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Design Dilemma

Great Room makeover help!

Angie SaintDecember 10, 2012
brand new to this site! I have zero talent with design and decorating! We are getting fresh carpet and are painting very soon. Will be using Behr Paints. This room is our central living space with four kids. We are very casual, and we are packing everything (as you can see every cabinet is being emptied!) up for the painting and flooring that is to come very soon! I'd love ideas!
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You've got a great space, and I like the living room being open to the kitchen. The dining tab;e and chairs are neutral, and the black sectional will work with a lot of colors. We could make suggestions all day, but it really comes down to what you like. Go through the photos and create an idea book. After a while, look back through the idea book, and you'll probably see a theme to the rooms that catch your eye.
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Here is a link to a family room makeover for 500 dollars. It came out so cute. A young family with 3 kids. This is the link to the decorator and then she gives a link to the video. You might get some good ideas here. Tell me if you liked this?: http://www.lindaholtinteriors.com/2012/10/more-budget-saving-tips-from-necn-room-makeover/
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Angie Saint
here is a picture of the room now that it is less cluttered. Buying paint tomorrow so i hope we get this right! THis is the view from the kitchen. so almost reverse from the first pic
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After you remove everything from this room to install the carpet, take the time to look around with new eyes. Removing clutter can open up ideas that you never thought before. (Once the items that are not needed are removed, do not put them back in! Find another home for them or throw away.) The three main things I see are wall color, room arrangment and ceiling height. I would remove the paneling all together as it does not add alot to the asthetic of this room. Since the walls are large, a warm neutral color would add a cozy element to this room that is lacking. The dining table should be right off the kitchen, and I would consider defining the space with wood or tile in the dining area, This would also open up the fireplace (I think I see one hiding back there) which would then become a focal point. I would paint the ceiling a slightly darker color than the walls to bring them down a bit. Search the site for all the cool things you can do with ceilings. Other ideas: Add built-ins (or a nice shelving system) to utilize the space more efficiently and add character. Consider replacing trim with thicker boards (not hard to do) which again adds character, Donlt forget easy and inexpensive ways to dramatically change a room such as painting the dining chairs a different color, finding fun and colorful accessories that are out of the ordinary and adding touches that reflect your personality. Good luck!
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Angie Saint
wow! Thank you! Yes, the room is being completely emptied and we've had the garage sale =) I know that paneling is ugly! The dining room table won't be returning to the room either. It is going in the dining room which had become a computer room but now going back! The tv won't be covering the fireplace anymore either =) I love your ideas. Thank you for the thorough reply!!! @chessa93
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Chessa pretty much said it all. Keep posting pictures. Would love to see the progress!

PS: You said you will be painting tomorrow? What color? And Chessa is right: paint the ceiling, even the same color as the walls. It will add so much warmth to the room.
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the essentials inside
Hi Angie Saint! Welcome to Houzz, I'm sure you will love it. As you wander around here, you just might find that you do have at least a little talent for design & decorating, you just probably never had that much time to think about it. Thanks for sharing your design dilemma. You have a great room with a lot of potential! Wonderful advice from everyone.

I do have some questions for you, if you don't mind:

-what color carpet did you choose?
-you probably already bought the carpet but if you didn't - any interest in hardwood floors for this room or worried about scratches?
-are you going to make a small "landing" space where you open the door w/another type of flooring?
-what room is beyond the fireplace?
-what room is to the left of the great room through the doorway?
(the above 2 are little of me being nosy :) & a little of thoughts of how the rooms will flow)
-are you going to paint the trim too (sorry if I missed that)

Also, are you including a redo of the kitchen in your plans? I'd suggest at least removing the wall paper and taking out the cabinets over the bar.

If you have time today, you might want to post some of your color choices here - I'm sure everyone would be happy to give you advice on your choices. The good thing w/paint is it is pretty easily changeable - just takes a little time.

When you get the room completely empty & with the new carpet and paint, can you upload some more pictures?

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I'd love to see the dining table in front of the fireplace.
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Diana Bier Interiors, LLC
Whoa, you seem to be putting the cart before the horse! The first thing you need to do when designing a room is to do a furniture layout, which means you need to consider first and foremost how you are going to use the room. What are the dimensions of the room? Are you purchasing new pieces or reusing existing furniture? Where are you putting the sofa, chairs, tables, dining table/chairs? Do you need room for TV watching, children playing, dining, quiet work? How large should those pieces be? After you've gotten your "road map" then you select colors, patterns, etc. Painting and putting in carpeting before you know the style and function of a room will not give you the most desirable and functional room.
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What does your new carpet look like? What color are you painting the walls? The ceiling? How old are your children?
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the essentials inside
Very good points Diana. Hi Janis! Angie - I'm sure everyone would be happy to help you plan your room in its entirety. Better to slow down where you can. I know it is hard, especially when you have kids!

Happy Sunday.

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If it's not too late, I would seriously reconsider the carpet. With 4 kids, in a highly used area which includes the table, I would use any other hard surface. Hardwood, tile, even linoleum which has improved greatly over the years, would be better than carpet.
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studio | FORMA
It looks like you are certainly serious about clearing out that space. ;) lol. Good for you!! I agree with "calidesign" and perhaps "RECONSIDERING" the carpet in your space. Specially since it is also linked to the outdoors as I notice there is a front door or back door to the outdoors on the first picture. A wood floor would look lovely with rugs under the dining table and seating area.

How much painting are you willing to do in the space? Would you consider painting the bead-board waintcot in this room, or the french doors?? The bead-board is giving the space a somewhat dated look.

Could you post a couple more pictues of the space? Where do the two french doors at either side of the fireplace lead to?? I can't really tell from the photo but is that the tv in front of the fireplace? Do you use your fire place? Also How about updating the Fan?

Here are some painting color scheme suggestions that I think would brighten up and modernize your space. I specially like the color combination of the cream walls with the french grey cabinets below and with the natural wood table. I could really see this working out nicely in your space, soothing out all the activities that take place in this space.
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Amy Cuker, MBA, LEED AP
try faux painting the brick for an aged look. did it in a client's house recently, really modernized the fireplace. www.down2earthdesign.com
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Amy: any links or photos of the faux painting 4 FP? I went to your site, but couldn't find.
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James Brooks
I had a similar room with a vaulted ceiling. Choose a style that is comfortable to you but try to do some space planning to scale in advance. Float furniture and use an area rug to define seating area or dining. Keep the design simple and functional and make sure your furniture is the correct scale. Good Luck.
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If you don't want to rip out the paneling, consider painting it a neutral, or even a shade darker than your wall color. Painted out, it won't chop up your wall height so much, and will continue to armor your lower walls against wear and tear.
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I, too, would suggest a re-think on the carpet. Don't forget that carpet and upholstery fabrics trap cooking odors, such as garlic, with your open floor plan. An exhaust fan can mitigate this to some extent, but not 100%.

Hard surface floors with area rugs would require far less cleaning time and effort, especially with 4 children (even if they are old enough to help with the vacuuming!)
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Amy Cuker, MBA, LEED AP
Here are before and after images of the same fireplace. the faux painting is the after. The room is not quite complete yet, so I haven't had it photographed for my website yet, but hope this helps!
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the essentials inside
jasen54 - great point about the odors.

Amy - love the fireplace! Can you share in this thread -- http://www.houzz.com/discussions/271787/Need-help-updating-central-structure-fireplace

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the essentials inside
Sooooooo.....how's it going Angie? Any progress on the room?

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