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Please help me in decorating this room

RAB ZEEDecember 10, 2012
Please help me. I need ideas on how to decorate this kitchen and living room . This basically one room consist of living room , dining and kitchen . I need ideas as I need more sitting place.
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Two questions - what is the black item with chrome legs next to the fridge, and what is against the wall in the kitchen? Looks like it might be baby toys?

I would move all the baby stuff out of the kitchen and put your table and chair set in there. When you run out of horizontal space you have to go vertical. If you can mount your tv on the wall and eliminate the cabinet under it, you could make room for another chair.
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thats a dinning table and chair for 4 from ikea. Secondly thats the only space in the house that can fit that swing.
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I think that I'd place the sofa against the back wall rather than having it face the frig. I like olidbobbi's idea of having the tv on the wall where it can be swiveled between the rooms, perhaps where the living room and kitchen intersect, across from the frig. I'd also move the dining set to the kitchen and put the baby swing in the living room.
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Cheryl Harrivel
You could also lose the table and chairs and get a coffee table that raises to dining table height. Add two smaller scale chairs on either side of sofa to create a cozy sitting/dining room. and face it towards the wall mounted TV.
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Rab Zee.... What are the dimensions of the room all together? I'd like to play with the layout....it looks kinda like a converted space, which is what I have , long and skinny. And are there any other doors in the space... I just see the one in the kitchen?
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Suggestion: move the table and chairs where the toys are, move the sofa next to the fridge, put the coffee table in front, move the tv table next/under the window and move next to it the ikea chair and its footstool, put the toys in the living room in front of the wall facing the door. I would have to agree that if you pin the tv on the wall, then there will be more space to move the toys under the tv and add an armchair there.
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Too much floor space is not being used in kitchen - move Ikea stuff to middle of kitchen (like they used to have to do in the 70's). Move couch to back wall, get 2 small chairs and an ottoman that can be used for extra seating. Hang TV like others said and maybe get 2 skinny bookshelves for beside couch for storage and display.
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HI -- You are really confined in there aren't you ! Where is the hall to the bathroom and bedroom(s) ? I only see one door ? Get a padded storage bench (good to hide baby toys) for against the kitchen wall (where the toys are now ) and have a square expandable table in front and two folding or stacking chairs , instead of the set you have now which doesn't fit the space very well . Put the sofa on the wall beside the fridge or on the back wall.You could hang your TV on the wall or place the TV /cabinet under the window. Hang some drapes on the window ,then you could place the TV / cabinet in front .Then move the single chair to the right of TV -or beside the fridge . Now you should have some space left over for the baby swing . You could have some shelves on the wall to the right of the fridge or in the kitchen . The new furniture you will need is the storage bench for the kitchen and a new table and chairs . You could also have a storage coffee table and side tables . Hang any pictures lower , like about only 6 inches space above sofa .
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If you want to leave tv where it currently is: try moving sofa all the way down the wall (remove end table). Put Ikea round table with chairs into the kitchen. Put baby swing where the ikea table was, by the frig. Put sofa end table at other end of sofa and place black chair and ottoman next to it.
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is there any way you could put the frig opposite the stove? that would give you a bit more space in the sitting area....its a little awkward where the kitchen and wood floor transition. I'm guessing there is a door to bedroom/bathroom nest to the sofa. I think the sofa on the back wall, and 2 upholstered benches with storage underneath. an area rug that extends to the edge of the stove. put the swing where the frig is now.......you won't need it for too many months anyway. wall mount tv, and use small side tables to eat on. then you would have a comfy floor space for infant/toddler time, and a cozy sitting area. you could snuggle a high chair next to the frig if its opposite the stove. then put a larger painting behind the couch........it may not work, but I imagine it would be homey.
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Helen Boltin
I think that I would relocate the sofa to the back wall of the room. I would mount the television on the wall where the dinette set is on a hinged pull-out bracket that would allow you to pull it out for viewing and pushed back when not in use. I would definitely hang some pretty long curtain panels, nothing too dark or heavy but with some color. You can now locate a couple of side chairs with a small table between them in place of the sofa. If you could relocate the dining furniture to the kitchen that would be best but if not it could still remain in the room. You could also possibly put a couple of small ottomans in front of the couch for use as a coffee table with a tray on top, to rest your feet, or for extra seating. Ottomans are very multi functional and you can also find ones that have storage inside which could hold the items that are currently located in your TV cabinet that you would no longer have in the space. If you are going to keep the artwork on the back wall, I would lower it several inches to eye level. Right now the top of it is above your window casing which is too high.
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Thank you everyone. Lots of good ideas and do able ones.
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Paint the cabinets white. It will help the appliances blend and will make the space seem bigger and more modern.
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Look at Swedish wood shelving (on line or at Home Depot) to line the wall where swing is currently. Be sure to attach securely to wall. This is narrow and won't take up much room, but great for storing pantry, kitchen items. Even toys inside pretty baskets. That, with the table in the kitchen would warm up the kitchen nicely. Place something pretty, such as a bowl or apples, in the center of your table.

Moving frig opposite stove, certainly would help your living room! And, are you allowed to paint? Please post pictures as you try things!
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Amy O. Woodbury
maybe i could help. check out my paintings on my houzz page/project.
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White, white and more white, simple, straight lines, and right now, at your age, everything from IKEA. Use the sofa as part of the dining room. Get rid of everything else (yard sale) and get an IKEA storage system to fill the wall next to the fridge for the t v and to store the kids' stuff. Against the back wall, a play table for the kids.
ikea wall unit · More Info

City Retreat · More Info
Truss Occasional Table and Kids Chair Set · More Info
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It looks like you could use furniture that does double duty. If possible, give the entire area a fresh coat of paint. Something subtle, not too bright or too dark. In the kitchen, put white or black shelves deep enough for bowls, plates, cups, and glasses. Treat yourself to new dishware( inexpensive white) and plastic for your child (children).Or you could use a black or white, tall bookcase( brace it with L brackets so little ones can't pull it over) instead of hanging shelves. The bookcases are about $35 at Target. The lower shelves could house baskets for things that must now be kept out on the counters. This will free up some cabinets to put away even more from the counters. If you use hanging shelves, your table could be placed under them. If you use a bookcase, put the table out into the kitchen a little more. Try to find a place for the boxes that are on top of the cabinets. My husband hates to throw away any box( we just might need it one day, according to him). Once you can organize your kitchen, you will better about the entire space. It is difficult to relax in clutter and no place is harder to keep clutter-free than a kitchen. I agree with others that the sofa should go on the back wall and place a large mirror over it. On the window, hang a curtain that is the same color as the wall. Hang the TV on the window wall with your TV cabinet under it. The other chair can go on the wall down from the refrig close to the sofa. The end table would go on the back wall to serve the sofa and the chair. A lamp would go nicely on the end table. The baby swing could go between the refrig and the chair. Try to find a storage/ coffee table to put toys in. Good luck. Please post, I would love to see what you do.
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What kind of curtain will be good on the window? I cannot paint the walls or make any changes as we are renting this place and we are not allowed to do that.
I am thinking to move the couch to the back wall as suggested by most of you. Move the Tv and counter to the window wall. Not sure yet about what should I place beside the Fridge. My younger one is just starting crawling so I have to make sure there is enough space for her to move around.
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TaniaArmstrongKratt Design
email me at armstrongdesign@earthlink.net.
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Rab Zee.....Wish you could post the room's dimensions,please....
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For the curtain, I was thinking something simple and the same color as the wall. However, it might just be something that your little one might pull down as he/she learns to walk. The TV needs to be strapped to hold it in place. The Today Show had a segment about kids pulling flat screens over so food for thought. I had not thought of that. The straps are cheaper than most wall brackets( around $20, I think) and some landlords may not allow brackets screwed into the wall anyway. The way I was thinking about placing your furniture, the swing would go by the refrig. There should be room for the baby to crawl around.
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I have to ask why the blinds appear to be outside the window?
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@bygeorgi I have no idea of dimensions. I'll ask my husband if he can measure the room this weekend .
@rebk4 : thank you for the safety tips
@decoenthusiaste the blinds are basically in my other room. this window opens there.
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