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carpet color and accent chair color
December 23, 2012
Hi guys its me again....im looking for a good carpet color and accent chair color for my living room! Please help me decide...also u see thw gold mirror on top of the console table..should I change it to dark brown or silver border mirror? I hVe one more week to prep! The curtain color I have a teal color curtain ....and lamps are chrome with white shade....
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Anish Motwani Associates

the curtains and lamps are fine

Just add good colorful carpet below the centre table - mix of turquoise blue, green and brown - it will change the whole look

the sofa upholstery - make it beige color

add colorful cushion cover on the sofa - colors like red, blue, yellow... go retro

check images in my ideabooks

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Thank you.how about accent chair color?I'd like to put one on each sideof the console.i would also like ideas on how to decor my console table.should i change the color of the mirror since i have chrome lamps?if yes why color?thank yun advance.
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Love these fabrics I found on the Kaufmann website. I think if you're going for a formal look, the stripe would be great for the accent chairs. The large floral would make it more casual. Wait until you've chosen the rug and chairs before you decide on the color of your accessories.
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I would have a cream carpet and patterned accent chairs, bringing in a contrast colour, I love soft coral with that blue and cream, or you could go stronger to an orange if it appeals to you. Maybe look to the colours in hanging pieces beside the mirror if you intend keeping them. Hard to see the mirror and console table, the gold looks like it could be fine. You have too much happening on your console though, just the lamp and one small accessory should be sufficient. Decide on your chairs before accessories. Attached are some photos with similar colours to yours for inspiration.

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I think the first thing I would do is hem your curtains a bit shorter, they should just touch the floor, not puddle. Beautiful room! Adding an area rug is a great idea. The wall hangings you have on either side of the console table, the colors don't seem to go. I would remove them and move the table and mirror to the right, add one club chair in the corner to break up some of the symmetry and add interest. Including the lamp, the table shouldn't hold more than three things, right now it's a bit cluttered.

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Aggie Purvinska
Some ideas for you...the lamp shades are a little too white for me, maybe something taupe?

The mirror is fine...the pillows are great, the curtains a little bright for my taste, but they look nice. Maybe something very simple for the rug and more fun on accent chairs?

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Mary Koczwara
Because you have chrome in the room, I would recommend a gray trellis rug such as these:

[houzz=San Francisco Charmer]

[houzz=Casa Blanca]

Gray and turquoise work well together.

If you would like to mix in some gold - as shown in your gold clock - then you could go with a gold/yellow trellis rug such as this one:

[houzz=Vanessa De Vargas]

Do buy a rug much larger than the one shown in the picture. Measure so that the rug will fit at least half way under BOTH sofas. If possible, pull your sofas away from the TV. In the pics, things seem a little cramped and 'boxy'.

It looks as though the room is going in this direction:

[houzz=Amelia Bed - How Suite It Is]

This room mixes gold, silver and turquoise as well as the ivory found in your sofa. In this picture, the trellis pattern is found on the wall instead of the floor. If you want to go with this look, consider an accent chair in turquoise or yellow/gold with some sofa pillows to match. Use your existing drapes as your color guide. Speaking of curtains, the blue curtains look fine puddling on the floor, but do consider hemming the sheers.

Also, consider replacing your coffee table with something that has a lighter, airier but more glam feel such as these:

[houzz=living room]

[houzz=Shari Misturak of IN Studio & Co. Interiors]

If replacing the coffee table isn't in the budget, consider painting it the same color as your sofas. By doing this, the main furniture components will be ivory neutrals allowing you to replace curtains and pillows with other colors when you want to change your look Place some metal or glass sparkling accessories on your coffee table after painting it.

To tie in the other side of the room, consider replacing the yellow/green/red tile art on either side of the mirror with something a little more "glam":

Thanks for the opportunity to think about your space. You've got some really great anchor pieces. Now you just need some icing on the cake.
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I would recommend a light colored rug with a cream background to match your sofa. Dark rugs just soak the light up in a room. I also like the idea of painting the coffee table and maybe even the console. Your floor lamp is very pretty but looks a little sad back in the corner.
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One more comment on the drapery. I would take the sheers off the rod. They're covering it up. Get another untilitarian rod in white and hang the sheers behind the rod or at the top of the sliding doors.

These sheers are hung at the top of the window:
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With the gold clock and creamy sofa, I'd leave the mirror gold. You see how well cream, teal and gold work together below. Second shows a gold mirror and chrome together so you're OK. Agree on a more creamy shade for the lamps and a bit larger if you can find. Here's a rug that would work.
Amelia Bed - How Suite It Is
Hillgrove Project
Wallflower Turquoise Rug
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Jayme H.
I would do an accent chair similar to the curtain colors/or with that color in it. For a rug, one also with the color of the curtains in it/with a neutral background. For the mirror, silver would go better with the lamps. But what about black ? Are u keeping those other pics on the sides of the mirror?
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Hi guys please check this out..i bought chairs from Craigslist and placed peal pillows on each chair.i also removed the two wall design on the side of each console...IM still looking for the carpet ...thank you all for the advices....i have a corner table and i want to place flowers inside the vase...please let e know what kind of artificial flowers and what color combination is nice....thank you spoon much...lease check photos...
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I like the chairs and the mirror looks better on its own, but the pillows are too big for the chairs.
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I think the chairs are nice, but would look better with the cushions squared instead of balancing on the corners, as at the moment they look too big on the chairs. Also, to get the look of upholstered chairs, maybe some sort of runner on each one with the colour of the curtains in a patterned fabric? I love teal and duck egg blue, and have them in my own living room!
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Jayme H.
Vases with natural materials such as branches are pretty in vases. Agree pillows r too big. The runner idea on chairs is a good one!
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I think your colors and furniture just don't go together.....the table,clock, and sofas are too traditional. The green rug must go. the curtains and floor lamps are fine but you should change your rug, sofa, and pictures.
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Compare your sofa & colors to these sofas and colors.
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New Jersey Accents: Where did you find that rug you show with the Kaufmann fabrics?Love it.
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Sherry Mau
I like the teal curtains but probably would remove sheers and add bamboo blinds instead. how about upholstering the coffee table with some nice dark gray fabric. as far as accent chairs how about a lime green, or red for some fun pops of color. and def need a bigger rug maybe a black and white stipe or chevron. not sure what style your aiming for but with the teal curtains I figured you must not be too traditional (i say that because your couches look a bit on the traditional side)
Domicile id
Family room interior
Western Springs Living Room
Katie Rosenfeld Interiors
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@tammytimmy: how do i use a runner on a chair?
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@tammytimmy: how do i use a runner on a chair?
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You can use some fabric of your choice, and have it cut and hemmed in to a long piece to sit over the back and seat, leaving a small amount of the original chair on show at either side. It's a fairly simple and inexpensive way of updating a chair without getting it upholstered. It would need to be fairly long so it hangs down the back of the chair and doesn't fall off the front (can even be weighted with tassles of something).
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Blinds Direct Canada
I would use drapery panels that are a bit darker or in a light beige and then have them banded in the accent fabric. Using too much of the teal may overpower the room.
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Alison Guerriere
If I were you, I would bring a swatch from your curtains when you go shopping for the rug. You don't want the blue to be off. You might also consider putting those curtains in your master bedroom and looking for a different color for your living room. Blue is a good color for a bedroom because it is calming. Personally, I would prefer a light gray wall color in the living room. I think you need more contrast with your couches.
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Alison Guerriere
I agree with Sherry, the white polyester sheers need to go. Too grandma, especially while paired with the floral couches and blue drapes.
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