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Need help for kitchen

sbrunne1December 15, 2012
Looking for suggestions to have a more modern/contemporary look. I.e. paint colors for walls, cabinet colors, countertops, backslashes. There is a pergo floor and just need some extra suggestions. Thanks!
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Check out rustoleumtransformations.com for cabinet solutions and colors. The brick backsplash would look better in subway tile. You might be able to replicate the look with a DIY product. There is one called "Instant Granite" that transforms Formica countertops. You need drapes instead of the dated vertical blinds. and the pattern and color of the window treatment can start your modern look and colorway. Consider LED puck lights inside your open cabinets and some glass doors for them as well.A drum chandy hung 36" above the table would look great. Sell your dining set on Craigslist, or remove the tiles, insert glass and paint the set black.
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Good start! I like you knife, fork spoon art in the dinette area. First, I'd remove the shelf above the microwave and modify to fit the microwave on the bottom shelf to free up that counter. I'd paint the dinette table a dark charcoal, then the chairs the same gray as your art work for a more contemporary look. Those blinds have got to go! Even if you just get grommot style drapes (with backing if light issues) would be easy to open/close.
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J. K. T. Construction
I installed this backsplash, it was really nice after it was done. Just an idea.
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I've always wanted to do a "dark" kitchen, but I always end up doing white! You have a good start. Love the open cabinets! I take it you painted the insides as well, a sort of dark rust?

Before you can really decide on a color scheme, you need to decide on the countertops and backsplash. IT's easier to find paint to accommodate any color you put there instead of the reverse. Look through houzz.com and magazines, go to kitchen outfitters, decide what you love. Do you want marble or granite countertops? THen decide what color you can afford. Do you want black countertops (dark gray with white subway tile backsplash would be stunning providing you paint the walls something comparable)? Do you want color in the backsplash or on the walls? REmember: color can become dated and you can also get tired of it. ANything that's permanent should likely be a neutral (with the exception of some backsplash tiles - I never seem to get tired of aqua glass or copper-tone penny tile).

The dinette chandy should be no more than 36" above the table. I'd paint those chairs and possibly the table base something dramatic -- whatever color you decide to use as an accent (black? red? lime green? whatever).

Definitely get rid of the blinds. I'd like to strangle whoever invented those things. They've been a decorating eyesore from day 1! If it's sliders, simple draperies with metal gromets on a rod that's slightly wider than the doorway. Is this a frequently-used exit?
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Thanks for the suggestions so far. I am DEFINITELY going to get rid of the horrible blinds. I had not considered painting the chairs an table but will look into that now. As far as countertop and cabinets does anyone have experience with the rustoleum transformation? The LED puck lighting is a great idea. Thanks so far
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Camelia Holley
I've got a lovely new kitchen with a pink work surface and matching shelves. The faces of my kitchen planners was an absolutely picture. Pink! I stood my ground and it works. Will supply pictures if you wish. You can't be sad in a pink kitchen.
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Holly Ferguson
I have used the rustoleum cabinet transformer. It wasn't hard but a little time consuming. There is a video on their website with a tutorial. As a money saver, you could paint the brick. Just a thought.
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I have never used rustoleum countertop transformation, but if you go to this link you can read some reviews........http://www.lowes.com/pd_1705-90-258283_0__?productId=3327520&Ntt=rustoleum+countertop+paint&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3Drustoleum%2Bcountertop%2Bpaint&facetInfo=#BVRRWidgetID
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Just from a cursory glance, I have the following suggestions. Your kitchen will never look modern/contemporary with your current table and chairs. They are about as country as you can get. Change out the light fixture to something more modern (some good suggestions above) and update the range hood and microwave to stainless to match your appliances. Better yet, replace both of them with an "over-the-range" microwave. Replace the brick backsplash with subway or mosaic tile and update the drawer pulls. Finally, remove the wood valance above the kitchen sink. Oh, and you have to loose the vertical blinds ... nothing says 90's more than they do.
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I will look into rustoleum, blinds will definitely go. Thanks everyone so far and might all excellent suggestions. Any suggestions for wall color? should injust keep it the plain it is now?
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Do you have any other storage than what is shown in the kitchen? Is more storage needed? Is that an island separating kitchen from dining, or is the dining a separate room? A few more photos from different angles would be very helpful.

While your dining set is in fact country style, I think the chairs could work in a contemporary space -- especially if painted. I probably would change the table, however -- perhaps to a glass top. Or if you like the table top, you could perhaps remove the legs and replace with inexpensive Ikea metal tube legs. A new light over the table would have a huge impact.
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While there is certainly diversity in modern/contemporary design, it often leans toward minimalism and little visual clutter. So replacing the cabinet doors (hopefully they are slab or Shaker style) might help achieve the look you desire.
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I'd also turn the utensil art around to stack horizontally on the wall -- that too, would bring a more contemporary vibe.
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I have plenty of storage; that is an island that separates so it is all one room. I have a rack for pots and pans but just have not hung it up yet that will hopefully help me achieve the look
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Here is a link to some "budget" kitchen spaces, I don't know your budget, but I think incorporating colors like this in your kitchen would look awesome..........http://www.hgtv.com/decorating/kitchens-on-a-budget-our-10-favorites-from-rate-my-space/pictures/index.html You could keep your existing countertops, paint the cabinets black or very dark espresso. (fill the holes of the hardware located in the center of the doors) Update lighting, love the suggestions above...some type of drum shade fixture. Update the faucet to something with more impact, whether it be completely modern or transitional. I personally feel you could definitely do transitional more easily than completely modern. And in the image I attached from the link provided, you cold paint your brick white, and the wall color in this image would be beautiful with your current countertops. I would paint your chairs and table to match whatever you paint the cabinets, then add modern centerpiece and table runner to make it appear transitional.
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The open cabinets give you lots of room to play with color. Paint the back / inside wall of the cabinets one color and the exterior of the boxes another complimentary color. This will show off your dishes with flair. You have a lot of dark colors already, so balance those with something light, like cream or white or even an apple green or teal-ish blue, on the back / inside wall. (Your red dishes will really pop!).

Alternatively, the brown is a classic color, so if you painted only the inside of the cabinets you'd be just fine. The brown and the brick are timeless classics. You don't have to change them to get a contemporary look.

Another thing you can do is add mirrors to the back / inside walls. It expands the room more than you'd think, plays with light, and really shows off the things you have.

Leave the brick, if it's real. Remove anything that's been there for 10 years or more -- the lighting fixture, the vertical blinds, the table and chairs. Those are easy changes.

If you add one contemporary pop color - don't hold back - to the backs of the cabinets and change out the things noted above, you'd transform your kitchen in a day.

Consider putting your microwave and toaster on a small table or bar cart against a wall so that they're off the countertops. The cleaner the lines, the more contemporary the look. Have fun!
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On a $1000 budget:

$100. Put the cabinet doors back on to reduce visual clutter. Paint them all black or white.

$150. Replace light fixture over table.

$50. Paint table and chairs black, leaving the tile surface white.

$100. Put up new curtain rod and full length panels to replace the vertical blinds.

$200 Pick up a color from the curtains to paint the kitchen and dining area.

$400 Install new backsplash.
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something about your kitchen brought to mind alice water's kitchen. why not enhance it's cozy charm rather than starting afresh..
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If the pergo floor drives you nuts, I can think of two good options. Floating laminate floors are relatively inexpensive and easy to install yourself. Just wait for it to go on sale. If you have more time than money, paint the floors. You'll be sanding and putting like 5 coats of primer on the floor before doing the paint color, then apply a few coats of clear to protect it. You can even paint a fake area rug or a design if you are feeling spunky. It will give it a fresh look until you are able to afford something else.

Paint is your very best friend when you are decorating on a budget. I would suggest picking a focal point for your kitchen and painting it an unexpected color. In contemporary decor black, grey, and white are often overdone. Consider a bold color like turquoise, royal purple, even a confident yellow. Whatever makes you smile when you think about it.

Are you artistic? How about painting a mural on that brick back splash?

The table and chairs can be worked with. I think painting them will work well enough but you might want to consider chair covers and a tablecloth with a runner. I'm picturing a few fist sized rocks all painted the same color lined up along the runner. The chandelier over the table isn't bad. You might want to change the globes or you could easily make an electric lit string ball to hang in it's place. Any size and color you want.
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If this was my room I would paint the table and chairs black, frame the sides of the window with grommet curtains, instead of replacing ur vertical blinds cut them to the length of your window if it's not a door, if it's a door keep the verticals and use it as a blanc canvas and draw a scribble scrable in black with some accent color keep it very primitive, and last I would change out the chandelier for something simple but bold maybe from ikea, hope this helps.
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