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furniture layout help needed

daytimedesignDecember 23, 2012
I am a first-time homeowner with nothing but hand-me-down furniture that is functional but not ideal. Before I set out to buy new stuff over time, I would like to have a plan of action. I don't know the smartest order of operations to move forward. So, I was thinking perhaps I'd ask for your recommendations for a furniture layout (seating most importantly), and with that in mind, what kind of window treatments would you then suggest?

A couple of items to note:
1. the living/dining/kitchen is open concept

2. i like having a full-sized sofa ("big blue") where it is as it helps define the living room space. i put the loveseat there before and it didn't work.

3. i don't have a tv. currently i have a computer on a cheap desk in the corner where a tv would likely go. i don't really want a desk in the living room but no where else makes sense. and i need to keep the computer somewhere nearby because i use it all the time to play music while cooking/entertaining.

4. The 4th photo down mimics my layout quite a bit and I think the design is beautiful. My room isn't large enough to accommodate a couch of that length however: http://www.younghouselove.com/2011/05/house-crashing-a-sleek-happy-home/

If additional photos would be helpful, please let me know. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

P.S. I love how my dog photobombed every shot...particularly after she absolutely refused to sit in front of the Christmas tree for a holiday card photo.
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Very first thing….you have an adorable old telephone table.

My first thought would be not to place the blue sofa where it is. You think it defines the room and I think it cuts off the open floor plan feel.

Pretending this is my room I would:

face a sofa toward the fireplace
put the t v over the mantel
smaller area rug in front of the sofa running horizontally to the fireplace
glass and iron coffee table
two matching end tables on either side of the fireplace
two lovely table lamps
two swivel chairs, one in front of each end table.
desk (a real nice one) against the staircase wall with an upholstered chair and desk lamp.
Leave the front wall, with those great long windows, unobstructed with either plantation shutters or woven Roman shades

There are some wonderful sofa tables which you can run behind the sofa and then tuck a couple of ottomans underneath and then the back of the sofa isn't as "unfriendly". Or put your desk behind the sofa.

Vaulted living room · More Info

That dog is a hoot. Why sit in front of the tree for a photo when he can introduce himself to hundreds of houzzers!
Bountiful · More Info
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I think the style of your current furniture may be too "big" for the scale of your space. What about a more contemporary L-shaped sectional (facing the windows and the fireplace)? Then add a high backed chair in front of the windows. Install a single curtain rod above all three windows and hang curtain panels of your choosing. Place a small secretary table where your Christmas tree resides for your computer. Move the telephone table to the left of your front door if it'll fit.
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Consider moving the computer desk under the double windows in the dining area or at the stairwell in place of the telephone table. I hate to see large furniture blocking your long windows, so consider forming an "L" with the two sofas, putting the end table that is by the FP in the corner the "L" makes. Slide the coffee table so it is no more than 18" from the blue sofa. Put your blue chair on the window side of the area. If vents aren't a problem, you might consider turning the rug. With the exception of your chair, you have a lot of squares and rectangles going on, so when you start replacing furniture, I'd start with a round, glass topped coffee table and a rug that is more patterned and colorful. The colors in it can set the colorway for your room. There are apartment sized sectionals that might work for you if you like that look. I'd suggest two small scale swivel chairs plus a table to set between them.
A piece of art above the FP and pretty stationary panels for the windows would be an added softening touch. Would you be interested in built-ins on either side of the FP? A mantel would add a lot too.
My Houzz: Cape Cod Style in California · More Info

Ackerly Park ~ New Albany, Ohio · More Info

custom stain finish · More Info
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I would take the brown couch out of the room altogether and use the blue sofa facing the fireplace. I agree, that the current arrangement cuts off the room. Take the blue chair and put it on the right of the fire place facing into the room with a tall lamp behind it and the desk to the left of the fireplacefor now, although I don't like it there either. Post more pictures so we can help you with the desk. The other stuff on the left side of the fireplace add nothing to the room right now. Paint the coffee table a dark brown/chocholate and turn it the other direction once the couch faces the fireplace. Buy a new area rug with the color blue, brown and whatever colors you like.
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I don't know how long you will keep your present furniture. If awhile I would purchase slipcover for "big blue".

I agree with first poster: thought the same things: Try turning rug and facing sofa towards fireplace. If that rug is too large to fit there, try it under your dining furniture.

Put blue chair on the side of the fireplace with the end table next to it.

Move "Little Brown" sofa out.

Tv over fireplace, just keep it low and angle for viewing.

Pet the puppy!
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Thank you for your suggestions! I will move things around a bit and post additional photos. I am planning to buy all new furniture for the room, just not all at once. In the meantime, here are a few additional photos. For fun, I have also added some before and afters of my living room renovation in my ideabooks.
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Try the desk in the kitchen where the picture is right now. When not in use as a desk,use it as a buffet table. You said you play music while entertaining, that would be a good place. A closer picture of the desk would help. Also think about drapes to define the two spaces. Also the rug under the table is too small. I would remove the runner too. This space has so much potential. It is a nice space to work with.
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Okay I removed the brown loveseat completely. In the 1st two photos, the blue chair is to the left of the fireplace, the desk stays. In photos 3 and 4, the blue chair is to the right of the fireplace with a lamp behind it and the desk is moved under the window in the dining room. The layout in photos 3 and 4 causes the dining room to feel cramped. I just don't think I have enough room for a table there under the window or under the picture. Right now everything feels pushed to the perimeter and I have a "hole" in between the dining and living room. I don't mind "big blue" in this location but I think since my house has contemporary windows/beams etc, that "big blue" is too large and country looking or something.
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I really like the sofa facing the fireplace and I also like the "hole" as you now have an open floor plan look. The rug isn't right. It needs to be centered; right now there is too much to the right of the sofa. It also needs to go up closer to the hearth.

I like the blue chair on either side. Do you have another chair around the same size to pair with it?

When the tree comes down can the desk go on that stair wall?
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You know what else would give you bang for your buck are these pillows from etsy.com. $18.00 each.
Decorative Throw Pillow Cover, Moroccan by Instant Makeover · More Info
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Like this much more! But do center rug and pull forward as Judyg suggested.

The blue chair needs the end table to be next to it. Person sitting there needs a spot to sit a drink down! Most folks are right handed, so usually want the table to the right side. Eventually a chair on each side would be great.

And desk would do well by stairs if that would work for you. For right now, try blue chair + end table next to the window. Then the desk could be on the other side, only angled out from the fireplace, so that person sitting at desk could look towards the window. Cords could be hidden by a large, well placed plant.

Keep tweaking!
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This time, I removed the dining room table rug and placed a small green console table underneath the dining room window (good call tennisanyone). The depth of the green table is fine but I'm guessing it should be the width of the window?

I also added a second chair to the left of the fireplace just to see what it would look like with two. From the photo examples that you've all shared, it seems to be popular to place two identical chairs to the right and left of the fireplace facing the center of the room. i'm not sure how "cozy" this layout is for guests. i have a group of friends over on a weekly basis and right now this potential layout only seats 5.

visually, i really like the idea of built ins on both sides of the fireplace. the only problem i have is that my fireplace is basically flush with the drywall, so if i added shelving, it would stick out beyond the facade of the fireplace. i will tackle the fireplace eventually. i have only scrubbed the brick to clean it and spray painted all the brass a dark brown color. i'd love to add a mantle but that's another post.

judyg - i almost have that pillow exactly! thank you for all your suggestions. yeah, i know the rug is off a bit but i moved the furniture by myself and can't fix it alone since "big blue" is heavy. also, a desk can go where the christmas tree is but the desk chair would stick out into the walkway when in use. i'm leaning towards that idea though. if i add the desk there, where does the telephone table go?

also, you guys are right. moving the furniture off the wall with the long windows looks much better and lets in more light than i expected.
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So much better. There is no "Hole". The whole space feels so much bigger from here. Please try moving the rug up towards the fireplace by two feet. Put the blue chair almost on the carpet. Remove the end table next to the fireplace and put it next to the couch either on the left or right. Put the green table under the picture in the kitchen or please try the desk. Leave the window blank underneath and frame with the window with drapes on either side and almost to the ceiling. It will give your room height. I like that other chair too. Matching would be better and two slippers chairs in a pattern would be fun too. Just pull everything a little closer. Now that the conversation area is coming together, the desk needs to move. I would leave the kitchen table but maybe update the chairs at some point by painting them blue if you are keeping the furniture for a while. All this decorating and it didn't cost a thing so far.
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I take back putting the green table under the picture. Too small and I don't like it under the window. either. Try the desk under the picture in the kitchen or at least measure it out. Does the desk have drawers? Hard to see. If not, then I would try it under the picture in the kitchen and use as a buffet. Not every corner has to have something in it. Rooms needs to breath. Bed Bath and Beyond has a great selection on pre made drapes to frame all your windows. I think you are off to a great start. Shop the other rooms in your house. I see a sun room off the kitchen. I am sure you have plenty of things that can be brought in the LR. I hope you like the new layout.
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I know you guys won't like this, but I had to move the loveseat back in the living room (it was hiding in the kitchen) so that i can bake some christmas presents. i took off the brown slipcover since everyone dislikes the brown blob. i promise i'll get rid of it after the holidays.

i moved the green table underneath the picture in the dining room. it doesn't have a lot of functionality there but a desk would be too large. i agree that nice curtains will take care of that window.

i removed the side table to the left of the fireplace and placed it to one side of the couch. i placed another side table and added a lamp. i don't love them there yet.

i lit a fire for some ambiance: )

all the furniture in the sunroom is white wicker. the green table is from there. it's my mail station.
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Ideally, how many do you would seating for in your living room? Eventually you could do a sectional sofa with the bulk of it facing the fireplace. Then a couple of smallish matching chairs along the window area. And a few pillows along the hearth!

Your room is looking much better. The addition of pillows on both sofa could be used to tie in the two different colors: beige on the blue sofa, blue on the beige sofa!
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Looks like a new room already. I agree that the furniture in the sun room doesn't go with the furniture in the LR but maybe you can put the rug in the LR in the sunroom and get a more colorful rug in the living room eventually. I hate to be so picky but put the small plant on the coffee table and the larger one next to the chair on the right by the window. This is my favorite kind of decorating. Using what you have.
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When you move everything up by a foot or two you will see that the room flows better. Do you like it? I see you have the same lamp in the sun room. Can you move that in the LR on the other end table? A big rug in your sun room too. I think I would paint your kitchen chairs green and leave the table as is. It would add a bit of "punch". There is no stopping me once I get started. I see so much potential. You have such a great space. Just a few tweaks with what you have is all it needs.
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i moved the carpet up, didn't die. i have a solid deep red carpet roughly the same size. but i think something with a subtle pattern and multiple colors would look more sophisticated.

i like the layout much better, yes.

i moved the telephone table to the left of the fireplace. i added the lamp from the sunroom. not in love with it. i can't add the lamp to the other side table beside "big blue" b/c there isn't an outlet there.

here are all the side tables i have available to use.

i don't mind moving things around, this is fun.

thanks for your help!
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I like it alot and glad you didn't die moving things. Move the end table from the left of the couch out and try the dark table there. I really like how this room is feeling. Do you plan to keep the beige couch? If so, I would get two slipcovers in a neutral color and then acccessorize with pillows. I think this layout works. I don't love the telephone table there so maybe move it next to the tree when Christmas is done. Where is your desk now?
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I love doing this so how would you feel about one day moving the beige couch in the sunroom and getting rid of the wicker couch in there. I would spray paint the two wicker chairs chocholate brown and mix in some blue/green with pillows to tie in the couch in the LR. I think all the rooms would flow much better and all you had to do was spend money and time on paint and painting and of course two new patterned chairs in the LR and drapes. At least now you can have a plan if it works for you.
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OK one more suggestion, if you move the beige couch in the sunroom,, try the end table in that room with the lamp next to the couch in there. I think breaking up all the wicker will be a nice change . My motto is " It costs you nothing to just try it and if you hate it, you can always move it back". Post more pictures if you can.
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hi daytime! I've been following your posts .... what a difference you've made already! I like the blue sofa where you have it now, and the coffee table; and the table lamps; the beige sofa is one of your "givens"; I was wondering about putting 2 white wicker chairs in front of the window wall--and move out the blue armchair? I am also wondering about moving the large tan end table to the right of the blue couch; moving the med. brown end table to the left of the fireplace, with some narrow, tall artwork above it; and
then the desk back in the corner to the right of the fireplace....will it fit there the long way left to right?
Is this working for you...or more confusing??? Mostly..... just enjoy your BEAUTIFUL space, and friends and holidays!
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I will try a combination of these suggestions tomorrow. I did switch out all the end tables and I don't really like any of them there at all. And that side doesn't have an electrical outlet so I'm not sure that it's a must have anyway.

I don't love the idea of wicker in the living room but I'll bring in the chairs for a visual for furniture layout possibilities. I'd love to get a small apartment sized couch or loveseat to replace the wicker couch in the sunroom, but that's low on the priority list right now. My parents bought the beige loveseat in 1992. I want you to want me to get rid of it.

Thanks again for all your suggestions.

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Cheery Curtains
Hi, you may also consider nice curtains for the windows. Here attached are some photos of curtains you may like.

For more curtain designs or any questions, welcome to my Houzz page!
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I do not like the wicker table in the LR. Try the beige couch in the sunroom and put the two wicker chairs facing each other on either side of the couch. I do not like the bookcase by the door with the end table., too many small tables in that area. Take some books off of that shelf and put them on the coffee table to accessorize too. Now that you moved the lamp to that side, you do not need the small tiffany lamp on that piece by the entrance or the whole bookcase. When the tree is down, you might want to try a console table with a large mirror over it . I also think the rug can be moved towards the windows so the couch sits on it. Leave the left side of the couch free right now. That might be a better way to get into the room from the entrance.
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Here are a couple remixes. I don't like the wicker furniture in the living room at all, but it's light so I can move it around easily for layout ideas.
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NO NO. I like the idea of two of the same chairs but not the wicker, although you said you are just using it to see if you like the idea. When you get two chairs, face them into the room next to the fireplace, not so far up but just flanking the fireplace. Put the blue chair back in the corner and take out the beige sofa. and try it in the sunroom with the two wicker chairs on either side. It is throwing off the room. Move all the furniture up to the fireplace by two feet. I think you can see how the room feels better. What do you think?
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The third picture on the left I just looked at again. If you get two chairs, put one where the blue chair is now and the other one on the opposite side too. That can be another option or you can try it with the wicker chairs before you invest in the chairs. Then you can get two matching pieces to go next to the fireplace, one for the TV and the other one for whatever you want. You can add glass shelves above them or two bookcases. Just a few more options to think about. Not sure about budget but these are simple changes right now. Too many chairs will feel like a waiting room. Amazing with just a few changes and your willingness to try it, the room is coming along.
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Daytime Design: you have been busy!

For Christmas, I would go back to your arrangement back up a few posts: blue chair by window, little beige sofa by big blue, only a blue throw on it rather than the red.

In your photo of the three side tables: I would put the smallest, darkest and narrow one next to the blue chair. On the left would be fine: left handed folks need tables also!

I like the end table that matches the coffee table between the two sofas. And just use an extension cord hidden under big blue to add a lamp to that area!
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I"m liking the look, as it is lining up more with the suggestions I made yesterday. Good that you are willing to play with it a bit. You haven't tried turning the rug yet - that might make a difference. While "big blue" looks nice facing the FP, it really is massive and I think the small brown sofa it its place would make the living area appear more accessible from your entry. As you're playing with layout, the wicker chairs can sub for the two swivel chairs I suggested. Here are a few just for style ideas - color would be based on your furniture choices if you buy other than what you have now.
Rebecca Leather Swivel Chair · More Info
Cody Swivel Chair · More Info
Contemporary Virginia Beach Swivel Occasional Chair · More Info
Rowe Baldwin Swivel Chair - Natural Floral · More Info
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Okay, so I added the light brown table and the lamp (the lamp shades don't match) beside big blue. I used the dark brown table for the other side. I moved up all the furniture about 2 feet toward the fireplace. The space between the light brown table resides and the post feels tight now. If I move big blue back away from the fireplace, it will alleviate the tight feeling but I wanted to show the photos anyway. I have to leave town shortly but I appreciate all the help.
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Only you, being in the room can really judge what is working!

From the pics, I again would like to see the small dark side table moved from the blue sofa to the side of the blue chair. Looks to be a really good fit there. And the one lamp between the sofas would work. Taking away that end table from the blue sofa would also work to allow folks to walk into seating area.

Definitely love the blue throw on the beige sofa. Really works to tie this area together!

Safe travels!
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Which one will you use? I think the one with just the couch and two chairs (think about swivels chairs too) but it has to work for you and not just be a show house. The space looks like it can seat at least five and two on the hearth or pull up some kitchen chairs when you have company. If you think about getting two cabinets on either side of the fireplace and doing glass or black shelves or bookshelves, with a cabinet underneath then you pick up some storage too. I like the bookcase by the door gone too. The entrance feels so much bigger from here. I really see the fireplace when I look and the beautiful windows. You are off to a good start. Glad you are having fun rearranging. You have such a beautiful space to work with and everyone should enjoy their home. Have a wonderful holiday. See you in a few days.
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in photo 1 - moved the table beside the blue club chair
in photo 2 - moved the plant beside the blue club chair
in both - the side table closest to the wall and lamp has been removed.
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I like the blue chair in the corner with the table. Table is too tall but you get the idea. Move the chair a little more in the corner but still on the rug. I love it, what about you? I like the blue throw that you added. I really see the whole room now and such tall ceilings. It would be fun to do a side by side, before and after. You have some good options about how the room could work for you. Now you can go and get new furniture whenever you are ready but in the meantime, this room is nice and comfortable from where I am sitting. I have to ask, do you miss the desk in there?
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i'm not at home now but here's the "before" and "so far". what i really notice is how much more natural light is coming in!

i also included a photo of the "before" when i have people over. people usually grab a dining room chair or sit on the floor. folks don't tend to want to sit on the wicker chairs when i bring them in as options. i have people over pretty often and the open concept usually works - some people linger at the dining room table, others in the kitchen, but eventually we all make it to the living room. but for a "permanent" arrangement, i don't want the living room to look like a waiting room either. people will usually find a place to sit, but seating just for 5 people seems too few to me. i could be mistaken. visually, i think it looks nicer without the loveseat at all. but practically, having the ability for 2 more seats is nice. i could add a fabric "seat" along the fireplace hearth (when not in use of course).

the walls to the right and left of the fireplace definitely need some height. would it look strange to add shelves on either side considering the fireplace facade is flush to the drywall? i have considered those leaning ladder bookshelves but i'm not sure since the ceiling is on a slant.

i miss the desk for its use but i don't miss it's absence in the living room. once the christmas tree is gone, i will experiment with moving the desk there. another idea i have is to get a tv, connect it to the computer cpu for movies and music. then i wouldn't need the computer desk since i have my laptop to use anyway.
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As I posted yesterday, built-ins would make the FP a WOW! Not ladder shelves though - they are on the way out and are too flimsy for your heavy dark FP. Do you have an IKEA nearby? Lots of people use the Billy Bookcase so you might check them out.
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Tracy Penner
Unbelievable how rearranging that furniture made the room dazzle. And I think having seating for six is a basic if you entertain a lot. Great work!
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It is amazing how much better the room looks already. So much lighter and brighter. I was wondering about painting the fireplace brick to lighten that up too.
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Taking a mixture of your suggestions, I pulled together a design board. I can't change the direction of the furniture, but I can mirror image it or flip it. All the furniture is from the olioboard website. I can add specific pieces that you share.
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I like two matching pieces by the fireplace. Next to my fireplace,, which like you, is angled, one side is a bar with wine racks above and the other side is the tv. Both sides have the same base, same wood but different pieces on top but has one cohesive look because of the wood. Both of my pieces are the same height too. Makes it look more custom and keeps the sight line the same. Hope that makes sense.
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