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Need help with furniture layout in odd room!

bmevans2004December 26, 2012
We are slowly updating an out dated 1980's house. I want to buy new furniture for this room and use it as our family room we would mostly use but I'm not sure what to get or how to position it.
Quick overview of room: it's some what an open concept room off the kitchen, 1 side would be the kitchen, 1 side has a fireplace with mantel and a few feet of wall on both sides of it, 1 wall would face the kitchen and the wall opposite the fireplace has 2 large windows and a door that leads to a sunroom (the door to the sunroom opens into the living area and not out towards the sunroom).
We bought a TV we want to put on the mantel, but that is all we know what to do! My husband would like to have a larger recliner and I would like an over sized chair with ottoman... These aren't a must but all suggestions would be helpful!
The pics I've attached are from before and after we bought the house, so the furniture in the pics are no longer there.
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Interiors International, Inc.
If you could replace the sunroom door with a slider or one that opens out it would be much easier to furnish. Could you post a drawing with dimensions of the room (include doors and windows as well as openings. Thanks
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Replace the sunroom wall with French windows and a pair of sliders or an outward opening one as suggested and you can place the furniture grouping between the FP and sunroom. Swivel chairs, with or without a sofa, can save the day.
Living Room · More Info

Schwartz and Architecture · More Info

Kiawah Family Home · More Info

Gathering Place · More Info
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We have discussed changing the door, so that will be taken care of. I tried to draw the room with the dimensions I had written down. Hope this helps you to help me! Thanks!
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Interiors International, Inc.
I hate to ask but could you redraw the room and make the measurements clearer. I can't really make out all the numbers. When you do the drawing put in the walls do not use the edge of the paper as the room walls. Thanks
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I'm not real good at the drawing but maybe this one will help. I made lines where the walls are instead of using the paper edge!
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Interiors International, Inc.
Here is a basic idea. I wish I had more time to work on it. I didn't know the length of the fireplace or the space on either side so I did my best guess.
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Thanks so much.... Turning furniture diagonal hadn't crossed my mind! This would work but I think I could pull it back a little more in the room. Thanks so much
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Interiors International, Inc.
You definitely could pull it back. There is also more things needed in the corners. I didn't want to go into a lot of detail. I liked the pics that were posted of the rooms lots of good ideas there. Have fun.
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Greg the PAINT-IT! guy
That's awesome!!!!!!!!!! The first time I looked at it I thought "Forget it!" My Mom and Da's house is the SAME except the door is a 16ft picture window out onto the river. The fireplace wall and everything else is identical. It's been the thorn in everyone's side for 20 years! G-r-e-a-t plan!!!!! Instant success!
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Lia Martin
I would say since you have 2 oversized chairs you want, put them relatively on either side of the door. You could put a couch (or a built in bench with cushion) along the wall nearest the hallway (top of your drawings) and put either the ottoman in front of the couch and chair in a coffee table style look, or you could put it over near the kitchen behind the barstools and go for a more modern look. I believe you can try googling "odd long living room layout" for more ideas as well. Or yahoo answers seems to have EVERYTHING...
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I know I'm not answering your question, but plan the whole lot with a mood board before you get the furniture.
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your room is almost the opposite of ours (although we have a dining room in between the kitchen and living area.) we chose to NOT put our TV over the fireplace (it is to the left just out of sight next to the tiny end table) because I wanted to be able to watch TV/football/hockey while I cooked. i'm showing you our room in case you'd like to see how putting a couch parallel to your kitchen half wall might work to separate the spaces, but still keep the room open.

so in your home, you COULD put a couch parallel to the kitchen wall, and 2 chairs by the windows to the sunroom, the TV along the long wall at the north end of your drawing.

adding things like cushions, ottomans, and seating storage tables (like our coffee table) adds moveable seating as well.
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Interior Internationals - I real like the layout you suggested and keep looking at it. By question to you is, my husband REALLY wants a recliner in the room. I like the look of "chairs in pairs" but does 2 recliners work? I personally don't want 2 recliners, so any suggestions for the layout you have adding a recliner? Tha me!
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