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help with green walls in bathroom
ladyjustinDecember 11, 2012
I need help... I've never been a decoritive person but I just moved into a new house and the spare bathroom is like a sea weed green but a little lighter and brighter it... I need to know what colors and shades go with this because I really do not want to paint it.... HELP PLEASE! picture of bathroom and picture of the decor I want but not sure it matches
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I think you really need to paint...sorry. If you love the curtain,paint the walls the light blue and add brown towels.
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Jip...either paint or get other decor because the two don't go together. If you don't paint (and if the vanity etc is white and not ivory/cream) I would just stick with interesting textured white shower curtains and crisp white towels, with a piece of nice art or shelving above the toilet. And perhaps neutral sisal /jute type bath rug that blends in with the tile ??
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eg shower curtain from Sears (Essential Home Waffle Wave Fabric Shower Curtain - White)
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was going to say if the vanity and toilet etc are ivory or cream ,then go with the same color shower curtain towels and not the white ; )
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There are quite a few colours that go with that green, one of them being yellow and white. I'm not sure if that will go with the space you have but maybe yellow accents thought the room would be just right.
Good Luck!
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einat shahaf
I don't think that the walls are the problem , the floor is... But to answer your Q . pink is a great color to go with that mint green! Maybe put some wall stickers on to enrich the space and colors! Luck
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Well, I have to agree here - these two do NOT go together at all. And, although I know you do not want to paint this room - sadly - this IS your mother's easter egg green.

Painting is NOT that bad. Call all your friends over and offer them several great pizza's and wine! It will be done - just like that!

But, regardless - I would definitely choose some bathroom decor which is NOT quite so busy - very easy to get tired of this. Keep it simple and it will always look elegant.

You can always find some very nice things for the bathroom at a TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Home Goods store! Or, if you have one, Tuesday Morning, Pier One - they have backroom stores where all the sale items go. I actually think you might have FUN if you went to Pier One and looked at all the decorating choices. A wooden spa mat for your shower, etc. A nice tower shelf which would fit over the toilet - which can hold rolled towels and items for your guests - a basket of soaps, hand cream? Wash clothes?

What about just painting the entire room a wheat color, or a linen color - then if you get a darker stained cabinet tower for your towels etc., this will give you a great contrast and it will be very simple. And yes, a nice waffel weave curtain would be great.

please let us know what you decide. :-)
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I don't think the green walls are that bad, but, they really do not go very well with the bone toilet and sink. A better choice would have been a darker, olive-toned green if you were going to do a green. However, if you love the green and don't want to paint, I agree with everyone who said the shower curtain you want does not go with that wall color. If you really want a patterned shower curtain, there are many inexpensive shower curtains that would look nice with the green. Try Bed Bath & Beyond as a starting point.
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Instead of painting, I think this room is perfect for a sea glass motif. Play up your accessories and lighting with seaglass, maybe add some beautiful tile.
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thank you everyone!
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A Direct Cabinet Distributor Corp
I love olldbobbi's ideas if you want to work with what you got. Keep in the same color pallet of the green, sand color, creams etc. Don't add more colors to the mix with that shower curtain. But don't forget that Paint is the easiest and cheapest way to freshen up and get a brand new look for cheap.
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Maybe you should just stick with the whites, beiges, tans, and dark browns with the green walls! If you wanted to add some drama or contrast, paint the vanity an espresso (very dark brown) color, or a khaki color. I wouldn't use the shower curtain that you had in mind. Add some other natural textures like baskets, and a bamboo roll-up shade of you have a window in there. If you want a pop of color in the room, you can use it in a piece of artwork on the wall or a vase with some flowers or something. Those assessories can easily be changed if you tire of them.
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Oldbobbie: those are FABULOUS accents - LOVE IT!

Everything in those post's are fabulous and would definitely turn that tired bathroom on its head.
Ladyjustin: I don't think you could do any-better than untilizing some of those above items to integrate your space into a bathing HOTSPOT. Really lovely.

Still think you should consider adding some shelving above the "Throne" area - as this will not only provide you with space, but make an interesting addition. I know you can even purchase those toilet shelving units at places like target. And Pier One has some the best bathroom soaps, dishes, etc., shower curtains I have seen around for a chic and fun update.
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Thank you fife2!
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keep the paint, lose the curtain. go with white or cream for all else and some green glass details as shown. it is simple and pretty. could also do 1 red accent like a red mirror.
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You're welcome "old" bobbi :-)
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I'd paint and get the shower curtain and accessories you like. Why? Because the color of your floor is WRONG with the current paint color, yet Perfect for what you want... CheerS!
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Otrada LLC
Painting such a small space is worth it to remove this green. Not a fan of it with this flooring.
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Hi again... If you would rather not paint, then own it and use the seafoam as a background for more vibrant hues and not monochromatic colors... Keep towels white and fluffy... CheerS![houzz=Bright Green Oval Wall Mirror][houzz=Pink Painting By Davewright Art]http://denydesigns.com/collections/casey-rogers-sausage-dog/products/casey-rogers-sausage-dog-shower-curtain
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