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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

I need help finishing my home office.

abroadduDecember 17, 2012
I'm not sure what to do! The wall seems bare, however, I don't want the room to look cluttered. Any suggestions? I thought about adding shelves above the desk but not sure. I am attaching two photos. Thanks,

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There are a few things not that are contributing to a "cluttered" look. First is all the bins under your desk. Are these files that you need to access? Or you could you store them in a cabinet or closet? Why the mirror? Could the two objects on top be placed somewhere else?

I would go through the bins around the room and see what you can toss and what could be donated.

I would also keep the blinds down and open to let in light or pulled half way up for neater look.

Rather than shelves over the desk, I like a storage unit like this:
Eclectic Home Office · More Info
and these file cabintes on wheels are flexible:
ASAP_study_w.jpg · More Info
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KM&M Designs
If you want an uncluttered look you are going to need to purchase some better office storage. With all the stuff under the desk and next to the chair on the floor you are already there. You need filing storage with drawers, so everything is enclosed, bins are not that good a solution in this case. Go to a used office furniture store and see if you can find something that will span the back wall, like a couple of lateral files. An auto body shop might paint them for you in gloss orange to match the wall. Shelving and boxes with labels above that will give you a well organized room with a neat look.
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Thanks for the quick response.

The mirror swivels. The other side is a bookshelf.
I like the cabinets on wheels!
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Janel Campbell, CKD,CBD,CAPS/Neil Kelly Company
I agree with the above comments for storage containment, but what about changing the arrangement of the furniture? Instead of viewing the desk as you enter the room, move the desk to where the chair is, and the chair to where the mirror is currently. The room can becomes more inviting.
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EB Interiors
I would turn around the mirror so we see the bookcase, more suited for a home office...also a better desk with more storage or overhead storage is essential for a more organized space..unless the stuff in those bins dont need to be there.
I also love a big framed corkboard in a home office.
you can prob use a bit more lighting in there too...



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In the picture the chair seems to dominate the corner. Consider reducing it's impact by putting a giant poster on the wall behind it. Other than that bit, I'm with other folks. Change the furniture around and look for some good storage. I'm partial to IKEA for storage and AllPosters.com is good for giant posters.
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Gabberts Design Studio
Install some floating shelves above the desk and accessorize with desk items to clear off the desk top. I would purchase a standing floor lamp with no storage, as the one you currently have looks too busy. Also, I would remove the standing mirror piece, as it's just adding more clutter.
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If you enjoy the view out your window, you can turn your desk 90 degrees so the back of it is just at the left side of the window, like a peninsula. That way you can look out the window instead of at the wall. It will also free up more wall space for shelves.
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I like the office so far, and I'd say you're almost there. Just a few finishing touches.

How about some cool shelves on the wall?




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Renaissance Home Staging
The flow of this room is awful. Put the chair in the corner next to the window. Go to Clic studio cabinetry, and get yourself some nice shelving units, cabinets to hit all of that clutter. Pic a fabric, and have some draperies made for that window,.. and maybe an accent pillow and throw for that chair. This room screams bland. You have contemporary furniture and artwork that does not match. All of those "bins" are nothing more than excuses for not putting in the right storage. Sorry to be brutal, but this could be a functional room, and instead it is an effort that is merely playing, around.
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A home office must contain a filing cabinet and some bookshelves - at the very least.
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What are you using the office for? Does it function well for you? What is that piece of furniture in the foreground - light wood with picture frames on it?

I would consider moving the desk to the orange wall and moving the chair/ottoman near the window. I would substitute baskets for the black bins to bring in more texture. The black desk seems too dark for the room (in the photo, but maybe it looks better IRL.) I would put up a bulletin board over the desk. Wood blinds perhaps instead of white? There doesn't appear to be a lamp on the desk - I would get a desk lamp.
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Aegean Designing Whims
I think the right artwork would really help. And if you're up to it, possibly stationary drapery panels in a print, with both wall colors within the pattern.
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Thanks for sounding off. I have what I need.
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