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Need help with small hall bath for 2 young boys!

taytorchDecember 11, 2012
We are renovating a small hall bath for our 2 sons. We are doing marble hex tiles on the floor, white subway tiles on the walls/bath and are trying to figure out the sink. The layout is the same as in this frightening picture. Will a free standing vanity/sink look odd in place of the pedestal sink? GC is trying to convince me it won't look custom enough as there will be ~2 feet of space to the right of it (nothing much wider than towel racks can go there to clear room for door to swing open). Vanity will have to be small - 30 inches wide and 22 deep. Where can I order something like this? Or should I go with a pedestal? Worry not enough storage? Thanks so much for any and all advice!
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I feel your pain, as I recently remodeled my bathroom and needed a small vanity for the small space. Personally, pedestal sinks seem so elegant and pretty, but seem to lack practicality, especially in a small space where we still need to store things. Here are a few vanities I found that might work for you. The first picture is of my bathroom remodel. The vanity sink combo is made by Pegasus, but I don't think they make this model anymore (It was a Home Depot special). However, you may be able to find something similar at Modernbath.com, if you like that style. Hope this helps
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Since you have two boys, how about a trough sink with two faucets? If the door swinging open in a problem, you can install a pocket door..or do a barn door style. Very stylish!
Seagrass Coastal · More Info

Kelley Gardner · More Info

Pasture Lane - The Farm at Banner Elk - Master Bath · More Info
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The cabinet suggested by the design group is a good idea. looks like there is a stool to the left of the sink which may provide some additional space for the cabinet if the stool is not needed. A pedestal sink in this location is not attractive because of the plumbing connections. A small cabinet will work better. Since there is limited space an 18" deep cabinet could be used instead of a 21".. This leaves you with a smaller bowl, but will still work. A cabinet could be installed above the toilet for some additional storage. if desired. these little baths are challenging but can be done with a satisfactory outcome. good luck.
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I agree w/ Darzy. The trough for 2 boys is perfect and ANY style frame can hold it up. I do disagree with the cabinet idea. The cabinet is a solid mass - a view blocker - a space taker. Try to visualize and you may agree? Good luck to you.
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Thanks for suggestions - so looks kind of split b/w smaller vanity and pedestal sink.... anyone else want to opine? All the ideas and advice SO appreciated!
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Sounds like you are off to a good start. Do you have storage elsewhere in the bath? I'm thinking with 2 kids using the space, you will want storage. One option to consider is an dresser/sideboard... or other piece of furniture that you have made into a vanity. You can get a custom piece of granite/marble/quartz cut for the top.
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If the choice is pedestal or small vanity, I vote pedestal and add a cabinet over the toilet.
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Melanie Hon
Stay away from pedestal! When I moved into my house, I lived with a new pedestal for a year before I couldn't stand it anymore. The lack of counter space or storage drove me nuts and I hated that you could see the plumbing. Boys also need places to put toilet paper, razors, hair gel, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc, etc. 30" wide by 22" inches is plenty of space, lots of vanities at home depot fit that criteria. The first picture I have is from home depot and is 30 x 18.1". I've also shown you my own pedestal to vanity remodel. I had space for a 36" vanity but it also came in a smaller width so if you want a vanity, it's definitely doable. (our bathrooms are similar)
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ESD Homes
I like the vanity in Darzy's first photo. See how it is open at the bottom with a shelf? You can have storage under the sink but still open for the visual. Can you have a vanity made for the space?
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Again, thank you all for your help! Here is another picture of the space looking a bit better (after the people cleared out, before demo). I think we NEED a vanity for storage because there isn't any other storage space in the bathroom. We can do shelves over the toilet, but since it's small, I don't want it to look too cluttered. I know this is a tough size to overcome! The radiator is gone now and window is being replaced. We have the Kohler Memoirs tub and toilet ordered if that helps visualize. Thanks again all - really appreciate it!
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Melanie- we really do have a similar bath. I like your vanity. I wish we could do the toilet on the shower wall like yours- would be much nicer.
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3D-Tile-Design - Bertram Tasch
Hello Melanie,

The plumbing work on your pedestal sink looks so terrible. Maybe the previous homeowner did it but if not, then the plumber was just a hack. All pipes have to come out of the wall and exactly behind the pedestal and they have to be very close together. Once the sink is installed every "pipework" is hidden behind the pedestal.

@ taytorch,
Did you consider installing a wall hung toilet to get more space. Here you'll find a collection of wall-hung toilets: ►
Ideabook: Wall-Hung Toilets · See Ideabook

All the "stuff" like your toothbrush etc. which is usually placed on your counter could be also hidden in an "in-wall" medicine cabinet. There are many pictures of such cabinets here on Houzz available. ►
EDITION 300 Keuco Bathroom Cabinet · More Info
- The cabinet in the picture can also be installed in the wall.

Please read also this discussion:


3D-Tile-Design - Bertram Tasch
Maple Ridge, BC (Greater Vancouver)
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I have the same old sink but with no faucet and handles. Do you have any idea where i might get them.
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I would send you ours if I could - but GC took them away during demo
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Philippa Richard - You Just Rightsize
I support Darzy's ideas

I would also advise steering clear of the pedestal. With a vanity you can get the taps mounted into the wall which then means that the basin can sit further back. I have rectangular countertop basins on a unit that is only 16inch deep.

A floating cabinet also gives storage whilst looking less bulky.
Ergonomically many pedestals are also too low - you have to bend over a lot - A floating vanity can be built higher (but keep a step for little ones).

You can also make use of the space above the toilet for storage. If this is somehow linked with a cabinet or mirror over the basin it will all look very neat and streamlined.

See attached picture for ideas
Modern Bathroom · More Info

Urban Edge Bathrooms · More Info
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Kingfisher for Interiors Ltd
My personal opinion is a floating sink - I've just used one in my WC downstairs as it's a small space. You need to avoid blocking areas with cabinets as this will enclose your space further. A thin piece of floating storage would be ideal for the boys to store their smellies - even better if this was mirrored as it would bounce light around the small space and have dual function as storage. The alternative is to create a recess in the wall, plaster/tile it out and create a mirrored front so that it is flat to your wall. deb @ www.kingfisher4interiors.co.uk, deb@kingfisher4interiors.co.uk
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Hi---definitely "floating" vanity as well as an open cabinet above toilet. I think your bathroom isn't all that bad, I've seen MUCH worse. I'd get the floating vanity/cabinet, a graphic shower curtain, new paint, fluffy towels, roman shade, perhaps new lighting, and forgo a total reno. Gray is in demand and you have it. Pics for inspiration-vanity, wall color (Rockport Gray by Ben Moore), and shower curtain... Good Luck!

Floating Bathroom Vanities · More Info
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Marble hex on the floor and "2 young boys"? It's going to be a maintenance nightmare. White porcelain hex with light grey grout would have the same vintage look and less of a problem with stains.

A pedestal sink would look less bulky because it doesn't interrupt the sightlines of the floor.

Shallow open shelves mixed with shallow closed cabinets (inset between studs if possible) the full width of the wall behind the sink and toilet would give you lots of storage and the horizontal lines would make the room look deeper. Towel bar between sink and toilet, backup towel storage elsewhere.

Put a grooming area in their bedroom for the hair combing, deodorant spraying, gel applying and other grooming that will start happening in a few years, with storage for those items in the bedroom. It shifts about half the bathroom use into the bedroom.
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With children you will want a countertop. The sink does not have to be a huge one but room at the vanity for two. a mirror spanning the length of the vanity. Storage for their things. Easy to access towels, tied or loop hooked so they don't end up on the floor. Open storage unerneath with each having their own locker bin for their things would be great. This will be an everyday that should not create disagreements so plenty of work area will be important as they grow. A step stool to pull out will be handy.

Have a carpenter or handyman build a countertop and open framework below for storage, to fit your dimensions, narrower here, wider there, entire length of your wall to toilet. Find a small sink, nothing huge is necessary. If two is necessary then space them far apart. Mirror the entire length.
Rie · More Info


Shornecliffe Residence Bath Vanity · More Info

IKEA has great sink options such as smaller or narrower, as well as faucets, cabinets and accessories
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A Direct Cabinet Distributor Corp
I agree with most of the advice you are getting. A vanity will clog up that entrance way. It seems there is very little space between the door and the sink area. I would keep the pedestal idea, and add a cabinet/storage towel unit above the toliet. Gives the boys a place for their bathroom products and a place for a hand towel.
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Yes, a small vanity for the sink will offer storage and hide the pipes. Good luck! I
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Maybe a wall mount that offers some counter space but with a smaller profile than a cabinet vanity. Here are some possibilities (top left La Toscana/Swing, top right La Tuscana/Tao, bottom left Whitehaus/Isabella, bottom right St Thomas/Nouveau):
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Check out Restoration Hardware for small vanity options. There is no doubt that keeping a pedestal sink will make the room feel much larger (especially at the entrance). I would also recommend a shower screen instead of a shower curtain. The glass shower screen will open up the space instead of a shower curtain that will visually cut the space in half.
Hilltop Lane Main Bathroom · More Info
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My guest bathroom had a mid century wall sink, and no storage. So when we remodeled I kept the vintage wall sink (love it) but had a carpenter build a simple storage cabinet that we recessed into the wall across from it to save floor space. I used subway tile to make a small counter on top, continued the tile to the ceiling and added glass shelves for displaying things. If you don't have enough depth for a cabinet, have you considered installing a heated towel rack instead of a standard one? Ask your GC if you can recess one into the wall. I have one in my master bath and it's fantastic. Good for drying swimsuits in summer and dries towels fast so they don't mildew. They come in all sizes and price ranges now. Good luck! Looks like a fun project.
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DirectBuy of Fort Worth
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Eleanor Stray
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If you could change the bathroom door to a pocket door it would free up some of that valuable floor space.
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Macral Design Corp.
Hi:I would like suggest you this bathroom vanity designed for small spaces.
It have only 15,7" depth and 31,5" wide. This product is available.
It,s great for kids bathroom too and have enough storage. 2 drawers with soft close.
More options in my houzz profile.
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Take care of the door issue and you'll have more options! I think the boys would probably love a barn door slider and a stable theme for their bath. No shallow sinks though! I've seen some on the posts and I think you'll need a deep trough or a deep vessel with two youngsters. Unless you're in love with mopping! You could mount one on some of the same barn wood as the door and extend the "shelf" across the toilet with shelves above. Love this take on a miner's gold pan to carry the western theme.
Richland, OR: Connie and Obbie · More Info

Pasture Lane - The Farm at Banner Elk - Master Bath · More Info

Bathroom Barn Door · More Info

Sinks · More Info
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Lindsey B
I just installed this vanity from lowes instead of a pedestal sink in two tiny bathrooms in my 80 year old home. I'm really really pleased with them!

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Gabberts Design Studio
I like the floating vanity along with shelving above the toilet. It will give you the storage, but not block the entry as much with a bulky piece of furniture. I like the idea of sliding a stool underneath if the kids are still young enough to need one.
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Eline S Ransom design LC
You can more easily change the door swing to an outswing door (pocket doors don't really close/lock and require rebuilding of wall where pocket is to be received)
Ikea has a narrow sink cabinet with drawers, integral sink and about 8" off the floor that I have used in a project and looks great. It also comes in more modest european dimensions.
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