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Need help with decorating my living room

Hoda ElgamalDecember 10, 2012
Wall color is sherwin Williams tansy green and couches color is grey with green undertone , accent chair is grey . Would you please tell me what color and style should I use for curtains , accessories , table lamps, pillows in order to tie the room together . There is a picture shows a curtain I bought but don't think it works ,what do you think ?
One more thing this room opens into a formal dinning room which has the same tansy green color and a Mexican sand ( taupe) color .should I use same curtains and rugs in both rooms? Thanks
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Hi there - I think you have enough round swirly shapes, so the curtains might be overkill. How about a plain rust to match the swirl in the carpet? Then some textured and solid pillows to add to or instead of those on the furniture. I think some cream ceramic objects would be nice too. I tried to do some color correction on your photo as it seemed "warm" and I don't think it is quite the shades in the first image?
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The green is quite vibrant, wow! I like what you did with the dining room, the half wall being tan. I would continue that into the living room. I don't think you need anymore color, I would stick with tans and off-whites, keep your accessories and drapes neutral.
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Use one of the non-green colors from the rug for drapes and hang them on decorative rods. Use the same drapes in both rooms and hang the rods about half the distance from the window to the ceiling. Try a solid rug under the dining table in another of the non-green shades. If the measurement is right, you might try the patterned rug in the dining room and get a solid one for the living area. It would look better if the front feet of both sofas were on the rug. Remember a rug should be 4 feet wider and longer than your table to allow for chair scoot and sit room. Think about some art for behind the sofa and in the dining room. You could use a slender buffet or floating shelf in the dining room too. Maybe a painted piece would break out of the mahogany trend of the dining set and living room tables. BTW. The coffee table needs to be 18" from the large sofa so it is available for setting things on. Keep tweaking.
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Dawn Bowers_Chentfant
A great big spikey 70s inpsired starburst clock is just what this room needs!
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Manon Floreat
I'm not sure there's enough space for curtain stack for window panels. But you may be able to pull it off if they're stationary and made of a malleable fabric. However, they will cover the light switches. I'd like to see them pick up the rust color(?) from your carpet, as well.

For the dining room, I'd like to see neutral wheat colored panels in the same fabric as the living room curtains. And for you to bring the rust into the dining room with art. I wouldn't put an area rug under the dining table, but I would consider a new chandelier.

Attached is a collage with some some options to consider.
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Manon Floreat
Oh! Something like these color block drapes would be really fun in the dining room:

Custom Two-Toned Banded Knife Pleated Drapery Panel · More Info
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I would put valances on the windows in the living room. I'd add a table or floor lamp in the living room and either one large piece of artwork above the sofa or a grouping that would include a mirror. There's already a lot of color so I'd keep the accessories primarily neutral with small dashes of colors that you are already using. In the dining room I'd put a tall plant on one side of the window and balance that with either a floor vase and tall twigs on the other or corner shelving. I'd put a large piece of art on the large dining room wall flanked with vertical rectangular mirrors or mirrored wall sconces.
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Home Preppers
I love the style and colors of your room. Everything, though, is a little "matchy-matchy". I would remove the pillows on the sofas. Pull some of the other colors out of the rug for some accent pillows. Stay away from any more green and more swirles. Drapery panels can be simple and light in color. Add some texture with the fabrics you're using. That will keep things interesting. Use the same panels in the dining room. Two pieces of framed art, side by side, above the sofa. You're doing great!
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I have to wonder if the color correction that lessismoore created is closer to your actual wall color, or if they are truly chartreuse. The reflection of the green is so intense that your oatmeal colored sofas take on a greenish cast and I would be concerned that skin tones would also be affected with the intense color scheme. I would be inclined to limit the green to an accent wall behind the sofa.
Living Room · More Info
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Christi Maurer_Hoehn
I would bring in some of the creamy white of the woodwork and some of the very dark brown to tone down the yellow of the green that's accentuated by the tan. Floor to ceiling cream drapes in both rooms to add height and drama, use dark brown finials. Perhaps a low long shelf behind sofa to hold lamps, books, and accessories and more floating shelves above it at staggering heights to lean artwork on. If cost is a big consideration, you can also make a faux buffet with a floating shelf, some narrow lamps or wall sconces and a couple of cube seating/storage pieces tucked beneath to ground it. A large mirror above or several smaller ones in a composition. Some large prints with mostly cream and dark black brown as accents in the dining if you don't plan on putting in a hutch or other type of storage. Perhaps a couple of nice potted plants to ground the space.
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Kara Nichols
I think the main problem is the room doesn't have enough contrast, especially between warm and cool shades. Your room is reading all at the same temperature, really swampy warm. I think adding some cool greens, fresh whites, and a light aqua would cool it down and provide some good contrast. A white linen curtain would look great as the window treatment, with some seagrass baskets for a natural element and rust accessories and pillows to tie into the rug's colors. I would also add some greenery in the corner to give it a little breath of life. Don't be afraid to mix patterns & colors and break away from the "all brown/neutral/beige" approach. You could repeat the same drapes/accessories in the dining room to tie it all together.
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Tania Mitchell
Cream or off white, maybe with a bit of gold to lift the room. As you already have blinds on the curtains I would go a soft shear swag for curtains and loop them each to the outside so they almost look like one curtain maybe with a nice gold corbal to hold them back. Maybe even a single rod across both windows. I'd use the same for both rooms to give a sense of flow and space something different would be too jarring, as both rooms are so bold in your colour choices.
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I love your wall coor!!! I actually had my walls that color before! I paired it with candy apple red once and burnt orange another. A friend of the family paried hers with chocolate brown.I would add drapes to the windows in the rust color from the rug. Than I would add pictures to the walls with the colors from the rug in it. I would add lamps, something different(Home Goods, TJMaxx always have fun different lamps in cool colors) While at one of those 2 stores I would like for a center piece for the coffee table, either a vase or bowl. I would chnge out the throw pillows and add ones with more colors. West Elm or Target have great pillows at good prices. My first stop for accessories is always Pier 1 clearance section. I love Bed Bath and Beyond for drapes.

I would do different rugs in the living and dining room. The way they should compliment each other is through color.
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With your gray accent chair and your couch in a green gray I would go for gray drapes in both the living room and dining room. A gray shag rug in the dining room, the shade of the accent chair to tie the rooms together. Accent pillows in solids with texture in cream and rust. I would bring some of the crystal feature in the coffee table into the dining room with some crystal or cut glass as accessories.
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michigammemom: I think the third photo shows more the "actual" color of things, especially as she notes that the chair is "gray." So, maybe - would the poster be willing to duplicate the photos in daylight? Here is a paint sample of the Tansey green ... and the original pix... and a newly "tuned" version. I think it is helpful to see these side-by-side :-)
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Helen Boltin
I think some lovely long sheer curtains on beautiful metallic rods would be beautiful and wouldn't overpower the space. White would look elegant. A nice table lamp on the corner end table would be beautiful but norhing too heavy. I'm thinking something in acrylic with a very pale neutral shade. The focal point should be over the sofa. Because it is a small room a large mirror would be beautiful and make the space seem larger. A gorgeous, bold piece of artwork would also be great.
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arrgh - didn't post it!
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Banarsi Designs
I think a beautiful abstract painting on the wall with some contrasting colors would add a very nice splash to the room.
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I have a family room / dining room in the same scheme as your dining room, but our chair rail is higher at 42". We did the scheme two years ago and that two tone paint gets us so many compliments.

Don't try the two-toned or dipped curtain thing in the dining - it doesn't work. For the dining, a crisp neutral curtain in true ceiling to floor length if you have a dining set with fairly straight modern lines. If your dining furniture is more curved (ala french provincial) then a soft and draped fabric that is over-length and puddled on the floor. A white sheer also works. I've done all those looks and rotate my window coverings with the seasons. My curtain rod extends and the sheers cover more wall real estate than the other two. (I have a modern lines round table and chairs with pretty french curves.)

The curtains in the two rooms do not have to match. You don't get them both in the same view and it's more personal to mix it up. I like the rust colored idea for the living room windows, just keep the color more neutral than vibrant.

(I am considering playing with a black and white curtain in my dining room, black vertical strips (6"-12") on the edge of the off white drapes or else a black ribbon trim about 9" from the edge on each panel.)
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Just a suggestion - I am certainly no window expert, but I have had sheer pinch pleated drapes over venetian blinds before in a modern setting and it looked great. If you would get enough light in the room with the drapes closed but the blinds open or pulled up, I think sheer ivory drapes with a barely noticeable gold-toned metalic threaded design, hung just a couple of inches above the window frame on a gold-toned metalic rod with crystal or acrylic finials would look nice in both rooms. Pinch pleated sheers, made in the traditional drapery method, fall in beautiful folds instead of billows, which is a look I really like - soft but not froo-froo.

Additionally, in the living room, you could experiment with hanging the drapes all the way across both windows, also covering the wall behind the loveseat. It may not look good but I think it is worth considering. Maybe someone else can do a computer generated depiction of this.
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What's Inside Design Ltd.
Good morning Hoda,

First you need to decide how you want to "feel" when you're in this room.
Do you want the space to feel formal or casual, dramatic or peaceful?

I have a couple of quick and easy to remember tips for you that should help you choose the right accessories for the look you want to achieve: (based on what you already have in your space)

Peaceful = blues and violets
Dramatic = red!
Formal = shiny & smooth
Casual = matte & rough

Good luck and have fun!!!
WIsh I lived closer so I could be more help!!!
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Amy O. Woodbury
i do like that wall color. you can't go wrong w/ green. consider an original artwork: check out my houzz/project page. good luck!
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Relish Interiors
Your area rug should be a little larger, it should sit under your furniture to anchor the room, it should also contrast your flooring a little more. Add some drapery panels in grey or off white that go floor to ceiling and wall to wall (one in the center & 2 on either side) Lose the throw pillows that are too matchy - they make it look like the furniture was bought in a set (i assume it was, but you don't want it to look that way). Add a large canvas print or set of 3 or 6 small framed photos above the sofa. You need another colour as an accent. I would suggest grey to tone down the green a little. Pick it up in throw pillows, a blanket and some accessories for your end table.Maybe a console table along the stair wall with some accessories. I would change your coffee table to something a little more interesting. The whole room looks like an ad for The Brick, it needs a conversation piece. You also need lamps. Pick something unusual, and NOT 2 matching lamps please!
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Well YOU have certainly caught everyone's attention. :-) I am inclined to agree with the comments of Christie Mauer - I love the green - however I agree with her - you need something to balance this all out, and RUST is NOT my favorite suggestion. I like the idea of a substaintial drapery rod - which would go across both windows in the living room almost to the ceiling - very full - extra fabric - corner to corner. You need to balance out the weight of the furniture which is all full planted on the floor, This is a small living room and very busy - so adding height to the room with NO pattern is important to pulling the eye away from a blocky looking window space. I definitely suggest a lighter fabric - full textured linen - in a wheat, but better yet - sheers with a tone on tone pattern - there are tons of sheer fabrics these days and definitely make this front wall space look like one long & tall line.

I too would like to suggest a new fixture in the DR - perhaps a twist on the traditional chadilier or lighting fixture - something a little funky and fun - but definitely with some sparkel to it - perhaps a hand-blown glass fixture - with multiple lights. since you style seems to be light and unique and fun - I would go with this.

I am HUGE fan of lamps. I would check out Antique Malls, etc., often there are lamp dealers in these places. I would find some very interesting lamps - some which do not necessarily match one another - Perhaps something vintage from the 30's or 40's - unique? And yes, you need a floor lamp.

for the DR - what about one of those vintage sunburst mirrors for one of the walls? In a gold. I think these are actually in reproduction these days. Perhaps you could also find, some pillows close to you color scheme - perhaps some plain with different textures? I love the coffee table and think you have done an excellent job of choosing the basic decor - but I would stop matching every single thing and mix it up a little. Textures will make a HUGE difference. Perhaps even a micro-suede pillow or two - a plain semi-satin or linen in a wheat color - something with some trim - in different sizes and shapes?

When you do purchase lamps - don't forget about texture, shape, and color for the shades - this will direct the light into the space. Up light, down light, soft light - etc. do you want the shade lined - with gold? Add interesting Finials and pulls - all of these things are the final finish to a well decorated space.

Love the colors - just shake it up a little - great job. :-)
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Oxalis Enterprises
would you like to try these?
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What's Inside Design Ltd.
Here's an example of going "dramatic"!
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