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Need help with kitchen

lindangu1020December 28, 2012
My husband and I just bought our house about 2 years ago and are slowly filling in/decorating the house. I'm having such a hard time decorating our kicthen and eat in area. The walls were repainted to a cream off white color. It was a dark forest green before, it made the kitchen look very dark. We're not looking to reconstruct anything in the kitchen. I just need some help on decoraitng tips, window treatments, furniture, color, etc... to make it look more of a modern country style. We just bought our dining table and chairs also. As you may notice, we only have two chairs for now. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do mix and match chairs or do all of the same style. Please help!

Thank you
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Diana Bier Interiors, LLC
You probably will get the biggest bang for your buck in new window treatments, both in the work area and the dining area. I'd replace the blinds with textured woven wood shades and then add a valance topper. Start the valance high up to raise the height of the window visually and let the most light in.

Also, 2 more chairs would balance out the dining area--keep them all the same. and then add a centerpiece on the table, and perhaps either a colorful tablecloth or place mats.

Decorative accessories on the countertop--cannisters, plates on stands, etc.--can add color. Also, if you don't mind the dusting, you can add accessories on top of the cabinets.

I like the framed prints on the wall, but I'd add some more--they seem a little bit lost on that big wall. You could add brackets with plants or plates, sconces with candles, or just a bigger grouping of prints.
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@ Diana Bier Interiors, LLC - I thought about changing the windows to what you suggested but when I tried it, it made the kitchen look too dark. It looked too brown on brown, wood on wood. I didn't like it. I just bought some yellow stripe drapes to hang but haven't gotten a chance to put it up yet.

My husband and I just hung those frames last night. I agree, it looked bare. At the time when I bought the frames, there was only 4 available. I'm trying to see if anymore came in from the store. I was thinking 2 more??

I was thinking about painting the cabinets an off white color to brighten the kitchen up. What do you think?

I like a clean looking kitchen with not a lot of "stuff" but I don't want it to look plain either.
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I agree with Diana Interiors and would also suggest getting wooden blinds made for your window treatments. They are timeless and look much nicer than those standard mini blinds. I would also de-clutter your countertops to useful kitchen supplies only. While that plant is cute, it is too large for the space. I would move it to somewhere else.

Keep the chairs all the same at the kitchen table (which is lovely, by the way!) Mixing chairs generally looks nicer at a large, rectangular table, in my opinion.

You have a great start!
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Blinds Direct Canada
Wood blinds with a valance at the same height or just lower than the cabinetry.

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Granite Grannies
Definitely need something above the window to balance the room. Have you considered adding some woodwork around the window? I think whatever you put should definitely go up pretty high to fill that empty space above the window. And I love mixmatched chairs! I say go for it.
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Hi lindangu..I think your prints are fine on the wall but they are hung a bit too high. I gauge how high by the windows and doors. Hang the top just slightly below the window/door height and it will look more centered and "fill" the wall better. How about a clean line valence for the sink window and matching fabric for the dining curtains with a decorator rod. You can add the pop of color in the curtains and accessories like food, tea pot, flowers. I found a sample picture..I even like the red/yellow colors in this photo. Oh..I think for matching chairs would look great for your dining table because they are so nice!
Transitional Kitchen · More Info
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Another way to really make a statement is a unique chandelier that speaks to you..a little bit bigger than your current one would be nice. Oh..I wouldn't paint your cabinets. They are nice as is! What is your accent colors in the living room? I think that would help your decision on accents in kitchen.
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Those are white wooden blinds...
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A fun idea for above your window would be to hang 3 of the same clocks, showing 3 different times for different time zones. And a bottom up shade will allow more light to come in: [houzz=
Michael & Gae · More Info
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Darzy, the living room is pretty much neutral colors- browns, creams/whites, sage greens, blacks, beige. I wasn't sure if I wanted to follow the same colors b/c I feel like it's too much of the same thing.
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Diana Bier Interiors, LLC
lindangu1020, if you paint the cabinets, make sure you do it right! Research the best way to get a smooth, flawless finish, otherwise it will not look good. I like painted cabinets, but remember no matter how good a finish, they eventually will chip. Even when you purchase them with a factory finish, you need to sign a disclaimer saying you're aware that they may chip and could separate at the seams. They also show more dirt.
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LM Designers
I want to put a big clock above your window.
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Karen Emmons
Are the blinds necessary? Two more pictures would be great, but I think they need to come down a bit. I also think the light over the table needs to be lower. I love your kitchen, I agree you need to pick a color and use it for the accent pieces and curtains. I would not paint the cabinets.
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What do ya'll think about putting two wood ledge shelves against the wall (where the frames are at) and just let the frames sit on it (maybe 1 or 2 frames only) with some potted plants, decorative plates etc...?
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Diana Bier- I would definitely hire a professional painter to paint the cabinets. I don't think I'll do a good job.
LM Designers- I think a clock might work! I'll try that. thanks
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I wouldn't paint the cabinets. They do look nice and if you paint them white, the black appliances will stick out like sore thumbs. I'm not sure your idea of shelves with the prints will work. The space may be too tight to stand up at the chair without backing into the shelves. I'm not a fan of art/clocks above cabinets and doors. It ends up looking "cluttered" to me.
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BTW..I like your yellow stripe curtains idea! Or, a botanical or toile would give you the modern country feel you are looking for. Then, do the sink valance in the same material. I like this...and LOVE the chandy here too that would really dress up the space.
Dining Room · More Info
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Interiors International, Inc.
I guess I'm on my own here but I would do 2 slip covered upholstered chairs to add so softness to that space.
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I think the "biggest bang for your buck" would be to beef up and fine tune the lighting. It is amazing what beautiful lighting can do for a kitchen, and yet it seems like instead of recognizing that the lighting isn't as good as it should be that people are frequently saying they want to paint their cabinets since it seems too dark or drab. Talk to a lighting professional and visit some showrooms where good lighting is illustrated.
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Granite Grannies
I love @jagood 's advice! So true.
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