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Help choose Paint color for vaulted living room dining room combo

SandraDecember 13, 2012
Just bought house with white walls. Getting it painted but not sure what color to use as its one open space. There are vaulted ceilings above living and dining area. I want to have some color but boyfriend says neutral is best for large wall areas. I was thinking about a light aqua with brown accents? Thoughts? And yes I have to redo the kitchen too! Hanging light is not staying. Thanks
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Elizabeth Edwards
I do like neutrals BUT this is too neutral even for me. Especially with the tile or stone floor I can't really tell makes it seem a little too ascetic. How much of the walls do you want to paint? You could add a lot of depth if you just did paint in sections and maybe different hues of the same color - the way it's constructed lends to that. Maybe by the doorway could do a deeper color or I don't know. I never know until I'm in a space - that's when I feel it. I don't think I like the kitchen cabinets at all, great light there ( though! Definitely take the lamp down, whatever is it doing there, ugh! That floor will be useful in the kitchen if you cook. Kitchen carpets are cute but will trap all crumbs and what not and then you will have the added chore of cleaning it, easier just to wipe it up with a paper towel. You have a fireplace, how lucky are you! I would create a cozy nook area via couches or whatever you like to sit in by there. Some area rugs for color and interest. Have fun, you have a great space, enjoy!
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It appears you have brown with the flooring and fireplace tile. I think an aqua would go well with that. It depends on what you want for the overall look of the room whether you want to go with a color or more of a neutral. A color to consider would be "rainwashed" by Sherwin Williams.
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Wanted to note that for the overall decor of the room, it's quite modern with strong lines, so think that some color on the wall other than white would be a good choice and something in the medium light range, not too light given the height, whether you go with a color or a neutral. Not sure how you want to use the space, but perhaps something like a sectional facing toward the fireplace and wall on the opposite side of the doorwall. An area rug and other fabrics, would help warm up the room as would wood for the tables as a possibility. A lovely space!
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Don't overlook the ceiling (the fifth wall). With high ceilings you can use high gloss paint or a deeper hue of the wall colour.
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painted ceiling
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Thanks all! Just got a quote to paint the house and it was $2800 without ceilings! So, shifted to more neutral color choice like a pale green/gray called Sea Salt in Sherwin WIlliams:
What do you think? I could add accents of brighter colors.
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Be sure to check that this isnt too grey for the floor and fireplace. Paint a part of the wall or foam board to test the color.
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Do you have existing furniture, or are u starting from scratch?
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You may like a grey with a touch of brown to tie in floors but reflect anything else u might add
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Interiors International, Inc.
Definitely put samples on walls. Check them at all times of the day and into the night. Artificial light will make it look different than sun light. Once you've seen them in all possible light then you can make the final decision and not make a mistake.
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$2800.00 is hefty. Is the white paint fresh? If so, why not leave it and just paint the trim a color? Look on the SW Coastal Cool fold out. There are 20 choices, one is Sea Salt. There are larger chips with punch holes. Take them all and put them on a loose leaf ring and now you have 20 colors that will coordinate.

You leave the walls white and paint the trim either elder or accessible beige. The front door could be another color. Painting bathroom walls should be easier. A rug will add color,and your upholstery will too.
Persimmon · More Info
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Carbary: I do have some furniture: sage green sofa and chairs, but will be replacing it in the next year or so.
Judy, the paint is a bit tired looking, but I think that's a good idea for short term.
Appreciate all your comments, and I guess I should take my time on color choice until after I move in, so I can paint samples and not rush to pick something so I can get it painted before I move it. Especially given how much it will take from my budget! Still have to have wood floors put into 2 rooms, and overhead lighting in every room!
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Oh, it's so much easier to paint before you move in. But if that's not possible, move furniture to the center of the room. And definitely paint before you put in new floors! You can be a little more messy without the stress. If possible, have a painting party. Invite your best friends and family to come over on a Saturday. You should have everything ready to go in advance.

On Thursday - buy the paint for walls and paint for the trim (tell the paint guy the square footage of your room and the height of your walls to determine how many gallons to buy), the rollers, roller brushes, the brushes, the drop cloth/plastic to cover furniture, paint trays, painters tape, a ladder, a roll of brown carpenters paper (at homedepot it's called Brown Allpurpose MaskingPaper) to cover the floor (it's cheap, ask the salesperson) - all this will probably cost you $300-$400). Buy more supplies than you think you'll need. You can always return what you don't use or use it for painting other rooms.

On Friday night, tape off the room with painters tape to protect the ceiling and trim. If the walls are in bad shape, use super fine sandpaper to go over it and then wipe down with a lightly damp rag. Doing this will add 3 hours to your prep time, but it'll give you a professional finish.

On Saturday, have coffee, granola bars, and water bottles available. Then, everyone can help paint the first coat. Tell the folks with rollers to roll on paint, don't press the paint into the wall. You don't have to paint, you just make sure everyone has what they need. Break for pizza lunch and drinks- which you provide. After lunch break, paint the second coat. After the second coat is on, ask folks to help you clean up - washing out brushes and rollers. Then pass out cold beverages and enjoy the group satisfaction of a job well done. Offer to help your friends when their time comes. Then they go home, you stay and once the paint is dry, pull off the painters tape.

On Sunday, put painters tape on the drywall around the trim. Paint the trim white. Play music you love. With food, drink, supplies, this plan will cost you a weekend but will save you $2400 based on your estimate.
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Here are some grey's that may work. I love taking existing colors and making a way for evolving into your future. These will let u have your floor (past) with future accents of just about any color. Also making your sage look great!
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You should paint the bathroom mocha for a relaxing feel:)You should also paint the living room a bright color since it is the first room you see:)
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