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need help for my great room

preshusDecember 25, 2012
need help with curtains/drapes 20 ft ceilings & transoms
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Lisa Rose, M.F.A.
Did you try theatrical supply houses?
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no but thanks for the idea
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Rachel Oliver Design, LLC
I usually just have dark-tinted window film applied to the windows up top. Window treatments seem to spoil the idea of big windows and lots of light. Hunter-Douglas does have a variety of motorized blinds, though.
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thanks but i already have the mirror tint on it ,what type of motorized blinds and what do you think about sheers.
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Rachel Oliver Design, LLC
There are a variety of motorized shades that fit windows that are too high for conventional methods of opening and closing. The main problem is that they are a bit pricey. What I have done a couple of times when there is just no way to block the sun is hang drapes in the exact same color as the wall in a lightweight fabric and then just draw them when needed. Breaking up the space with lots of different treatments sometime defeats the appeal of all that great light. Those types of windows are the most difficult to work with!
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Would leave the top window, whatever u put wont be perfect looking anyways.
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The windows are lovely. Rather than drape or shade the windows themselves, I would drape or shade the entire inset area. That is, I would have a remote-controlled shade run from left to right at the very top of the wall where it meets the ceiling and have it lower over the windows, almost "ignoring" the shapes of the windows. This will keep the lovely, clean look and accomplish the coverage you need. You can do something in a sheer material, with or without a pattern.
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J. Scott Interiors and The Well Dressed Window
I had a little fun with this window. May or may not be your style, but I thought this was a place to start.
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I had a very similar situation. I wanted drapery panels to hang from above the arch in the top window to showcase the height . I found this place online..the lady was great! http://www.sumptuoussilk.com/
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Blinds Direct Canada
I would take a look at an article I wrote on motorization.

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Sue Ann Stevens
@JScott windows....neat idea and drawing. For a traditional look, it's very elegant!

Personally, I wouldn't cover it with anything. The open uncovered window looks great. I would use furnishings to warm up the entry instead--an ornate table, an upholstered armless straight back chair in the corner, a Persian rug etc.
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I would not put drapes either. I like an open look but I do agree the the space needs a little pizazz. Have you considered tie-ing the doors and windows together visually as a single wainscoted space? I would have decorative moldings and trim applied and all painted your house's trim color. It is not an expensive project but the end result is very dramatic and beautiful.
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Could use a massive chandelier and some color. Go for drama
Lorraine Vale · More Info

Gabriel Builders · More Info

Entry · More Info

Modern Loft · More Info
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For the windows... you mentioned sheers.
Julie's Windows · More Info

Overview · More Info
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Monique Jacqueline Design
Hello! There are a number of different application that could be used here. I first have a couple of questions. My first, which is very important in determining natural lighting of your space is which elevation is this, ie: north, east, west or south? If it is north elevation, you are not getting a lot of light therefore, sheers could work for you. If it is a west elevation, you are getting a lot of light and light with strength, sheers would not be advisable! If it is an East elevation, sheers could work, but will not do a lot of filtering if that morning sun is annoying to you. My next question is which room does this elevation face? This will help determine the quantity of light that needs to be blocked. Another question that I have is what type of window treatments do you currently have in your home. It would be nice to tie this treatment into your other treatments so you do not feel as though you have many textures going on. A cohesive feel throughout your home is always important.
Looking forward to your answers!
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