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Small Bath Needs Major Help

c_elmdesignDecember 29, 2012
This small 9x10 bathroom is in need of an update. The client is trying to make cost effective updates in order to try and potentially sell his house.

I was given the task to provide new fixtures (minus the pink giant tub), lighting, paint, and flooring. I need help on how I can make this up to date without changing the dark trim and cabinets.

We can however tile around the tub verse having the dark wood.

Thoughts on vanities or tile that will tie all these things together?

I know we could refinish the dark wood but the door adjacent to the cabinets shown is attached to a bedroom that also has the dark wood.

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Please help!
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Positive Space Design
I have worked with a pink bathroom before.... I know the feeling your having. I would suggest a very pale grey to tone down the pink but also stay neutral enough to not scare any potential buyers. Get a sink that has a dark almost black wood base (or buy a white one cheap and stain it yourself) and a simple white basin. Stain the doors and below tub the same color. I'm attaching a picture of two different options for the door that leads into the bedroom. 1 is a frosted glass door idea that is light and airy but still has dark wood trim. 2 is a more cost effective way that keeps the same door but would add a large mirror to also bring more light into the space. Glass shelves with brushed chrome hardware keep it light. Good luck!
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The wood cabinets and floors are fine. Your homeowner is wasting money changing what doesn't need to be changed when the elephant in the room for any buyer is that pink tub and sink. Just change those to white, take down the wallpaper, and get a framed mirror. It will be neutral enough for resale once the big pink items are gone.
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A Kitchen That Works LLC
I concur with Feeny. By combining new finishes for floors and walls with the existing 'dated' items, you may be challenged in rendering a look that will appeal to the average potential buyer/homeowner.
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Cancork Floor Inc.
Let the client know that that "first thing" people will comment on is the pink tub. For resale, they should save their money and get that thing reglazed or replaced. The wall paper and the tub are the two things that "date" this bathroom. The rest is fine! If I were a buyer, the first thing I would think is, "Get rid of the tub!". I might even add that into the purchase caveat - remove/refinish the tub or I walk away.
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Lisa Lucas Design
I agree that your client is throwing money at the wrong problem. No matter how pretty the rest of the bathroom is, the tub will still be the issue so I suggest showing them estimates for replacing the tub and seeing it as long term investment as a home improvement that will help resale value of the home.
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Thank you all, I have never reglazed a tub, is this process cost effective/easy? I guess I should run the numbers on replacing verse reglazing.
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Lisa Lucas Design
Re-glazing is something left to a professional but I would first get estimates on replacing and look at the numbers. Time for getting estimates to get a real picture of the project.
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Does that bathroom need a tub at all? If there's a nice walk-in shower and a tub in a family bath, could this tub be removed and not replaced?
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Agree with the others: address the real issue, namely sink and tub. Not sure about reglazing as the cheapest may simply be to buy new. New drop-in jacuzzi tub is ca $300-500. Replace the pink sink with a vanity and sink that matches wood already there. Here is one for $379: http://www.lowes.com/pd_113027-18456-3020-30V_4294798092%2B4294737235__?productId=3259168&Ns=p_product_avg_rating|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_avg_rating%7C1&facetInfo=
New framed mirror, new handles on the cupboard, new neutral wall paint and this bathroom will look great. Nothing more than a weekend of DIY. Would also think about replacing blinds in window with a film - makes for a cozier bathroom.
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Oh, and why would they want new flooring? Wood floors are coming back in bathrooms and kitchens as it's pretty classy, and warmer than tiles.
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All the pink items and wallpaper should go for sure. If this is the master bathroom, I'm not sure that a pedastal sink is the way to go. I'd rather have a sink with some countertop space. If the stand-up shower is a decent size, perhaps you could get rid of the tub entirely and install a sink vanity in it's place. If it's the only tub in the house though, I'd keep the tub since little kids bathe in tubs. I can't really tell by the photos what's possible.

The hardwood floors are fine.
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Positive Space Design
It is obvious that in a ideal situation the tub should come out. However if the client decides not to pull it and hopes you can help assist for a quick facelift good luck. :) Keep us updated with pictures.
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