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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Need help arranging furniture!

libbybinDecember 14, 2012
Hey everyone. We are in the process of building a house and I have attached the layout plan for it. As you can see the great room is open to the kitchen and dining. Anyone have any idea how to arrange furniture? We also would prefer not to have the tv above the fireplace. Any help would be greatly appreciated, drawing on the plans would be so helpful! Thanks!
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Aggie Purvinska
How far along are you with construction? I am asking because the plan can use a serious overhaul. The Fireplace is in a really odd spot and needs to move to either a different wall or move inside of Greatroom and become the 3 way fireplace. It's not dong anything where it is except cutting away ath the bedrooms and bathrooms. Kitchen can use a new plan, too.
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We have not started construction yet, waiting on permits. We do plan to do the kitchen a little differently, and I do agree about the fireplace but not sure where else to put it? I love the outside mostly, and I do like how it is an open floor plan. Here is a pic of the outside.
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I agree with moving the fireplace to create a proper foyer area, and also the location of the front door is concerning as it cuts circulation directly in the middle of the great room. The front elevation would need some rework as well if the door is moved.
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I was asking how to arrange furniture in the great room. While I appreciate everyone's suggestions, i picked this plan because it's an open floor plan and unique. If the door is not centered on the outside of the house it would look dumb. Where you placed the fireplace is blocking too much as well. Again if anyone has any ideas of how to place furniture that would be great. The door and fireplace are staying where they are.
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I think I would switch the way the door swings open. Then you could create a entry type area to the right of the door, along the exterior wall. A small table, umbrella rack, that type of thing. And then I would create two seating areas for the greatroom. On the right (mid-way down the stairs wall) a couple of nice chairs, a table, lamp etc. On the left I would put the TV on the wall that is between the bedroom and greatroom. A sectional would L off this corner to provide some definition of space.

Will the front door be used often? Or will you mostly be in and out via the garage?

Good luck with building!
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I will be using the door from the garage mostly. Although guests will be using the front door. Thank you for your advice!
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Mary Dancey Interiors
I think that the fireplace has a very interesting position in the plan, could it come into the room just a bit and be a 3 sided fireplace as Aggie suggested or is it needed where it is for support structurally? The front elevation is very sweet and should stay the way it is though it does make furniture placement a bit of a challenge which is why you've come here!

Do you have existing furniture that you are brining with you to your new home? If so can you post pictures and dimensions?

Moving the direction the front door swings open is a great idea for the reasons mentioned.

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Ariane B. Interiors
Hi, I actually love the fireplace where it is and it can be an amazing focal point but it is also a great challenge for the furnishing. Anyway, in order to answer your questions there are a few questions to be answered if you don't mind.
1- How many people live in your family?
2- how do you principally intend to use the great room? (tv, music, family, entertaining..)
3- What would be a second use for that room? (formal dining area, reading area, game area, piano...)
4- Do you already have a table for the dining area and what shape and size is it? (for unity and proportion with the great room furniture, it is important to know).
5- any important details you might think of, like young kids, pets, special interests or collection, etc...
Let me know and I'll try to provide you with one or two options as soon as possible...
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Hello!! Here's an answer to your questions!!
1. Just the two of us!
2. TV
3. Reading area (i think to have another dining area would be too redundant)
4. I do not have a dining area as of yet
5. Our tv is 55" and I do have an ent unit for it. The measurements aer 60" Video Base, 2 Audio Piers & Shelf Bridge (L:104 x D:17 x H:78) --I have attached a pic. This is the only piece of furniture i want to use everything else I will be buying new!
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Ariane B. Interiors
Great, so far I think Joice has a few good points.

1- just for your privacy and so people ringing at your door do not have an open access to your entire living areas, switching the way the front door open is a must easy fix.

2- on your immediate right when you enter the front door, define your entry area with a small console for keys and mail, etc... And a couple of nice coat hooks for everyday use. You have a closet under the stairs for most of outdoor clothes so no need to clutter that area.

3- on your right, a seating and reading area that can also be a more formal seating area for visitors. I would have 2 nice chairs and a shelving structure for books and decor. I do not know how the wall adjacent to the stairs is so the shelving unit would have to be adjusted to the shape of that wall. A small coffee table or side table would make the area more cozy and usable.

4- on your left, as Joice said, put your media unit and TV against the wall that is between the bedroom and the great room. As a sofa, two options. Either a sectional but it would have to be a small one as you do not want to block the passage (by small I mean one that doesn't have a long return but maybe instead a lounge section). Or you can go for a straight three seats sofa in front of the TV. You can have a console (sofa) table behind the sofa for a lamp and a few accessories too. Define the area with a nice rug and coffee table.

5- fireplace. This is where it is tricky... You do not want to leave it totally unused or decorative. So you can opt for a third seating area... Yeah, that's a lot of seats for just 2 people;) 2 nice chairs facing the fireplace with a side table in between. Great for the hot chocolate on a cold winter afternoon or for a glass of wine on a romantic evening. It might start to be bulky depending on your choice for the sofa, so there is a more unconventional idea you can go for. In place of chairs you can have two nice "bean bags" ( not those withiut shape but either morrocon style or leathered, etc... and a cozy comfy rug or a cowhide (hey, I'm in Texas! Although I'm French...) Whatever you decide to go for for this spot, look for low profile seats.

It is hard to give you anything more precise as I do not know what your style is, your way of life, age, etc... But it is a good start to be refined, of course. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Dar Eckert
This will be tricky to furnish but I agree that a couple of club chairs in front of the fireplace would be nice.

Ground the living area with a large rug and place the sofa parallel to the stairs along right side of the rug. It could also be a L shaped sectional. Put the entertainment area along the wall on the right.

You will need a hall tree of some variety since you don't have an entry closet. Will the stairs be open?
Old Town Park City, Park City, Utah · More Info

I also like entry room dividers such as this:
Entry Way · More Info

master suite · More Info

Combination Mudroom and Laundry Room · More Info

Can be free standing, sculptural, book cases etc. I think the yellow one is particulary nice for your room and just one on the living room side of the entry.

Look up photos of entry room dividers and all kind of possibilities.
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Lee Poehler
Lots of awsome ideas. I feel divide it out in way still can be used as big picture too. Be creative on type of seating. an ottoman for your feet to relax can be used as a seat when entertaining. Here are 4 mock ups...my fav use a bench infront of the fireplace then whoever is sitting there can join in any of the areas or conversations. a swiveling chair brings that same effect. a sofa table or small book self provides a great catch for keys or mail and stoarage. could leave open and tuck two small square ottman style seatting that gets tucked away. Also tried to "colaborate" an ideabook with you. multifunction rooms all by Candice Olson my favorite decorate on TV.
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Mary Dancey Interiors
I love the picture posted by Dar named Entry Way - everything about it including the ceiling. You may not want it to be as deep into your room but I think that this is a great way to define your entry way and put a little bit of privacy in the mix. It will also create a cozy spot for tv watching if you chose to put the tv on the bedroom wall as suggested above.
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I know you are asking about furniture placement and have nixed other ideas on your plans, yet I want to offer another one. There are 3 windows in each of your 2 small bedrooms, yet your master has only 2. I would suggest swapping the placement of your bath & master to creat more windows & light in your master. I personally love cross ventilation. I think you could do this without adding square footage or you could consider a bay. It's only a suggestion so feel free to disregard.
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Thank you everyone for your suggestions!! I think we're going to have a dining area in the great room when you walk in to the right and to the left will be the TV area. We will put a breakfast nook right off the kitchen. For the kitchen we are going to change the island and not make it at an angle. Please let me know if you have any more ideas!!
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