/recliner. Layout for room: chairs opposite FP, sectional, back to stairway wall-chaise along FP, TV between 2 side windows. Another alternative, situate the sectional to where the side with/without chaise would run along the stairway, back-up to kitchen and angle a large recliner or chair w/ottoman in the left corner (left of FP). Do make certain not to put too much furniture in this room, you need to keep the pathway off of the stairs to the kitchen nice and clutter free as it's quite narrow. Floor to ceiling window panels (off-white). Pics for inspiration. Beautiful home. Good Luck!

Glamorous Family Room · More Info
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Is there supposed to be room for a dining area in this 17x17 space? It is small for sure, so I would put a long console for the TV on the stairwell wall. Sofa, end and coffee table opposite but not pushed against the window - allow 6" or so to give the visual illusion of spaciousness. Flank the FP with upholstered swivel armchairs which can turn toward TV or toward conversation area. I notice you already have a bar and stools in the kitchen, so how will the additional bar facing the family room be used? Do we need to consider decorating there? Art for above the FP and as large an area rug as you can afford will be finishing touches.
Shoshana Gosselin · More Info

Franco A. Pasquale Design Assoc. , Inc. · More Info

Jolie Swivel Chair, Vance Bermuda · More Info

Cody Swivel Chair · More Info
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Although it is not your plan I would find a nice long piece of furniture to put on blank wall against stairs and place a large tv on or over that. Then either using a sectional or two sofas have one run across from the wall with tv and one facing fire place with your coffee table in middle and 2 large chairs flanking fire place. Between windows on wall opposite tv a taller piece of furniture. The house is beautiful.
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Helen Boltin
I would love to have this living room. I would definitely float a sofa or sectional depending on how much seating you need facing the fireplace. I would then flank the fireplace on both sides with comfy chairs. I would definitely define the space with a beautiful area rug with lot of color and texture and let it determine the colors you will use for your accents. I like for the main furnishings to be neutral so that you can change accents as the seasons or your needs change (i.e holidays etc.). I would definitely consider some ottomans or an upholstered bench along one of the walls, perhaps nestled under a console table. Floor to ceiling drapery on the windows in a shiny flowy fabric would scream elegance!
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Ernest Carroll
Thanks for the additional feedback. Since this is a family room (I incorrectly titled the discussion a living room) we'd like to be able to see the TV from the adjoining kitchen. The cable for the TV runs from the stairwell wall to the mantle. So we have the option of putting the TV on the stairwell side I suppose.

You've all had terrific feedback. I specifically liked Helen's vision but I have a hard time visualizing these things in my head. I have to see it to have it make sense. Does that make... sense? =) I'm going to use PotteryBarn's room planner tool. Are there better tools out there?

Oh, and I loved the visuals that were provided. Thanks for taking the time!!
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