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Painted Grey...Looks way too Blue!!!

hhulk123December 11, 2012
So I wanted to go with a contemporary look and chose a grey tone from Valspar named City Storm. It's a very Grey palette with no blue in the same. The Paint looks very grey, it was grey on my shirt and hands...but once on the wall...it is very blue! Is there anything that caused this or any decorating idea's that can reduce this? I was just shocked. The blue didn't really come out until most of the room was painted. I will be doing a dark grey accent wall opposite of these walls. Not sure if that will bring out the color.
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I love this color!!!
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I think the blue is intensified by the yellows in your carpeting and kitchen cabinets. I think the color looks nice. Add some artwork and an area rug and blue-gray accent pillows.

I'm not a fan of how the blue-gray looks with your wood kitchen cabinets. I would consider painting the cabinets out a white, dark gray, or black. Or, if you like the wood, try a different gray.
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Thank you!! I actually have already planned on painting or staining the cabinets a very dark color and then paint the island white. Eventually I'd like to put in a dark wood floor, but that will be later.

So bringing in some more whites and darks should help bring the gray back out?

Funny thing is I love that tone of blue....just not here. lol
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I think you wanted a warm based gray and when you put this one with the yellow tones in your cabinetry, carpet and sofa, you influenced all the blue tones to express themselves. This is why painting big poster boards of color and living with it for a while is the best way to choose paint. If you want a way to change the cabinets, try rustoleumtransformations.com. The gray is nice, you just have to be happy. The right drapery might break up the walls enough that it will become livable. Just be sure to hang them floor to ceiling. Try Country Curtains for longer lengths. They will send you ten free fabric samples to try.
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^^ Yellow is complementary to blue, so yellow wood tones will intensify the blue undertones in the gray paint. Painting the cabinets a dark brown/gray/black or white (don't use a creamy yellow white) will help minimize the blue.
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When i painted my livingroom i purchased 4 different shades of gray in small cans and tried it on the wall.I am so glad i did it otherwise most of them would look dirty purple or green or blue which i did not want.
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Try changing out your light bulbs. If you have traditional incandescent bulbs they give off a yellow tone that may influence how you perceive the color. I had a client who thought the carpet that we installed was wrong because it looked pink( it was a beige color) but once i changed out a few bulbs and she saw it in natural light, the problem was fixed.
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it looks a bit purple to me, espec in the kitchen. i woud definitely change it.
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As others have mentions it is the colors of the items in the room that are affecting the way your preceive the gray on the walls. One you paint the kitchen cabinets it will not look so blue. Changing your light bulbs will help. I think they are too bright (too much wattage) to start with. If you get a "daylight" energy saving bulbs for the lamps, you'll see a difference. Although it takes awhile to get use to light without the yellow tone.
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Hi---yes it's wrong for your space...Orange is opposite blue, and yellow opposite purple---so when these colors are paired they become intensified. You need to select a gray with a warm undertone. I'd go dark rather than light and forgo the accent wall. The deep hue will look great with your cabinets and furniture. Light colored floor to ceiling panels will balance the space. Colors: SW 7025 Backdrop or SW 7032 Warm Stone.
Best of Luck to You! :)
True Residence · More Info
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We Love Flatpacks
Also, did you have the paint mixed in a shop? I chose a cool grey for our living room and after painting it had a much bluer tinge to it than I imagined. It turned out that the guy mixing the paint had put slightly to much of the colours that enhanced the blue in the paint so we got it remixed. its now a lovely subtle cool grey.

My pictures not the greatest but shows the non blueness!
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I agree with Natalie and repaint the kitchen and forgo the accent wall. I hate accent walls in general. To me, it always looks like you ran out of paint or could not make up your mind. Maybe in special circumstances it would work but I have yet to see it.
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Unfortunately, I have always found grays with even the smallest of blue undertones in them always look much bluer when they get on the wall. We have a couple of bedrooms painted in blue grays and I've had to go further than expected into the "real" grays to get the minimal level of blue undertones I am looking for. Not a solution, I realize. Just a commiseration.
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... That is the problem with gray... though a very nice color (actually my favorite), sometimes...difficult to work with. I think it has to be a little bit more gray than "blue". In this case,more "white". Get rid of one "sofa" to make the space look roomy. And get rid of the the fan too... it's a old fashioned. What about an area rug?, I would paint the upper cabinets white and the lowest dark or medium gray ( to look more contemporary). Replace the chairs of the dinning room with a single bench, with a couple of chairs in front. I think the room is beautiful. Do not overstuffed it.
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Aggie Purvinska
I think it's your light bulbs.
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Wow, everyone's input on here has been awesome!!1 Thank You!!

So most of the bulbs are "Bright White" which is between Warm and Daylight. I guess I just need to get some contrast in there with window treatments, stuff on the walls and cabinets painted (I really don't like the cabinets so that will be first). And I guess if that doesn't fix it...then repaint it is.
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Try moving the chair with the numbers angled into the room and not right up against the other chair.
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Grey has that problem of looking blue on the walls even though it looks grey on the color swatch. I have had the same problem, so to solve it you need to go more towards the green grays. I have had good luck using Benjamin Moore HC-166 Kendall Charcoal, Sherwin Williams Rocky Coast SW1595 and very dark gray Sherwin Williams Ashwood Moss SW1484. Even though they have green in them, they look just gray on the walls without the blue. Also you can try Sherwin Williams Gunmetal SW1602. It is still a little blue, but not as much.
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