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Design Dilemma

Warm up this room please....

ColleenDecember 26, 2012
So I just added a new rug in the larger size...Love the size of the rug. Now I need help with the Drapes and Coffee Table. The rug has green, gold, cranberry and Navy blue. Should I add Dark Drapes to warm up the room? Should I do a glass coffee table? Suggestions welcome!!!!
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I love your coffee table. Glass is more 'cold' looking than wood, so I'd warm up the room with drape color and change out your throw pillows on the sofa and loveseat with a different color. You've got green in your console under the tv, so maybe pick that up with some pillows that have the cranberry and /or navy. It's a lovely room!
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This room is furnished well with traditional furniture. To give it a up to date and really fresh look, try a pretty light blue, like aa powder blue almost. Your coffee table looks like it should be replaced with something a bit more updated and new.
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. Orchid plant on the cofee table would look fresh and one on each side of the buffet. Also maybe a new rug
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Thank you for the suggestions....I can't see doing powder blue in my living room. Is there another suggestion for drapery color or should I do shutters or something totally different? I need something that would warm it up so I think the light color will be too soft. Am I just scared? I don't know. The RUG is new...does it not work in here? I LOVE the Moroccan style so much...just not sure how to incorporate it into this living room.
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Michelle Moscow
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Congratulations on your ensemble so far. The rug works beautifully with the other elements in the room.

The type of curtains you purchase for the room is dependent on how much color/pattern YOU would enjoy. Some people like a lot of color and pattern and others like it a little bit quieter.

Here are three pictures which show a solid green drape, a green drape with a small pattern and a drape with a large Jacobean print. A drape in any of these would work in your room AS LONG AS you match the green in your carpet with the green in the drape. Adding drapes with some color will do much to warm up your room. (I would be cautious about navy or cranberry as there isn't much of those colors anywhere else in the room to provide balance.)

As to your coffee table, what may be making the table feel 'off' is how square it is. Almost everything else in the room has curves: the console under the tv, the arms of the sofa/couch, the pattern in the rug, even the accessories on the walls. You may be able to 'trick the eye' by adding curves to the coffee table by placing a large, oval, painted tole tray on the coffee table. Then, put the trio of candleholders on the tray with a sparkly, glass bowl or other light-catching item.

These changes would take the room even more into the "country french" style which is where it seems you are headed with your recent additions to the room. Enjoy!
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Consider a brown with slight hint of green for the drapery to give more substance to the windows.
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I completely agree with creeser. A deeper color curtain to pop against the light walls and some different toss pillows on the couch will pull everything together. Consider some pattern on the pillows for some interest and texture. Your coffee table is very nice and your accessories are well done. Great start. Your rug is gorgeous!
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Love your rug and love your coffee table. I agree that curtains with more color (not too much more, but maybe in the sage green of your rug), plus accent pillows that pull colors from the rug would be ideal.
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Dawn Hearn Interior Design
I think green drapery panels would be nice and an interesting mixture of colors and patterns in some new pillows. The size of the coffee table seems to work well in the space.
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I like the coffee table and the size but I understand what you mean about it. It's shape is square with a little softer edges as are the shapes around it (the rug, the couches arms). So if you are wanting something different I would look for something that introduces a different shape to that space and causes the eye to have to move around a little more, especially between the table and the couches. The shape will be determined by your 'feel' for the room, if casual then the shape should be easy for the eye to flow around, if calm then a very subtle curve so your eye moves slowly, if you like energetic then a more crazy shape so your eye moves around more, if you want more contemporary then a very sharp edged, clean shape. However, I think if you do dark drapes, dark and patterned pillows plus a low and wide item placed on the coffee table with the tall thin items you will have a nice room! Is that a TV over the sideboard? You could even put a traditional frame around the edges of the TV to minimize the modern black edges.
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Maybe you should replace the lamp, try something else that catch the eye and also maybe some colorful pillows(like red, brown) will make the room warmer.
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love your rug! where can I get one like it?
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It got it in Homegoods in NY the day before christmas :) $399.00. Thought it was a steal.
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lucky girl! it's gorgeous!
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Hi. A Glass Round Coffee Table would look lovely. As far as the Drapes go, look for patterns with Cranberry, Royal Blue and a very pale Yellow. The same should go for pillows. Take off the wall the small picture next to the curtains. Its lost in the space. Thank you and Good Luck!!!
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Tazi Pillow Cover | west elm · More Info
Green and the navy is the way I would go.
Cotton Velvet Pillow Cover, Navy Blue by Woody Liana · More Info
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Here is a link to some pretty throw pillows that would look gorgeous in your room. http://www.pillowdecor.com/Milano-16x16-Decorative-Pillows-p/ya1-0009-16-all.htm?1=1&CartID=0
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I'm not sure about the shiny pillows but the jewel tones are beautiful....
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This is a technique I use when I cant decide. From your rug, what colors appear the least? Go to your local home center and get paint strip samples and try to match them to those colors in your rug. If you want a monochromatic look, choose the lightest color that appears the least. If you want contrast, choose the brightest color that appears the least. This will add color and life to your room. Do the same for pillows.
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Thank you Sconway11324...that would be the gold or the cranberry color, do you agree from looking at the first photo at the top? Then what drapes is the question next. I LOVE the rug so far but boy do I not know how to pull it all together.
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Love your table, and carpet and couches and everything but its a bit bland, Try putting out some shiny copper stuff. and be honest the red christmas stuff colors wonderfully, You need some red to spice things up, what about morracan pillows? something ethnic? Try it out with some red clothes wrapped around a pillow...
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SW Hubbard Squash or Yearling would warm the walls for you. If you'd like it darker try Gingery.
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Sue Ann Stevens
If you want warm I would definitely go the cranberry route for pillows and drapery with one of them in a print using one other color from your rug. If you ate thinking more towards spring decor, go the route with navy and/greens. I agree that the table needs something round for contrast. A large tray To hold the candles, a plant for texture or a bowl of fruit or round ornaments would work well.
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