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can you believe this wallpaper-help

lexiekDecember 22, 2012
We are buying this house which will be beautiful once the wallpaper is removed. The dining room, powder room, master bed and bath, all wallpaper has to go!!!!!!!!! The curtains are beautiful, with golf, neutral, clay, moss green in them. The owner's girlfriend said she wanted to pull those colors out throughout the house. She was talking about accent wall with the clay color in each room and then a gold color???? We are leaving the my boyfriend's ex's house and starting our life together, so excited about ideas and getting it looking pretty.
This is a transitional ranch, with walkout basement, 2 bedrm, beautiful outside area that needs nothing. The basement is fine, just the upstairs needs HELP!
Look forward to your ideas!
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Sorry, I am confused...which curtains are you referring to, and what would you like help with in particular...paint colors? furniture? Good Luck.
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Interiors International, Inc.
Please just tear out that paper! Any color paint is going to be an improvement.
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When you get paint, ask for a matte finish. It is washable, does not reflect light so the colors are truer and imperfections in the wall are not visable. You can use flat, which is less expensive, for the ceilings.

If you want to do your whole house in one color, I would do Dove White on the ceilings and look at these neutrals:
Grant Beige HC-83 · More Info
Shaker Beige HC-45 by Benjamin Moore · More Info
Benjamin Moore Northern Cliffs 1536 · More Info
, houzz=
Coastal Fog AC-1 by Benjamin Moore · More Info
Revere Pewter HC-172 by Benjamin Moore · More Info
, and
Camouflage 2143-40 Paint · More Info

A Grant Beige space:
Orchard Dining Room B · More Info
. A Shaker Beige:
Seeley Living Room A · More Info
. A Northern Cliffs room:
Bridge Street Residence Living Room · More Info
. Here is Costal Fog:
Mary Best Designs · More Info
. The very popular Revere Pewter:
Ravenna Craftsman Dining Room · More Info
. Last and not least, Camouflage:
Wyndmoor Residence Master Bath · More Info

Camouflage would look especially good in the bath rooms with the beige tile.

I like the drapes in the living room, but think the ones in the dining room are a bit fussy.

Avoid the temptation of putting things on top of the kitchen cabinets. They just become dust collectors.
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Great color suggestions and photos by houssaon. Just removing all the wallpaper and furniture would be a great way to start.
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the curtains that we are going to keep are the ones that are behind the tree. By no means am I keeping any other window treatment, but those are pretty and nice colors. The window treatment in bedroom has to go also. I am open to any suggestions, and need them in order for everything to flow.
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I think simple matchstick blinds would look good in the bedroom:
Peter S. Balsam · More Info
. Here is one example of matchstick with panels:
Hospital Home Lottery 2012 - Master Bedroom · More Info

Or you can cover the entire set of three windows with panels on a decorative traverse rod. This room has panels and sheers on a decorative rod:
Mapleview Residence · More Info
. The nice thing about traverse rods is that they make it easy to open and close the curtains. This hardware is really handsome:
Master Bedroom · More Info
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Mary Koczwara
Congratulations on your new home purchase!

The pictures provided by Houssaon depict elegant spaces. Yours can look just as elegant. Your instinct to get rid of the wallpaper is right on target because there is much too much pattern going on.

Also, be careful of OVERaccessorizing. Every flat space does not need a knick-knack. Do not feel that you have to hang something on every wall. Group art together on one feature wall. Allow some blank walls for the eye to rest. Use symmetry for balance. Use lamps, chairs, framed art in pairs. Study the pictures provided by Houssaon as they definitely point you in the right direction for calming elegance.

What style of furniture will you be bringing to the home? What type of feeling do you want your home to evoke?
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I have blueberry leather couch and recliner chair, and then a couch and loveseat in a gold-moss green tweed couch. One set will go up and the other down, not sure which. Yes, I agree with the people about too much going on above the cabinets, appreciate all the comments.
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HI---if you're keeping the drapes that are behind the tree then place the gold-moss green sofa in that room. Paint walls a neutral hue throughout---LOVE Northern Cliffs as suggested by Houssaon. Good Luck removing the wallpaper and borders---what a nightmare... Have fun and keep us updated. :)
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You need to take into account the colour of your floor. Is the carpet going to go?

More clever people than me might disagree, but I don't think that you are going to get any long term satisfaction from the curtains. The interior of the house is nice and stark, like mid century modern, barely has any skirting boards or cornices or architraves: ornate Victorian curtains will never work here, I don't recon.

I am suspicious of people who suggest paint colours without knowing what is happening with the floor, but those muted colours would seem to work well with the lovely kitchen.
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The carpet in the main room is more of a light gold-neutral. The bedroom is a light tan. So, it sounds like I should replace the curtains in the living room? . The more I think, I don't think I would like the clay accent walls, that is just too trendy. I don't want to paint then paint again in a few years just to stay up with "trends." Rather pick more neutral colors and add accents, that is much more economical. The kind of pictures that draw my attention are the Mediterranean pictures.
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PLC Interiors
Wow, you certainly have a big project ahead of you. As an Interior Designer I see many spaces like this....here are my suggestions:

Of course remove the wallpaper and prep the walls for painting. When you do paint, paint out the wood trim in a white or lighter colour to compliment the wall colour you EVENTUALLY choose. I agree that this should not be done based on pictures and certainly should be the LAST thing chosen.
Remove the carpet and replace with a good vinyl (drop and done looks just like real wood and comes in planks). This will cut cost and be softer on the feet while absorbing sound.
Replace the light fixture! You could go with a long thin pendant and still put a large piece of artwork on the end wall.
The drapes REALLY need to go. While they may be of beautiful quality, they are very dated and will not help you improve the look of the space. Look for inside mount drapery like silhouettes from Hunter Douglas.

I hope these suggestions are helpful...

I'm assuming you will have your own furniture and will not be loading up the corners with oversized pieces....

Every room should have a focal point...decide what you want yours to be...you could even have a wall mounted plug in fireplace on the end wall ! Now that would be fun!!!

Best of luck!
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Someone obviously loved decorating this house; anyone who could put leopard spotted paper in a powder room has a sense of humor. You may have a sleeker or more minimalist style in mind.

My comment is to work on one room at a time. Take down the curtains, strip wallpaper, then paint. Once you get the wallpaper stripped, you can decide if you want to replace carpet now or later. Take a second look at the curtains out in the bright sunlight once the wall paper is gone. The sheers in the dining room can be washed or dry cleaned and re-hung straight up and down if they are not worn and sun-damaged. The top treatment is quite dated, but the fabric could possibly be re-used after cleaning. Price new curtains before you discard these neutral sheers. If they are damaged, just get rid of them.

The heavy reddish curtains in the family room might be kept if you like them. They'll look much different when the walls are newly painted.
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Holy moley! It looks like a wallpaper store blew up in there. For a change, the best room in the house is the kitchen! I think right now it's hard to know what to do, except the obvious - remove the wallpaper and paint the walls a soothing color, those poor walls need soothing. When decorating, remember that less is more and leopard spotted wallpaper in the bathroom is frightening. Or at least it would scare me!
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