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I Need your help!!!

francismarieDecember 27, 2012
I just moved to a new house and as a first time home owner I have little to no funiture I need help with colors and ideas as to what would look good in this space.

Please help!!!!
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You are off to a good start. Put both damask pillows on the sofa. Then buy a few more to compliment the upholstery you have now. You need a stronger color on the walls. Plantation shutters on the windows, add some trim to the walls. Take a look at this picture for inspiration.
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I see you have posted twice for help on the same room.
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Oh I just noticed that I think I pressed post twice when uploading.
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I would give the room a little of a funky look- maybe orange would do the trick? It foes great with light blue and grey
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Great start - you've got some good furniture, and those are the most expensive pieces!

Walls: Open the blinds on a sunny day and see what the light does to the room. THen you can decide what color to paint the walls. Can't tell if you painted them pale blue or that's white. In any case, the room needs warming, and wall color do that.

However, you can't really decide what color you want to paint the walls until you decide on a color scheme. Buy an area rug (big enough so all seating has at least hte front legs on the rug) to pull the area together. THat is your opportunity to set your color palette. It can be neutrals with a pattern, an Oriental, solid with a contrasting border, or as wild as you want to go. $$ will determine what you choose. Given the colors already present, you could do orange, bright yellow, darker gray with black, blues and grays, golds with gray. Take photos of your living room with you when you shop. Buy what you love.

THen you can pull one of the colors from the rug or a contrasting color for the wall paint. I'd recommend a warm gray or a "taupe-y buff" like perhaps SW Sundew or "Golden Ecru" (not sure if that's SW or BM). YOu can take any color swatch to a store like Lowe's or HD and they will match paint colors. (Almost anyone can do that.) Keep your trim white or paint it one or 2 shades lighter.

Plan on ditching the blinds. Draperies that cover that wall except for the door on a single rod. Roman shades set into the window, not on top of it. Some interesting shades that go from the bottom up would provide privacy and maintain light.

Start looking for a coffee table (doesn't have to be big or look important) but avoid anything too "foo-foo" and at least one end table (matching end tables to coffee table isn't done except is extremely formal settings). Haunt yard sales, 2nd hand stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army. Buy at least one floor lamp, and hold out for something either very plain or totally unique. Start thinking about art. What do you love?

TVs in a good place. COnsider wall-mounting. GOod luck. Remember: it's your's. Trust your gut. Go with what you love. It will all come together.
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Thank you! this helps so much but I have a question the wall behind the sofa goes all the way into my dinner area would I have to paint the whole wall? I want my home to feel cozy and warm so Im a bit scared to buy more dark items I dont want it to look dark. Thank you I will need to remember that its mine I always tend to second guess myself.
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Wall decals on the wall that is shared. Treat the window and door as one HUGE window---stretch a drapery rod across the entire wall, drop floor to ceiling panels between each window and door. A rug will do wonders. Hope this is helpful. Good Luck and Congrats!
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How to treat that window and door wall...[houzz=
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If your living and dining areas are all one room, you really need to paint the whole area the same color - so make sure you pick one you love! If you want an accent wall, the far end of the dining area might work, but without photos of that area, it's hard to say. I'm not fond of accent walls. They tend to limit options.

YOu "divide" the areas by their functions, with the area rug and furniture in the living area, and the seating in the dining area. To indicate a more specific "division," the sofa could cross the living room instead of putting it in the traditional position (long wall), with a sofa table behind it (an opportunity to put a lamp and decorative items, with add'l seating ottomons underneath if needed). You'll need to keep TV viewing in mind.

I see the TV is a monster, not something that can be wall-hung. I live alone and friends have no interest in sports so my TV is in the computer room.

Since your furniture is gray, the walls could be a pale gray, although you'll need something to warm up the room. I highly recommend buying samples of any paint you like and painting a 1 ft sq. patch on a wall that gets both sunlight and lamp light (plan on buying lamps; ceiling lights are meant to be more decorative statements of style, not light sources.). There's no way you'll know what a 2" color patch at a store with bad lighting will look like with your furniture or the light in your house. I spent a small "fortune" (enough to buy a can of paint) before I settled on a color for my living room, and even then, I fiddled with the tones so it was a customized color. That's not uncommon with decorators. (I'm not a decorator, just extremely precise about color.) Recommend several samples -- either variations of the same color or different colors.

Then you stare at them at different times of the day for about a week -- or longer, if you like. Colors change in different light.

To be honest, I keep seeing a soft yellow on the walls when I look at your photos, although that may not be a color you like. REcommend you look at a lot of magaines, search houzz.com to find looks you like that fit your space.
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Maison Pompeii Antiques and Interiors
Great Start. inkwitch has some great ideas. My thoughts are:
1. Area rug that has both colors now in the room, any pattern although I think a small pattern because of the chair pattern will clash if they are both bold.
2. Stationary panels on each side of window and matching roman shade on door. If the blinds must stay at.least get them the right size. The pattern on your chair is lovely but bold so it limits your fabric choices. I would do a solid color that is then trimmed on the leading edge with a great trim or braid or band of fabric the same color as the base color of the chair. I like the chair and the pattern we just need to be careful what we match with it. So please dont misunderstand I am not dissing the chair.
3. Keep only two pillows and place on sofa. You can put them both together on the far side of the sofa and then add a single at the other side.
4. I am not a fan of accent walls. I think it is a cheap decorating move and greatly over used. I always say that if you are not bold enough to paint the whole room that color then dont just paint one wall. Again my opinion. If you want accents use a bold painting or screen or interesting items on the wall. So my answer here is that the whole room be painted one color. The paint color is the foundation for a room.
5. Now for the tough question, the wall color. Till you find the rug this cant really be discussed intelligently. Once you have chosen the rug you love then the wall color will be academic. Go to a rug gallery and flip through rugs. It will give you great ideas. Be sure to take one of the pillows and a seat cushion with you.
If you repost then I will be happy to help you with the next steps. Go rug shopping!
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ds interiors pvt ltd
ohhk...first of all! paint the wall behind the tv unit with some nice attractive bright colour as ur house is nt that bright....i would suggest sky lavender blue or whatever u prefer.......if u like fem stuff soo just buy some decals (buttrfly!) silver and ultramarine blue would go well......and also buy a black border !
maybe like henna or some other design.....

a collage or a nice painting on the wall behind the couch to give a personal touch........a silver frame would look hot.....and paint the room with while ! not pearl white ! ohhk this is the most cheap way to make ur room attractive and hot!!!

i would have made it this way,! spend some on abetter surround sound system and flower wase
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ds interiors pvt ltd
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Thank you so much everybody this is really such a big help! I posted up some picture the first one is a better picture of my sofa because in the picture it looks really dark. I really love this rug, what do you guys think? I do plan on painting the walls this white/cream color is just not woring and I was considering a pale gray or some kind of taupe color. I have already painted my kitchen and its close to the color that I posted. I will post some pictures of it later today. Oh and that huge TV is not going to stay there for long its to big! We're going to get a thinner one to mount.
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Yeh about the TV! That you can wall-mount with a nice console beneath for electronics. I like the rug, but make sure it's big enough. Too small will ruin the effect and you'll always be sorry you didn't get bigger. Looking good.

Gray walls will work, even taupe. Test first! Good luck!
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Thank you Ill be sure to post a before and after when everything is done!
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