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ssriekeDecember 19, 2012
Turned a 1955 two colored split level into this....but not sure we are done yet with the exterior. Something still seems wrong. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
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Before photo house is blue and white. After is orange and grey...
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Tera Lambert
I don't like the orange, I've never seen orange on a house. Maybe we live in totally different places and that's normal or popular there. I would have to get rid of the orange, but everybody's taste is different. You probably wouldn't like my house color, LOL. I might would change the orange to black, but I'm not an expert or anything.
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I'm impressed -- Great job! On first impression, I really love the color blocking and combination.

Upon reflection, maybe the orange above the garage needs something, but I'm not sure what.
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Schoolhouse Renovation Inc
I think the orang should wrap extend on the other side of the windows so it appears to connect to the orange on the porch facade. It is too isolated alone in the middle of the windows. Just my thoughts.
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Design Mode
You have really updated your house with the new entry, and added great impact. What a difference.
I think you should paint out the orange above the garage. There is no architectural feature there, and no a reason to draw attention to that area with a bright colour. Your two orange tones at the entry are the focal point, and it's only natural for visitors to want to know where the door is. You have a unique, and cheery entry, and if I was visiting, I would keenly anticipate looking at the interior.
On the rest of the exterior, your colour blocking on the roof, & upper and lower areas creates subtle and interesting contrasts. It all works. (Except that mysterious region above the garage.)
Under the windows on the right-side, I think some lime'green & white variegated low plantings would give you some freshness.
Play with it on a computer paint program.
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I agree with the orange looking part could be a bit darker with more brown tones to blend in with the siding.

zipper house · More Info
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Thanks for taking the time to provide great feedback. I appreciate your responses...will post more pictures of the after to give you a better idea of the rest of the house.
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I love to see orange on the outside of the house, it's fresh and unexpected. If I were allowed where I live, I'd have an orange front door.

I agree with others that there's something wonky about the orange above the garage. Maybe continue the orange ONLY to the left of the left window. Also paint the front of your chimney orange, and a vertical area under the right-most window of the house (same width of the window, all the way down to the ground).

I think you need some vertical and some horizontal color blocks to make it look "right".
A Small Retreat by the Ocean · More Info

This one is a bit much for your house, but check out how interesting an angled line can be. You can do that with paint too, maybe to the extreme left and right of your house.
Fabio Galeazzo Brazil · More Info

I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the inside!
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I think you're drawing attention to weird spots on the house with the orange paint. I would paint all what you have orange now the dark gray color and paint only the front door orange.
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Tera Lambert
I agree with mmilos, if you are in love with orange I would only have it on the door to make the door pop. But with the dark gray everywhere I think a red door would be beautiful.
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I like the look, but if you go a shade or two darker as Dytecture suggested, the yellow tone door will pop more. The porch post could be larger. It might help to add vertical boards to simulate board and batten in the area between the windows and the porch roof.
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creations landscape designs
I would suggest killing the lawn and replacing it with plants. I have many photos albums in my profile to give you ideas.
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as you can see, I love orange! Basically the addition to the house is Eichler vertical siding and is orange. Any "new" on the house is orange with the existing siding grey.
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orangecamera, I added those houses to my ideabooks. Yes, I definitely appreciate mid century modern and the use of vibrant color. After all, it is just paint and it makes me happy!
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These photos show your house off better than the first one we saw. I take back what I said about adding boards to make it look like board and batten. But I still think the porch post could be thicker.

I really think what the house is missing is landscaping. Most modern designs are very linear. It looks like the tree makes for a shady front yard, so the plants will need to be shade tolerant. I would make a minimal grass area and plant native shrubs, perennials and self seeding annuals. Look for varigated and burgundy, as well as, green. Look for something with height for the space between the two windows on the right. See:
Front Yard Retreat · More Info
steps · More Info
San Francisco Residence · More Info

How about a rock garden?
Spokane Midcentury - Mary Jean & Joel E. Ferris, II House · More Info

I would also update the lighting, so you can get rid of the pole light.
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Dar Eckert
You're gutsy to use so much orange. I love orange too but think its all good except for the rectangle on the garage. It seems like it should be a band of orange or the garage should be orange. You coould paint the entire gable orange but that would be too much.
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Hostas will grow beautifully in your shaded yard.
    Bookmark   December 25, 2012 at 4:19AM
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Scott's Creative Home
Love your color selection and the use of contrasting hues. The color block over the garage draws the eye and is really not the key focal point of the home. It's important in Feng Shui to draw the energy into the front door. Consider an architectural element for the windows above the garage.
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I hope you have a larger support post in mind for the porch - way too slender. I like all but the part between those windows. First thought: you put a piece of plywood leaned inside for a window covering. Don't mind the orange, but I think an orange metal awning spanning that space and those windows would be a more logical and appealing solution. Check out some xeriscape solutions to the landscape - they don't have to be cacti as some believe.
Exterior · More Info
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Interiors International, Inc.
I like it. I do agree that the orange over the garage needs something. Maybe if it were bumped out a bit to create an architectural statement as well, just a thought. The entry post NEEDS to be more substantial.
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Marzia Razavi
Let the grass grow up to the tree. Get rid of the mulched area next to the driveway and fill with grass, the hedge up agaisnt the side of the house near the door, notice how it blocks the line of site to the door so replace with more suitable plants, house needs a contrasting colored trim I think....put trim around windows and paint a contrasting color, add shutters to windows. Get rid of the orange painted...??
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Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design
Began to like your orange blocking with more photos - do agree that your entry post needs some oomph! In the photo below we added metal element with the orange and it worked well and check out the posts!
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I like the orange. I even like it over the garage. If you keep the orange over the garage, consider more orange at the other side of the house under the windows for balance. Big orange planters or a rectangular orange strip under the windows would work well. Definitely enlarge the post and add lighting so you can get rid of the lamp post. What a great redo!
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The Tin Roof
I like it! Orange is such a nice pop of color around here on all those dreary days we have. I'd agree with some landscaping and including some orange elements in the yard somewhere. I think looks looks amazing - great job on a nice update for your home!
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Luminous Spaces
I agree with Scott and many others that the orange doesn't look right over the garage. It is definitely the first thing that your eye is drawn to and it seems to fall flat. It does not help the design scheme at all, but instead drains the energy. I would paint that gray as well, perhap add an architectural metal element to hang there so it's not just a solid block of gray. I love the colors at the front door and other touches around the home. Add more substantial plantings are the entry and hostas around the tree is a great idea from toocutedobs! Good luck!
    Bookmark   May 25, 2013 at 3:02PM
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How about some fancy black iron work designs on the orange area's, something to make them pop!
    Bookmark   May 26, 2013 at 10:27AM
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